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December 2001/January 2002

Employment Training And Business Opportunities Committee Report

Staying Focused and Vigilent

By Calvin P. Gross, Chair

The Employment Training and Business Opportunities Committee has three areas of concern: 1. Certification, classification, and proper documentation of departing servicemen and women’s education, training, and work experience while in the military. These life experiences, when documented, can translate into civilian careers. 2. Legislative issues and enforcement of those laws. 3. Protection of Veterans Preference.

Alan Gibson from Missouri and Gerard C. "Gerry" Kahn from New York are leading the charge on two of these issues. We have help from several state councils, but we need help from all of them. If you would like to be a member of this committee, please get in touch with Alan Gibson (Vvamo1@aol.com") or Vernessa Franklin (vfranklin@vva.org"). While we as a country are focused on fighting a foreign enemy, we have to stay focused and vigilant to protect what we have earned for ourselves and the troops now in the field.

ETABO has evolved into a front-line defense for veterans benefits, especially Veterans Preference. The past and current administrations have systematically changed policies that will strip away the earned benefits of the people who have answered this country’s call.

Please go to the VVA web site (www.vva.org"), click on "Veterans Benefits News & Resources," "VVA Guides," and then on "VVA Guide to Veterans Preference." This guide was written by Gerry Kahn for VVA. When it comes to the issue of Veterans Preference, I am glad Gerry is on our side.

I sit on a certification board and have been nominated to be on the U. S. Department of Labor’s Veterans Employment Training Service Advisory Board to the Secretary. Alan Gibson keeps tabs on all legislative and employment issues, goes to seminars, and has given testimony to Congress. We all also belong to VVA’s Government Affairs Committee where the legislative agenda includes employment training and business opportunities.


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