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January/February 2003

Condensing And Streamlining


The 2003 National Convention Resolutions process is under way. This term, the Convention Resolutions Committee will be aiming toward streamlining the process wherever possible. Often, resolutions cut across several areas of concern within VVA, and it seems only natural that overlapping resolutions should be condensed into fewer, more comprehensive mandates. Our task also includes weeding out those current resolutions that are no longer appropriate or that mandate goals that are not obtainable. Resolutions in this category will be recommended for retirement.

In short, we propose that the resolutions process be condensed and streamlined into workable, comprehensive, and reachable objectives. However, we recognize that familiar feel-good resolutions are important, and that they could - and perhaps should - be addressed by our leadership as an ongoing responsibility when the need arises.

The approved form that must be used for submission of proposed resolutions is available at Please keep in mind that the committee will be looking for comprehensive and achievable proposals. Members should avoid proposing resolutions that can be accomplished through regular action of the Board of Directors, State Councils, or other VVA leadership. When considering an issue, please consider this question: Is this proposal something that VVA already should be doing, and if so, can a request or demand to the appropriate level of VVA leadership get the job done?''

If the answer is "yes," why not use that avenue? Remember, the convention is not your only opportunity to offer suggestions or to address issues that are important to you. Convention resolutions should only be used for establishing the most important priorities for all of our members and for the overall mission of VVA.

Proposed resolutions will be reviewed upon receipt by the Resolutions Committee. If the resolution form is found to be complete, it will be assigned to the responsible committee(s) or task force(s) and assigned a number. An acknowledgment letter will be mailed to the resolutions author. In future correspondence, reference should be made to the proposed resolution by its title and number. Any resolution form that is not completed properly will be returned. The deadline to return the properly completed resolution form is March 31, 2003.

All proposed resolutions should be reviewed by the appropriate committees and task forces prior to the April 2003 Board of Directors meeting in Silver Spring, where they will reviewed. Proposed resolutions in their final form will then be made available to delegates prior to the convention. Each committee or task force will address submitted resolutions at convention hearings and again as each resolution is presented to the delegates in general session.

We hope to provide the delegates with a smooth and efficient resolutions process, while insuring that delegates can voice and send their most important priorities to our leaders.


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