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February 2002/March 2002

AVVA Report

2002 Elections: What You Need To Know

By Kathleen Tauer, Election Chair
Jeani Wells and Margaret Wojociechowicz, Committee Members

While VVA is conducting its Leadership Conference in Tucson, the Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America will be sharing the sunlight as we hold our Second National Biennial Meeting. The main event will be the election of new national officers and regional directors. We ask that this information is shared with AVVA members as quickly as possible. The elections will be held August 14-18.
     Thirteen positions are open. We encourage all AVVA members to take an active interest as our organization continues to grow and thrive. Candidate minimum qualifications are described in the Policy and Procedure (P&P) Manual and appear on the websites www.avva.org and www.vva.org . Click on the AVVA link.
      Applicants must have experience at the chapter, state rep, or regional director level. The jobs require energy; the ability to communicate well with others; the ability to analyze information and make informed decisions; and to follow the vision, mission, and goals set by our bylaws and P & P's. Funding is available through the budgetary guidelines set by the National Finance Committee.
     Candidate applications must be postmarked no later than July 15. The application is on page F012 in the P & P Manual. Copies of applications may be received from Kathleen Tauer, the National Election Committee chair. Her contact information is:

Kathleen M. Tauer
AVVA Election Chair
P.O. Box 44
Stockholm, ME 04783
207-498-1221 (W)
207-896-3084 (H)
207-896-3288 (Fax)

     In addition, a brief one-page biography is required that includes activities, goals, and attributes. Applications must be sent to the above address. After it is received, the application will be sent to all Election Committee members. The application also will be sent to the National Membership Chair for verification of current membership. The biographies will be posted on our website. We encourage early submissions so that we can advertise candidates in The VVA Veteran. If you have a photo you would like included in your campaign advertising, please submit it with your application.
     This is also the time to verify the eligibility of the person who will vote from your state. Only one vote is allowed per state and proper paperwork must be submitted. This paperwork is on page F020 in the P & P Manual. All paperwork must be submitted to the Election Chair.

This is an exciting time for all of us. A solid framework has been laid by the current Board of Directors and Regional Directors. They have been supported by the hard work and diligence of those who have participated as committee members. The Scholarship Program and Project Friendship have blossomed and benefited many needy causes. We are making our presence known across the nation and on Capitol Hill. We have created a strong bond with many other organizations, such as the Gold and Blue Star Mothers and the Montegnard families in North Carolina.
     This is not a time to sit back; it's a time to continue attacking new horizons while maintaining and growing in other areas. It is a time to continue our bonding process with VVA as we complement each other. We made a promise. We promised we would not let anyone forget where our veterans went in order to secure peace for us all. We look forward to these next elections with a positive spirit.

AVVA BYLAWS NOTICE: Any proposed changes to AVVA Bylaws must be postmarked no later than midnight April 15, 2002. They should be sent to the AVVA National Office, Attention: Bylaws Committee, 8605 Cameron Street, Suite 400, Silver Spring, MD, 20910. Forms for bylaw proposals are in the Policy and Procedure Manual and on the AVVA website at www.avva.org


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