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April 2002/May 2002

The VVA Press Club 

Press Time in Tucson 


Are you having difficulties with newsletter layouts? Can't quite get the hang of how to work with photos or typesetting? Does that printer always do something other than what you want it to do? Well, come on out to Tucson where newsletter editors from across the country will gather and form into small teams and write, layout, publish, and distribute two newsletters of our own during the Leadership Conference August 14‑18.  

The VVA Press Club was established in Greensboro last year. This year's VVA Press Club activities will be a fantastic opportunity and experience for all VVA newsletter and newspaper editors in attendance. We will try to cover as many events as possible, depending on the number of participants. Each team will have specific assignments and will be autonomous. The teams will decide among themselves who is going to do what based on experience and ability. If you are planning to attend and have a digital camera, please let me know as soon as possible.   

At the conclusion of the conference we will gather and critique our efforts. The ultimate goal is to help each of us who serves as a VVA newsletter or newspaper editor improve the quality of our publication.   

All editors will be given a shirt with the VVA Press Club and VVA logos on it. If you are planning on attending, please let me know via e‑mail (mailto:ray@netnaples.com). We must know no later than July 1 if you plan to attend and what your shirt size is.   

All VVA editors should send me their e‑mail and snail‑mail address so I can add them to our database. This information also will provide you with access to information on current VVA activities and events you may want to include in your publication.   

I look forward to working with each of you in Tucson.  I expect that we will learn much from each other and have some fun at the same time. I am convinced you will not be disappointed. So make your plans now, and don't miss this opportunity. See you in Tucson!


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