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August 2002

Thank You, Marcia Hicks


We will soon be holding our elections during our Second Biennial Meeting.  I would like to thank all of the board members who have spent the last three years working hard to organize and develop AVVA.   

We have gone through a lot together. I have always considered us a team rather than a board. Our concern for veterans and their families has been intense. We have challenged the system and will continue to challenge the system so that the next generation of veterans will not have to go through some of the issues the Vietnam veteran has.   

Please urge Congress to adequately fund the VA.  The VA must have the funds to insure that our veterans obtain the rights and honor they fought for.   

There is one board member whom I would especially like to thank: Marcia Hicks. She has chosen not to run as the Region 5 Director. Marcia has been very instrumental in assisting our board in various areas. Her expertise and ideas as the Membership chair have been wonderful for us. So has her take-control attitude in creating the booklet for our Procedure Manual.  She is always jumping in and helping wherever she can, and I hope she still will.

Although she will not be a Regional Director, I know that she will still be putting her fingers to the touch for us on various projects.  She is a lovely lady. Her friendship has meant a lot to all of us these past three years.


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