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January/February 2003

Anniversary Plans


The Women Veterans Committee is moving forward with plans for the tenth anniversary of the dedication of the Vietnam Women Veterans Memorial to be held on Veterans Day 2003. There are several events being considered, including a luncheon, a nondenominational church service, and a VVA tent on the mall.  

Committee Vice Chair Sandy Miller and I met with Diane Evans and the Board of the Vietnam Women's Memorial Project in November. We discussed our planned activities in order tocoordinate the various events. We will continue to work together on the anniversary program. Outreach will be very important. Our committee has distributed several thousand buttons announcing the anniversary date. The committee also has talked with Vietnam Women Veterans and Circle of Sisters; both organizations are interested in participating in our activities.   

The committee's legislative agenda and policy initiatives were compiled and reviewed. In November, I presented them to the Government Affairs Committee. Most of our concerns are incorporated into the women veterans brochure.  

On behalf of the entire Women Veterans Committee, I welcome several new members to the Committee and look forward to working with them. They include: Alta Milling, Carolyn Baker, and Billie Culin.  

This year marks the twentieth anniversary of the VA Advisory Committee on Women Veterans. The VA is planning an event to commemorate this anniversary. The Advisory Committee was established in 1983 under Public Law 98‑160. Veteran committee members from across the country have given focus and energy to women veterans issues. We salute them for making the VA more responsive to the needs of women veteran. The Advisory Committee produces a biennial report that makes recommendations to the Secretary. It is then forwarded to Congress.  

In November, we lost a friend, Lynda Van Devanter Buckley. She takes her place among those whose voices will never be silenced. For over 25 years she fought for the rights of women veterans. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family. 


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