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February 2002/March 2002


VVA's Heart and Soul


As we start the new year, the chuck wagon is parked, the committee has many pots on the fire, and we'll be serving several new items during the 2002 membership drive. One new item is the VVA Membership M.E.R.I.T. Program. This program is designed to provide national recognition to VVA members who have achieved excellence in membership recruitment at the VVA chapter or state council level.
     M.E.R.I.T. stands for "Membership Excellence Recruitment Initiative Team." The composition of the team will be the members of VVA's Membership Affairs Committee and the national Membership Department, with the assistance of the VVA State Council Membership Chairs. The proposed program will provide recognition to the top five recruiters in the Membership Affairs Committee Report of  The VVA Veteran. An additional incentive of a Life Membership or products of equivalent value from Veterans Collectibles also will be awarded to the top recruiter.
     Another new item for your saddlebags is a new U-shape fold-up of the VVA membership application to expedite mailing. The unique concept of this new application is that it is the size of a bookmark and will fit into a standard business envelope. A collage of veteran-related artwork will surround the VVA logo on the front side, and the reverse side will contain the membership application. The committee is also updating the Chapter Startup Kit, which is issued by the State Council Presidents to forming chapters, and the Membership Training Guide, which is available to members on request from the VVA Membership Department.
     In order to serve you better, the committee has established an e-mail contact list with the State Council Membership Chairs. This idea is to assure continual flow of information to and from the committee. Please contact your membership chairs, the Membership Department, or the Membership Committee, so we can address your problems, concerns, and new ideas pertaining to membership.
     Out on the local ranges, there are a couple of top wranglers working membership roundups in their home states, and the Membership Committee would like to recognize their outstanding efforts. Robert Richey of VVA Chapter 783 works tirelessly recruiting new members year round and he has been very successful working the fair season in Ohio. Robert Baker of VVA Chapter 893 crisscrosses county lines, checking the courthouses for registered veterans, and he has been very productive, forming new chapters in Texas--different recruiting angles, but the same great results. Hats off to both members for their remarkable work. Remember: Our membership is the heart and soul of VVA. Recruiting is one-on-one and your best recruitment tool by far.■


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