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May/June 2003

Reporting and Fine Tuning


Time to Sign Up

We have begun work on the 2004 VVA Membership Directory. The Directory will be produced by the Bernard C. Harris Publishing Company. Starting in July, Harris will contact VVA and AVVA members by e-mail and postal mail, asking them to review and update their personal information as they want it to appear in the Directory. Information about military service (dates, branch of service, unit) is subject to verification, so please be as accurate as possible. The Directory will include all active VVA and AVVA members as of August 29, 2003.

This is a good time to round up lapsed members and to encourage new members to join. After August 29, it will be another four years until the next opportunity to be listed in the Directory.

At the National Convention, the Membership Department supports the Credentials Committee by determining the number of delegates authorized for each state council and chapter, and by verifying the membership status of each delegate. The Credentials Committee has established guidelines for this year's convention. Please review the Credential Committee chair's report.

Additionally, the Membership Department encourages Convention delegates to:

Make sure your state council or chapter annual financial report is on file at VVA not later than July 15. Delegates cannot be seated at the Convention or transferred to another chapter if the annual financial report is not on file.

Pre-register for the Convention.

Even if you have been a delegate before, have a copy of your DD Form 214 with you.


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