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February 2002/March 2002

Veterans Against Drugs Task Force Report

Get Involved


Since September 11th, everyone I know has been in a sort of daze. As veterans, we have seen attacks before, but nothing the size of the one on 9-11. Never have we even read about an attack of such magnitude on our own soil. So, what can we do about it?
     As a service officer for VVA, I had ten calls within the week following the attacks from Vietnam veterans asking if I knew where they could sign up. Even a veteran in a wheelchair called. He told me that he may not be able to run anymore, but he can still shoot straight.
     We know we can't enlist, so let's look at this another way. How is Bin Laden raising money to support his terrorist acts and attacks? The original funds came from his Saudi family, but what keeps the money coming in? The answer is his poppy fields. It has been said that over 80 percent of the heroin coming into the United States can be traced back to Bin Laden's poppy fields. Bin Laden said he knows how to bring America down. Through his drugs he is going after our youth and our future.
     We often turn our heads away from the fact that drugs are prevalent in our country and among our youth. We recognize that there is violence among our youth in schools, but we must focus on where it begins. Much of the violence begins with drug use.
     I'm sure you now realize how nasty Bin Laden is. You may not see a way that you can go after him, even though you would love to. Here's my challenge to you:

Get involved. Start a Veterans Against Drugs program in your town. Fight back, don't let him take our youth down the way he took down the World Trade Center. VVA's motto is "In Service to America." What better service to America can you perform than to talk to our youth? You'll talk to a lot of kids through this program, and you will reach some young people who will stop using drugs or who will realize the kids in the gang aren't their friends. Those are the magic words that make all of the hard work worth it.

     Let "Remember 9-11" be our little battle cry like "Remember the Maine" or "Remember the Alamo." You have the challenge. What do you say?



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