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February 2002/March 2002


History In The Making


The history of VVA and its members is a remarkable journey through the last four decades of the 20th century. The experience of our members reflects the experience of our nation during a period that was marked by tragedy and triumph, failure and success.
     The Public Affairs Committee has embarked on an ambitious project to chronicle the history of our organization, as told by those who helped shape that history--our members.
     At the January National Board Meeting, the committee began to record on videotape the recollections of how, when, and why VVA members chose to join our family. This is a project that by its very nature will be ongoing.
     The goal of the project is to produce a videotaped document that will chronicle the history of a dynamic generation of men and women who chose to continue serving their country long after packing away their uniforms. Our membership represents what is best about the generation that came of age during the sixties, and they deserve to share their stories. We have an obligation to provide our members the means to share those experiences.
     The project will include recollections about the creation of VVA, its chapters and state councils, and the battles we have fought and the victories we have achieved together.

     Quiet on the set: Lights. Camera. Action!■



Forming Partnerships


The Education Subcommittee of the Public Affairs Committee continues to expand educational programs for our chapters and to form relationships with organizations that have similar goals. We recently formed partnerships with two organizations.
     We established a partnership with the Library of Congress' Veterans History Project, a program to collect and preserve audio and videotaped oral histories, and documentary materials such as letters, diaries, maps, photographs, and home movies of America's veterans. Knowing that future generations of Americans have much to learn from those who served, the Library of Congress and VVA have embraced this project. Every chapter will receive a packet in the mail. We encourage all veterans to record their histories for the Library of Congress.
     VVA also formed a partnership with the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS), which has a membership of 340,000 social studies teachers. We submitted an article to their magazine on our resources for social studies teachers. In addition, NCSS will be publishing an article about the VVA website and the section, "About the War," as a research tool for students across America.
     Their members were very impressed with the VVA Education Guidebook and the aggressive approach we are taking to being involved with student education about the Vietnam War. The VVA Education Guidebook continues to receive impressive reviews, and our team continues developing additional projects for our chapters. Become involved in education within your community. Our team stands ready to support your needs and to preserve the legacy of Vietnam veterans.■


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