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January/February 2003

Upcoming Elections, Awards, and More


This is the year all states hold AVVA State Elections. Elections will be held from January through June. Each State Representative candidate must submit a letter of intent. Candidates also should send biographies. They will be reviewed by the members of each chapter prior to making their recommendations to the voting delegates. Anyone who needs help on chapter or state elections should contact Kathy Andras, Election Chair, 


Last year the first AVVA Fellowship Award was presented to Marge and Loren Herrick.  They were recognized for their efforts on behalf of veterans and their country. They made the supreme sacrifice for their country and continue to give wherever needed. The Fellowship Award is a prestigious honor.  

Nominations for the award should be for an individual who goes one step beyond, who gives unstintingly.  

What follows are the nomination requirements: 

1. Applicant must be a current member in good standing of AVVA with no pending disciplinary actions.

2. Applications must be postmarked no later than June 30, 2003.

3. Submit a one-to-two-page report describing the individual's attributes and accomplishments.

4. Include any documents or articles to reinforce the submission.

5. The Awards Committee will meet during the AVVA St. Louis Leadership Meeting.

All submissions will remain the sole property of the Awards Committee until the Leadership Meeting. After that, they will be stored at the National Office in Silver Spring.

6. Submissions should be sent to: Mary Miller, Awards Committee Chair, 316 Erma Street, Johnstown, PA 15904 


The AVVA Board met January 23 in Silver Spring.   

Region 3 Director Elaine Simmons told us about the NBC Today Show Toys for Children program that donated more than 3,000 toys in West Virginia.  We are exploring the possibility of expanding the program to different areas of the country. A seminar is planned for the Leadership Conference. 

I will represent AVVA in Vietnam on the March trip with the Sons and Daughters In Touch.  In my absence, Mary Miller, AVVA vice president, will be the point of contact for the organization. 

Mike Gaffney, AVVA's attorney, updated the Board on the progress of the state incorporation. Members of the CT Corporation gave a presentation, and the Board voted to hire CT as our registering agent.  Petition forms for states incorporating should continue to be sent to Marcia Hicks, AVVA Membership Chair. 

Paul Sutton spoke to the Board about possible grants available to AVVA to help with the PaperSafe and other projects. A legislative agenda was set for the upcoming year, and more information will be mailed to the states in a packet that is being prepared.   

The financial report was presented. It was decided to reformat the report to include our needs. The Board voted to have a full meeting in April to discuss the new changes and approve the budget. 

Mary Yeomans, AVVA Long Range Planning Chair, updated the Board on the goals and accomplishments of the last two years.  She distributed a form that each board member and committee chair will return to her with our projected goals. 

Seminars for the Leadership Conference in St. Louis were discussed, as was a possible site for AVVA/VVA Project Friendship. Letters were received from programs that were assisted by the Homeless Grant. 


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