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September/October 2002

Top Recruiter: Bob Baker


Howdy. How about a
Ten Gallon Salute to Tucson, Arizona, and the Arizona VVA/AVVA members for their down home hospitality! The seminars at the VVA Leadership Conference were jammed with information on VVA programs, leadership guidance, benefits workshops, and AVVA held its second biennial meeting. The Membership Affairs Committee presented three membership seminars on conducting meetings, recruitment, retention, and the use of the Internet as a membership tool. 

The VVA Membership M.E.R.I.T. Program was approved in March by the Membership Committee and the VVA National Board of Directors. The M.E.R.I.T. Program is designed to provide national recognition to VVA members who have excelled in membership recruitment at the VVA chapter or state council level. Our first recruiting period started June 1; the recruiting deadline closed on August 31. With the results in and the verification process completed by the Membership Committee and Membership Department, we=re ready to announce the winners.

Our Top Recruiter for the first recruiting period is Bob Baker of VVA Chapter  893 in Texas. His recruiting total was astronomical: the 54 new members he recruited gave him bragging rights the size of Texas. Baker is a life member of VVA and will receive an additional incentive of $200 worth of products from Veterans Collectibles. Congratulations, Bob.

The runner-up, Theodore Taylor of VVA Chapter 904 in Anchorage, Alaska, was nothing short of outstanding for his efforts. He recruited 22 new members during the first period. Although Taylor didn=t win the title, he=s eligible for the second go round. Finally, Eldon J. Giles of VVA Chapter  896 in Binghamton, New York, a new member himself, brought in 10 new VVA members. 

The second M.E.R.I.T. Program recruiting period started September 1 and will run through October 23. The committee=s next report will update the membership on how the committee has worked to fulfill the VVA Membership Resolutions.

ARolling! Rolling! Rolling! Keep Those Members Coming, Rawhide!@


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