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August 2002

On the Right Track


Elections were held in Region 7. The state presidents are: Arkansas, Mike Burden; Louisiana, Richard DeLong; Oklahoma, Lew Broughton; and Texas, Bill Meeks. Region 7 has decided not to hold a regional conference. Rather, I will continue to attend every meeting in the region.  

Our communication has improved very much.  We now have the Region 7 talk list in every state.  Over 130 members subscribe. Region 7 is very proud of the talk list, which keeps everybody on the same page on national issues and VA affairs.   

I started an awards system two years ago. This year=s Region 7 Veteran of the Year is Jack Watson of Louisiana. Region 7 Chapters of the Year are Chapter 467 in Fort Smith, Arkansas; Chapter 725 in Prairieville, Louisiana; Chapter 784 in Heavener, Oklahoma; and Chapter 330 in Fort Worth, Texas. These chapters have done excellent jobs on veterans issues and community work.   

The Texas State Council and Oklahoma State Council have donated money to the Sons and Daughters In Touch Vietnam trip in 2003. Karen Morse of Chapter 877 donated $200 on behalf of late husband Larry Morse, who was killed in a motorcycle accident. Chapter 725 of Prairieville, Louisiana, had The Moving Wall in their community November 11. The Incarcerated Veterans of Angola, Louisiana, installed and removed The Wall.

VVA National Vice President Ed Chow came to the Oklahoma State Council meeting in June. I feel it is very important that national officers attend as many meetings as possible in every state. We need to continue to find new members and make our region one of the greatest in VVA. AVVA National President  Nancy Switzer attended the Texas State Convention in June. Patsy Varnell and I met with the Ellis Prison incarcerated veterans  in April and saw one of the finest Honor Guards that I have ever seen.  

Region 7 has come a long way in the past year, but we are not finished. As long as we keep talking about our problems and work together, we will be on the right track. We must continue to work on our communication, improve membership, and recognize our veterans and chapters with awards. It is a great honor to serve you, and I will continue to do my best.


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