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Randall Wallace
Luminaria: Remembering Fallen Warriors
A Tactical Retreat in Tucson
Quilting Queen
The Veterans Corporation: Business Advocacy for Veterans
Joe Galloway
Face to Face with Gary Flanagan
AVVA Biennial Meeting
Call To Action
CSCP Tucson Elections
Diverse Issues on Diversity
Serving Homeless Veterans
Abby's Chatter
Getting an Education in Tucson
Organized Chaos: Press Time in Tucson
A Man of Honor: VVA National Chaplain Father Phil Salois
The Three Lives of Dean McKee
VVA Press Club
VVA Press Club
One of the most remarkable achievements of the leadership conference in Tucson was the teamwork exhibited by the chapter and state council newsletter editors - which resulted in the publication of two fine on-site newsletters. Under the leadership of Recon Ray Truelove, the reporters and photographers worked long and hard, covering nearly all the conference events. Despite the long hours, the disparate personalities, and incongruous technologies, they made it work. After late nights, an outstanding product was in the hands of the conference attendees. Unfortunately we did not have room to include all the copy: We have condensed 26 pages into seven. Digital photography presented a problem for us, and we were unable to use original images. On behalf of Public Affairs Chair Jim Doyle and the Communications Staff, we thank you for your very fine contributions.