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February 2002/March 2002


The Intensity of Meaningful Achievement


For the fifth consecutive year, VVA will have a means of recognizing the community service contributions of VVA and AVVA members. This program continues an effective way of granting overdue recognition to members of VVA and AVVA at the chapter, state council, and national level. The fifth annual VVA/AVVA Sunday ceremony will honor deserving members of both organizations at no cost to VVA or AVVA. VVA already has honored 251 of its members, associates, national office staff, and worthy citizens at similar ceremonies.
     Some hundred members from approximately 21 states and the District of Columbia will be nominated by chapters and state councils, all of whom will be honored at the VVA/AVVA Chapel of Four Chaplains Sunday on September 22 in the Base Chapel at the U.S. Coast Guard Training Center, Cape May, N.J.
     VVA and AVVA's growing reputation and increasing maturity in the veterans community makes 2002 the right time to honor members whose work and deeds on behalf of VVA or AVVA might not necessarily qualify them for recognition through the award of the VVA Commendation Medal or VVA Member of the Year. Nonetheless, a growing array of VVA and AVVA members qualify for a form of recognition beyond the Certificates of Appreciation bestowed at the chapter, state-council, or national levels.
     The work for which VVA and AVVA members will be cited at the awards ceremony will energize chapter members and associates by setting an example that will lead to increased community-service efforts by other VVA and AVVA members.
     Nominations for the Legion of Honor inductees at this year's ceremony should be submitted by chapters or state councils directly to the address at the end of this report no later than June 10. For information on the nominating process for the Humanitarian Award and the Bronze Medallion, contact your state council president and request a copy of the guidelines distributed in the national office mailing or refer to VVA's web page, www.vva.org.
     The Chapel of Four Chaplains nomination and award process realizes four of the five Core Values (meaningful achievement, integrity, compassion, and camaraderie) of VVA's Strategic Plan. This program facilitates the intensity of meaningful achievement by allowing VVA's and AVVA's growing national reputation to attract new members because of increased grassroots recognition that will result in additional resources for the organization. It also reinforces the organization's expanding integrity and focuses the attention of VVA, AVVA, the other VSOs, and the community on our compassion. Finally, it greatly enhances camaraderie throughout VVA and AVVA.
     The Legion of Honor of the Chapel of Four Chaplains is bestowed in a public ceremony and recognized with a certificate. It is awarded for outstanding, sacrificial volunteer service to one's community and fellow human beings without regard to faith or race in keeping with the spirit of sacrifice of the Four Chaplains.
     Only a chapter or state council president may nominate two worthy individual members or associates from each chapter or state council for induction into the Legion of Honor of the Chapel of Four Chaplains.
     In no more than two paragraphs, describe the nominee's selfless service. The nomination may include, but is not limited to, service to the community; places of worship; and civil, fraternal, or veterans organizations. This certificate is not awarded for serving as a chapter or state council officer. In all cases, the selfless service must go beyond that required by the nominee's professional or organizational position. The Chapel Awards Committee must approve all VVA nominations. Please be as specific as possible and include the nominee's full name, chapter affiliation, address, and telephone number.
     All nominations of VVA members for the Legion of Honor of the Chapel of Four Chaplains by chapter or state council presidents (NOTE: there is a limit of two nominations from each chapter or state council) are to be mailed to: Paul L. Sutton, National Liaison/Trustee, Chapel of Four Chaplains, P.O. Box 159, Ocean View, NJ 08230-0159. Telephone inquiries may be made to 609-624-3504, or by e-mail at ssgtusmc6169@hotmail.com.All nominations must be received by Monday, June 10.
     Nominations of AVVA members for the Legion of Honor of the Chapel of Four Chaplains by state council representatives (there is a limit of two nominations from each state council) are to be mailed to: Elaine Simmons, National Liaison, Chapel of Four Chaplains, RR 4, Box 315, Bluefield, WV 24701; 304-248-8488 (phone) or 304-248-7316 (fax); or by e-mail, avvareg3@sunlitsurf.com. All AVVA nominations must be received by April 8.■



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