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April/May 2002

Region 4 Report

Making Things Happen 


The first six months have been exciting and rewarding. Having attended state council meetings in Alabama, Georgia, and my home state of Florida, I would like to thank every member and AVVA member who welcomed my wife and me to their meeting with good, old-fashioned hospitality.

The membership of the region has spoken. It is their desire that Region 4 not hold a regional conference, but instead that, as director, I attend as many state council meetings as possible.

It was discussed and voted on that chapters would have more representation at state council meetings than at a regional conference. From what I have observed in my visits, they are right. I will be traveling to Alabama in June and to Puerto Rico as soon as possible.

Having already been to Georgia and Florida twice and Alabama once, I can see that the presidents have been doing a great job. They are making things happen, and the chapters are taking care of veterans and their families in their communities.

We need to work on communication. It's important that we maintain an open line of communication with each other. I am open to suggestions from the membership.

Soon chapters will be holding elections, followed by state council elections. I would like to remind every member in the region to vote. It's your right; it's your chapter; it's what you choose to make it. Get involved and be active.

On a sad note, it is with deep sorrow I report to you that Tito Molina, State Council President of Puerto Rico, passed away. His devotion and hard work for the veterans of Puerto Rico will always be remembered, and his smile and laughter never will be forgotten.

Wallace Reyes is now the Puerto Rico State Council President. We welcome him and offer him all the assistance he may desire.

In closing, I would like to remind every one of you that we are a brotherhood, and we take care of each other.


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