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October 2001/November 2001

Veterans Against Drugs Task Force Report

Join the Fight

By Herb Worthington, Chair

In light of the recent events in New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania, I am grateful for the opportunity to write this column.

I am honored to report that Veterans Against Drugs is well and has been endorsed and recognized by the Executive Office of the President, Office of National Drug Control Policy. AVVA also has unanimously endorsed the program and has jumped in with both feet to help. They are in the process of developing a coloring book that will educate and entertain students in the third grade and below.

The American flag will be the theme of the coloring book. We are also gathering information on the flag and patriotism for the next teaching guide for older students. If you have any information that might aid in the development of the upcoming lesson on the American flag, please forward it to Deborah Williams at the national office. She is the VAD staff coordinator and has been a dedicated supporter of the program and its values.

We also are in touch with the national program called Stop the Violence. Veterans Against Drugs is preparing a lesson plan on stopping the violence in our schools. If you have any information that would be suitable for this lesson, please forward it to Deborah Williams.

At this critical time in our country, we must all work together. Our nation has been attacked by terrorists who want destroy this great land. Young people will be turning to us for answers and guidance. We are once again on the front line of war, but this one is in our own backyard. It is our duty to show children that drugs and violence only leave us emotionally, spiritually, and physically weak. If we allow the youth of this country to be taken advantage of we are allowing the very foundation of the nation to be compromised.

Veterans Against Drugs has been on the front line of the war against drugs and violence since its creation. Our enemy may have a new face in terrorism, but this is a war we are prepared to fight. Because we need all the help we can get, we are gathering our forces and approaching other veterans service organizations to join us in the fight. This is a war that can be won only through a complete team effort. So I urge you to join in the fight and protect the freedoms we have paid so dearly for.


E-mail us at TheVeteran@vva.org

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