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June/July 2002

Well Done

On May 10-11, Region 1 held a conference in Weirs Beach, N.H. We want to say to the New Hampshire State Council and to Chapter 41 and the New Hampshire Veterans Association which let us use their hundred-year-old headquarters for the weekend: Well done. It was a great meeting, especially the ending - a train ride for two hours and a great turkey dinner.

I also want to thank Bill Meeks, Membership Chair; Bruce Linnell, former POW/MIA Chair; Linda Schwartz, Health Chair; Rich Levesque, Veterans Benefits Chair; Nancy Switzer, AVVA President; Tom Corey, National President; and special guest Paul Spera, VA National Liaison to the Secretary of Veterans Affairs. And thanks, above all, to the membership for the great turnout.

Every issue that we talked about at this conference was important to us all. The issues that got the most questions were membership, benefits, health, and the VA. It was great to see the bonding that was going on between old members and new ones. Many addresses were exchanged. This can only make our region stronger.

Again, communication still stands out as a concern. As I have always said, I am only a phone call or e-mail or fax away. I will answer all questions or get the right committee to answer them for you. I can be contacted at 802-442-6353 (work), 802-447-0407 (home), 802-447-2757 (fax), or or


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