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The Locator is intended to help veterans find former fellow servicemembers.  We do not run items for those seeking employment, selling merchandise, or "personal" ads.  Nor do we run notices for children searching for absent parents.  VVA does not guarantee the accuracy of any information, nor does VVA endorse any group, individual, or cause cited herein.

Looking for anyone who served in D Co., 227 Assault Helicopter, 1/9 Air Cav. Div, 1971-72, Air Mobile, Lei Kay and Cam Ranh Bay. Need information concerning being shot down in C-130 while leaving Hue DMZ during 1971 Tet for PTSD claim. Contact: Kent Bringhurst, c/o Robert O. Williams, 764 S. 800 E, Apt. 304, Salt Lake City, UT 84102. 

Looking for anyone who served with my brother, Steven M. Steinbacher, USMC, 9th Mar., Operation Dewey Canyon, Quang Tri, when he was KIA January 28, 1969. Contact: Lary Steinbacher, 2910 S. 390 W, Pleasant Lake, IN 46779-9799; 260-475-1061; 

Looking for anyone who was in Great Lakes Naval Hospital, 1960-61, for pneumonia and was operated on to remove part of their lung. Need info for medical claim dealing with experimental surgery and treatment of pneumonic lung infections. Contact: Anthony Cisco, #81-A-0128, Otisville CF, P.O. Box 8, Otisville, NY 10963. 

Looking for anyone who served with HQC, 501st Sig. Bn., Camp Engle, Phu Bai, 1968-69. Contact: Frank Canning, 313 Riverdale Ave., Manchester, NH 03103; 603-668-0087. 

Searching for former members who served with me in HQ and Co. D, 63rd Tank Bn., 1st Inf. Div., October 1950 to July 1956, Baumholder, Manheim, Kitzingin, Germany, and Ft. Riley, Kansas. Also, HQ, 816th Arty., 1st Inf. Div., Phou Loi, Vietnam. Contact: LeRoy Wilson, 4752 Fishcreek Rd., Stow, OH 44224; 330-678-0626.

Would like to return a pocket knife I found in the pocket of a USMC cammo utility jacket hanging on a tree branch by an LZ in Northern I Corps in 1969. Contact: Adam “Wally” Mackow, 25 Abrams Rd., Milford, NJ 08848; 908-995-9191. 

Would like to hear from anyone who served with me in 3/5 Cav., “Black Knights,” 9th Inf. Div., Dong Ha and Quang Tri, June to October 1971. Contact: Gordon Ritchie, #236306, Zephyrhills Correctional Institution, 2739 Gall Blvd., Zephyrhills, FL 33541. 

Looking for men who served with 7th Marines on Hills 10 and 22, Vietnam. Contact: Jimmy Hill, 301 Locust St., Hammonton, NJ 08037; 609-567-1161; 

Looking for anyone who went through basic training at Ft. Gordon, Georgia, in Co. A, 3rd Bn., 1st Tng. Bde., August to October 1965; and MP AIT at Ft. Gordon, Co. K, 10th Bn., 4th Tng. Bde., November 1965 to January 1966. Contact: Bob Eaves, Box 456, New Windsor, MD 21776; 410-841-5790. 

Trying to locate anyone who served with 601st Abn. Med. Co. or DET 1 Med. Svc., Ft. Clayton, Canal Zone, 1962-64. Contact: Jack J. Green, 8744 16th Ave., #1, Brooklyn, NY 11214; 718-259-5829.

Looking for Marines I served with in 2nd Bn., 7th Mar., Co. E, June 1966 to February 1967. I also served with 2nd Bn., 5th Mar., Co. F., floated over on ship Bexar and landed at Chu Li in 1966. Contact: Michael Thoman, 403 3rd Ave., Charles City, IA 50616. 

Would like to hear from female nurses who served in the Vietnam War, especially those who served with 44th Med. Bde., 85th Evac. Unit, Danang. Also, if you knew Capt. Eleanor Alexander, U.S. Army nurse, KIA November 30, 1967. Contact: Jack Kazanjian, Sr. 222 Cosman St., Washington Township, NJ 07675; 201-664-3456. 

Would like to invite anyone who served with 6th Bn., 14th Arty., any tour of duty or time period, to visit our website,  or e-mail me to be added to our roster. Contact: Charles L. Maldonado, 8428 Cactus Ck., San Antonio, TX 78251-1826; 210-681-0132; 210-771-0939 (cell); 

Looking for anyone who served in Co. B or Co. E, 2/8 Cav., 1st Cav. Div., 1968-69. Contact: Ben Evans, 22818 Seldom Seen Rd., Lonaconing, MD 21539; 301-463-6794; or Manuel “Doc” Pino, 3737 W. Byrow Pl., Denver, CO 80211; 303-433-4900. 

Looking for John Miller, whom I last saw in Orlando, or anyone who served with 20 TASS, Danang AFB, Vietnam, 1968. Contact: John Dangutis, P.O. Box 704, Ware, MA 01082; 413-967-7854; 

Looking for anyone who has sound recordings of  weapons, firefights, or conversations to PRCs from Vietnam, 1965-75. Contact: Tom Haines, 6730 Brynwood Dr., Charlotte, NC 28226;

Trying to locate Herbert C. Upton III from Michigan who served with Small Craft Report Facility (SCRF), Danang, 1968-69. He also served on Boone Hommer Richard prior to going to Vietnam. When I left I think he was in the Brig on Hill 327. Contact: Franklin Jackson, 808 Googe St., Savannah, GA 31415; 912-238-5611. 

Trying to locate Doc Renstrum who served as a medic in 1st Plt., KTRP, 3/11 ACR, June-July 1969. Also would like to hear from John A. Amado from Boston and Howard Franz or anyone from that outfit. Contact: Sam Sprague, 97883 Court St., #55, Brookings, OR 97415; 541-469-1293. 

Would like to hear from anyone who served with Sgt. Robert C. Harnois, 144th Sig. Bn., 4th Armor Div., Geoppingen, Germany, 1969-70, before the unit changed over to the 141st Sig. and went to Ansbach, Germany. Contact: Danny Kruse, 500 Vivian, Liberty, MO 64068.  

Would like to locate Msg. Walter A. Butler who served with me in HQ, MACV, 1972-73. His last-known duty station after Vietnam was 4th Army HQ, Ft. Sam Houston, Texas. Contact: James F. Mills, 102 Little Lot Dr., Pulaski, TN 38478; 931-363-4479. 

Would like to contact Dale Whittham, Big Phil, and Little Phil, or anyone who served with 1st Air Cav., D Co., 1st & 7th, 1968-69.  Also Jerry Wesiel from Gaylor, Michigan, who was in the 4th Inf., then stationed at Ft. Dix. Contact: Lonnie Sanborn, P.O. Box 470, Chiloquin, OR 97624;

Trying to locate George Wilson who served with me in HQ Btry., 1/11th, 1964-65, Camp Pendleton and later in Chu Lai and Danang in 1966. Contact: Ron Dingfelder, RR1, Box 142, Big Stone City, SD 57216. 

Looking for Stephen Mannuti, B 5/46 198th, Plt. leader , LZ Gator, 1969. Also, Edward Floyd. I was your radio operator. Contact: James G. Fuller, #7603903, 2605 State St., Salem, OR 97310; 541-672-7878. 

Would like to hear from Jack Kruger. Contact: Earl G. Williams, #710963; 1200 FM 655, Rosharon, TX 77583. 

Looking for Brian V. Casey, a fairly good 05H/Morse Opr. We lost contact prior to our departure for RVN, 1969. Also looking for Frankie Frommelt or any of the Old Puppy Smugglers, 374th RRC, Pleiku, An Khe, 1969-70. Contact: Gavin ``Doc== Dougherty, P.O. Box 440307, Jacksonville, FL 32222; 

Looking for Army personnel who served with 2nd Bn., 94th Arty., Vietnam, for a reunion in 2004. Contact: Martin S. McKnight, 1025 McKnight Loop, Mason, TN 38049; 901-867-9026. 

Trying to locate anyone who served with B Co., 65th Combat Eng. Bn., 25th Inf. Div. Chu Chi and Tay Ninh, Vietnam, 1967-68. Contact: Charles Freeman, P-20226, P.O. Box 3456, 1B01-104, Corcoran, CA 93212.

Looking for Bill Barnett, Benny “Bear” Holloway, or anyone I served with. The last time I saw anyone who served in the unit was in Aschaffenburg, Germany, 1976. Contact: Rusty “Buck” Sullivan, P.O. Box 249, Hodgen, OK 74939; 

Veteran and aspiring playwright/novelist seeks members attached to NAS Kingsville, Texas and Traron Twenty-Two (VT-22), 1980-87, to help develop manuscript. Contact: Ralph Vasquez, #738214, Coffield Unit, Route 1, Box 150, Tennessee Colony, TX 75884. 

Would like to hear from anyone who served with Delta, 1st Bn., 5th Reg., 1st Mar. Div., An Hoa, Arizona Valley, the Horse Shoe, or Liberty Bridge (Phu Loc #6), September 1968-69. Also when Liberty Bridge was overrun, March 1969. Doc, Pangalena, and Buck, where are you? Contact: Gary Van Zandt, #695837, 3872 FM 350 South, Livingston, TX 77351. 

Searching for anyone who served in Beach Master Unit 1, Yokuska, Japan, and Vietnam, 1964-67. Contact: Jim Visconte, 364 Conrad Dr., Rochester, NY 14616; 585-621-8373; 

Would like to locate anyone who served with A Btry., 1st Bn., 27th Field Arty., Vietnam, 1967-68, to plan a reunion. The unit established a base camp at Phu Loi. Contact: Larry Stovall, 29936 Lester Rd., Lester, AL 35647; 256-232-8687.

Trying to locate members of 14th ICC, Vietnam, 1968, and the chaplain=s assistant, Long Binh. Especially Jack Ford from New Jersey and Robert Trinks from Indiana. Contact: Patrick O=Brien, 4054 S. Goss School Rd., Pekin, IN 47165; 812-967-4750; 

Looking for Cpl. David Gilson from New York who served with 1st Bn., 84th Arty., 9th Inf. Div., Long Thanh Province, September 1967. He earned a Bronze Star on September 2 that was not awarded. I am trying to get that medal awarded to him. Contact: Frank Thomas, 1000 Henry St., Princeton, WV 24740; 304-425-6333. 

Looking for anyone who served on USS  Falgout (DER-324), January 1965 to October 1968. Contact: Mike Vecchio, 552 Old York Rd., Flemington, NJ 08822; 908-782-3724; 

Searching for anyone assigned to Tuy Hoa Air Base, June to December 1967 and serving at Tan Son Nhut Air Base, July 1967, when Tuy Hoa was under attack and can attest to loading body bags, mortar attacks, civilian killings, and other atrocities to support PTSD/AO exposure. Contact: Brian Hinton, P.O. Box 245, Barton, VT 05822. 

Trying to find David Wayne Poynter, William Hamm, Jerry “Smoky” Douglas. I believe they were all from Tennessee. We were stationed at Edison Range Area, California, before going to Vietnam. Also, Harry Musick, NCS, Guam, 1968. Contact: Richard L. Tobin, 276 Waite Ave., Apt. 5, Rahway, NJ 07065; 732-574-9173. 

Looking for anyone who served in 148th Ord. Co., Vung Tau, 1965-66. I volunteered for door gunner with 1/7th, 9th Div., 1st Cav. Airmobile, LZ Ike. Need help with service-connected disability. Contact: Richard W. Bailey, 1093 W. 6th St., #2A, Eugene, OR 97502; 541-349-8052. 

Would like to locate 1st Lt. Richard J. Reno who signed my medical discharge September 8, 1972. I served in Charlie Co., 1st Sqd., 1st Plt., 1st Bn., 1st BCT Bde., 1st Div., 5th Army, Ft. Polk, June 22 to September 8, 1972. Would also like to hear from any members of that company, especially Grimes, Ray, Sam, Jordan, Black, Davis, Campbell, Jones, Lomita, Phillips, and Strawberry. Contact: Renald L. Wallace, #140221, 3200 N. West St., Lima, OH 45801; 330-823-7510. 

Looking for anyone who served in Plt. 2037, MCRD, San Diego, 1966. Contact: Greg Gerrits, P.O. Box 204, McKenna, WA 98558; 360-446-7199. 

Looking for anyone who served with me in USAF, SAC SARPF, 7AF, Tan Son Nhut Afld., Vietnam, 1966. Contact: John A. Lenhardt, 6389 Maeystown Rd., Waterloo, IL 62298; 618-939-6582,

 Looking for Patrick F. Lynch, USAF, Red Horse, Vietnam, originally from Chicago. It=s been a long time, brother. Contact: Alan F. Maberry, 2324 S. Woodstock St., Philadelphia, PA 19145; 215-389-7891. 

Searching for anyone who graduated from 91C20 course at Fitzsimons Army Hospital, Denver, 1968. Contact: Edith M. Ishmael, 215 Ellsworth Dr., Apache, OK 73006. 

Trying to locate 1st Lt. Richard McDow who was a POW from June 1972 to March 1973.  I would like to return his bracelet. It is the 30th anniversary of his cature and soon to be 30th anniversary of his return. Contact: Melissa K. Smith, 404-715-5246; 

Looking for family members of 173rd Abn. Bde. KIAs or buddies who knew them either before Vietnam or while in-country. Contact: Paul Reed, c/o 5928 Glendora Ave., Dallas, TX 75230; 214-265-1433;

Would like to make contact with former members of  USMC Bn. Supply, 1-1-1, I Corps, Vietnam, 1967-68. Contact: Bob “Gunny” Gambol, P.O. Box 2430, PMB#2199, Pensacola, FL 32513; 610-304-6649; 

Would like to hear from Marines who served with 3rd Mar. and 7th Mar., Dai Loc area on Hills 22 and 37 in the Old French Fort, 1966-69. Contact: Jimmy Hill, 301 Locust St., Hammonton, NJ 08037; 609-567-1161;

Trying to locate Quintin San Nicholas Chargualaf from Agana, Guam, who served with me in Pleiku, Vietnam, 1966-67. He married a girl from Nation City, California. Contact: Gene McCurdy, 21650 Temescal Canyon Rd., Space 77, Corona, CA 92883-7308; 909-277-3012; 

Looking for anyone who served with 1st Log. Cmd., 31st Supply Co., 96th S&S Bn., Cam Ranh Bay and Chu Lai, Vietnam, March 1967-68, to support a VA claim for injuries. Contact: Joseph L. Curatolo, 91 7th St., Hicksville, NY 11801; 516-931-8127; 516-448-0613 (cell); 

Looking for Maj. Owen Skinner or anyone who served with him. He was MIA on December 12, 1970. I have his bracelet and would like to return it to him or his family. Contact: Karyssa Dykes, 817-326-0190; 

Would like to reunite with Robert Lloyd Yeager, USAF, 621st CRP (Control and Reporting Post), Dak Lak province in the Highlands of South Vietnam. He was originally from San Francisco. Contact: Nguyen Van Chanh, 2/6 Quang Trung, F12, Go Vap Province, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; 

Looking for anyone who served with my great-uncle, William Thomas Crawford from Windsor, Missouri. He served with USAF and was KIA May 1965, Bien Hoa, Vietnam. I am researching my family history. Contact: Angela Jones, 155 C. St., Osceola, MO 64776;

Looking for anyone who served in MCB 8, Danang (advance party), Hue/Phu Bai, September 1965 to May 1966. Contact: Ralph Cole, 9 Allen St., Presque Isle, ME 04769; 207-764-8533. 

Would like to find SSgt. Feliciano, 3rd Plt., Mike Co., 3rd Bn., 27th Mar. Reg. A friend would like to thank him for helping some other servicemen. Contact: Pearl Cook, Tiffin, OH 44883; 419-443-8212; 

Looking for anyone who served with A Btry., 2nd Howitzer Bn., 35th Arty., May 1966-67 from Ft. Carson, Colorado, to Vietnam. Contact: Robert Hinde, 

Trying to find fellow airman George Mullins who was stationed with me from November 1960 to May 1962. He was active in base basketball team at Tachikawa and Yokota AB, Japan. Contact: Jake Hurse, 909-898-3228 (work); 909-736-7307; 909-242-2076 (home); 

Looking for anyone who served in-country as a tunnel rat in Army or Marines. Is there an association of veterans who served as tunnel rats? Contact: Warren M. Schur, 1 Devonshire Pl., #3710, Boston, MA 02109; 617-227-2530; 617-227-9704 (fax);

Looking for members of 4th Bn., 47th Inf. Bde., in particular Col. Lawrence Bryant and Capt. Ronald Pease. Contact: Leland Kropp, 

Looking for brothers who served with C Btry., 3/16th Arty., 1969-70. Contact: Bill Cancel, 

Trying to locate James V. Dickey, U.S. Naval Support Activity, Danang, 1968-70. He was the best man at my wedding. Contact: Fred LaBroad, 

Looking for anyone who served with me in Vietnam, 1968-70. Contact: Clint Sonier, 

Looking for Sgt. Dutton, 4th Inf., or anyone who remembers a May 1968 ambush between Kontum and Pleiku. Also looking for anyone who remembers the medical tent/aid station coming under attack in June 1968. Contact: Jim Riesenberg, Veterans Service Office, Courthouse, 615 N. 6th St., Sheboygan, WI 53081; 

Looking for Sgt. Tommy R. Williams, 377th CES. I met him while on R&R in Australia in 1968 while serving with 4th Bn. Royal Australian Reg. Contact: Gordon ``Spook== Lucas, 

Looking for Daniel Garcia from New York who served in Vietnam in 1967. Last-known address was New York. Contact: Brian Barnes,

Looking for anyone who served aboard USS Hugh Gaffey, 1963, in route to Korea and docked at Pearl Harbor, Okinawa, and Yokohoma before reaching Inchon; or served with Kumo-Ri Ord. Ctr., 36th & 38th Ord. Co., 8th Army for SHAD claim. I have had numerous health problems and would like to talk with others who were with me. Contact: R.L. Teter, 310-379-5928; 

Looking for all veterans of 1st Bn., 82nd FA, 23rd ID. Visit our website at  Contact: Ron Griffin, 1614 Bowen St., Oshkosh, WI 54901; 

Looking for Smith who was a crew chief with 12th Avn. Bn., 68th Top Tigers, 1967-68. Contact: Glenn Dawkins, 3012 Steeple Chase Dr., Chino Hills, CA 91709; 909-628-0998; 

Searching for Henry Forbes, Jr., U.S. Army, Vietnam, 1967, originally from Boston. The last address was an Army camp outside of Paris in June 1967. Contact: Julia Wass, 

Trying to locate Booker T. Perkins, USMC, Vietnam, 1965, originally from San Antonio. We exchanged mail while he was in the service. Contact: Pat Toney,

Looking for anyone who may have known my father, Richard Wayne Sanders, from Goshen, Ohio. I believe he worked in 1st Surgical Hospital as a medic. I was a baby when he died, and he never got to see me, only pictures. Contact: Dawn Birkenheuer, 

Incarcerated Vietnam-era veteran in Michigan, due to be released July 2003, looking for pen pals. All letters will be appreciated. I am single and have no family. Contact: David McCullough, #363384, 3510 N. Elm St., Jackson, MI 49201-8877. 

Looking for anyone who served with 1st Air Cav. (Airmobile), 1st Bn., 5th Bde., 1968, and remembers when I was shot in the head on July 12, 1968, and medevaced by a Jungle Penetrator north of Camp Evans and southwest of LZ Jane. Contact: Britton R. Kaur, 1270 Colorado Blvd., #6, Denver, CO 80206. 

Looking for anyone who served with Capt. Albert “Opie” Opacity in SFDK (Special Forces), Korea. He was a dog handler from 1974-75. Contact: Robert F. Brack, Sr., 13652 Kiltie Ct., Delray Beach, FL 33446. 

Looking for the Vietnam veteran who was on Hill 54, outside of Chu Lai, on November 17, 1968, when we were overrun and Rhonnie Clark was hit on the Quad 50s.  We stayed with him until the medevac unit arrived. Contact: Raymond Wasson, 85 Birch St., Presque Isle, ME 04769; 207-764-3375.

Would like to hear from anyone who served with 101st Abn. Div. during May 1969 battle of Hamburger Hill. I am doing a research paper on that battle. Contact: Thomas P. Monaghan, 3060 FM 3514, Beaumont, TX 77705.

Looking for photos, letters, or anything that could be used on our websites, and in memory of KIA who served with 173rd Bn. Bde. Contact: Paul Reed, c/o 5928 Glendora Ave., Dallas, TX 75230, 214-265-1433.

Looking for anyone who served with me in 1st FSR/FLC, May 1968-69 (Red Beach/Camp Books). Contact: Donald Werley, 3054 Crane Pl., Hammond, IN 46323; 219-845-7547. 

Looking for members who served with me in Co. D, 2nd Bn., 5th Air Cav., An Khe, 1968. Contact: Michelle Brand, 

Searching for two veterans from Queens, New York, who served with me in Vietnam in 1970 to assist me with a VA claim. Contact: Doc Castillo, 

Need help in contacting Anzus Vets. Contact: Steve O=Keefe,

Looking for anyone who served with my grandfather, William Holloman, who served in Vietnam and was released because he was an only son. Contact: 

Would like to locate anyone who served with Garland Dave Benoit U.S. Army, Quang Ngai, November 1969 until his death March 18, 1970. He was originally from Lake Arthur, Louisiana. Contact: Pat Jochum, 

Looking for anyone who served with 18th and 22nd Surgical Hospital, 1968-69, and knows number of casualties for this unit. Contact: Jerry Cutler, 

Looking for anyone who served with Benny Joe Hicks, USMC, who was KIA in a helicopter crash October 11, 1968. Would like to know where and how he was killed so that I can visit crash site. Contact: Wallace Peacock, 

Tying to find anyone who served with me in USMC, 3rd BN., 1 Mar., 1st Mar. Div., Vietnam, 1966-67. Bob Atkins, 

Looking for Daniel Touchstone, Mike Taylor, Dave Tenny, and  Charlie Dau whom I served with in USAF, Jade FACS, Nui Dat, 1st Australian Task Force, 1970-71. Contact: John Vicary,

Trying to locate Fred Hayes from from North or South Carolina who served with U.S. Army in Vietnam. Contact:

Trying to locate 45 shipmates who served with Observation Squadron Sixty-Seven (VO-67). Contact: A.G. Alexander, Jr., 406-862-5161; 

Trying to locate Carl Krom who served in Vietnam. We are planning a high school reunion of Ellenville High School (1956). Contact: Doris Anderson Barrows, 

I am 8-years old and recently bought a helmet that belonged to Jeff Hall. I was told that he flew on a helicopter in Vietnam and that he died about two years ago from Agent Orange. Would like to find out more information. Contact: Jeffrey Rose, 9200 N. Clayton Pl., Marana, AZ 85653; 

Trying to contact anyone with ihformation on Charles Davenport, of Tampa, Florida, who served in France, 1964-65. Contact: Rachel McKinlay, 

Looking for anyone who knew or served with my uncle,Homer Reeves, who was KIA in Vietnam. Contact: Denise Wilson, 

Desperately searching for Richard J. McInerney, USMC, Vietnam. I want to surprise my father-in-law. Contact: Misti Ellis,

Looking for anyone who served with Ron “Frog” Laughridge, Camp Lejeune, 1963-65, 3rd Bn., 2nd Mar., 2nd Mar. Div., H&S Co. Also, 1st Sgt. Southern, Ed Pegram Gault from Alabama, and Charlie Rienol. Contact: 813-961-4073;

Looking for Bartholomew, a USMC guard in the Brig on Treasure Island, California, summer 1969. Contact: Peter Serino, 209-607-7262 (cell phone); 925-516-2567; 

Trying to locate F-105D pilots Capt. Ralph D. Watkins, Alan K. Rutherford, and Wayne D. Hauth flying with Rainford (Ray) Tiffin out of Korat RT AFB, Thailand on July 21, 1966, when he was MIA. Contact: W.D. (Bruce) McRae, 1523 Gibson Dr., Eureka, CA 95503; 707-443-5829; 

Trying to help father find his son, Sherman Dean Cribbs, USMC, Vietnam, 1964-68. His last-known address was in Baltimore. Contact: 

Looking for anyone who served with me in U.S. Army, 1st Cav., 600 Combat Eng., TDY from Korea. I was in Ia Drang Valley 1965-66. Contact: Steve Elliott,

Looking for anyone who served with me in 63rd Sig., 101st Abn., Camp Evans and Tam-My Island, Vietnam, November 1969-70. Contact: Charles White, 

Looking for anyone who served with me in 3rd Surgical Hospital, Vietnam, 1969-71 for a PTSD claim. Contact: Jose A. Gonzalez,

Trying to locate Maj. Donald Farnum who saved my life. His birthday is soon, and I wanted to wish him a happy birthday. Contact: Bert Pence,  

Trying to locate OIC or CO of NSG detachment on USS Ranger CVA‑61 for Desoto patrol involving USS Turner Joy and Maddox, Tonkin Gulf, August 1964. I picked up a Navy Lieutenant from Roslindale, Mass. in Hawaii and did R&R in Olongapo, Philippines. Contact: Myron Becker,

Looking for an old friend, Michael Elmo O'Donahue Steinback, from Brownsville, Texas, who was adopted by a Jewish military family at Ft. Sheridan. He served in the U.S. Army, received training at Ft. Bragg, and served in the 82nd and 101st Airborne. Contact: Brian Walker, 1301 SE 151st St., Renton, WA 98058; 425-271-1904.


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