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December 2002

Pulling It Together


It's been a long but fruitful year in Region 8.  In the past year VVA has established itself in two new states, Idaho and Alaska. The Idaho State Council has six chapters throughout the state; Alaska now has a State Council Charter.  Alaska has three chapters: Wasilla Chapter 891, Anchorage Chapter 904, and Palmer Chapter 903. It looks as if Fairbanks and Anchor Point are closing in fast.   

Elections were held in Region 8.  The State Presidents are Don McDole in Idaho; Judi Greig in Oregon; Mike Hampson in Montana; and Jim Pace in Washington. Since this was Idaho's first convention, Washington invited Idaho to participate at its convention. It went very well. Idaho elected officers, wrote bylaws, and set goals for the following year. 

As Idaho established itself, a funny thing happened. As it turns out, the majority of Southeastern Idaho veterans use the Salt Lake City, VAMC. A member from the Rexburg, Idaho, Chapter started putting up posters and began recruiting members from Utah (Region 9).  The interest in Utah has been so great that Alan Cook, Region 9 Director, and I plan to hold a Region 8/9 conference in Salt Lake City in February with the hopes of forming chapters in Utah.  

Region 8 has come along way in 2002, but we're still missing something: a Wyoming State Council.  My goal in 2003 is to help Wyoming establish a State Council.  With the help of the surrounding states and the veterans within, I believe it can be done before the next convention.  

Every state in this region made great strides in becoming more viable and recognizable. The accomplishments were made not by one, but by many.  I want to thank everyone who made the effort to make VVA the one organization to join.  It has been a great honor and pleasure serving all of you, and I will continue to serve you to the best of my ability.  Let's have a great 2003.


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