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June 2001/July 2001

Membership Committee Report

Chapter 1, the Heavenly Ones

By Charlie Montgomery, Chair

At our last National Board meeting, Steve Mason, At-Large Director from Oregon, came to me with a great idea for a new membership option for VVA and AVVA: a "Life-After Membership'' in which members could belong to VVA and AVVA forever after. I said to Steve, "What a great idea. It puts the fun back in fundraiser.'' I brought the idea to the Board, and it went like wild fire. We already have our first 25 chapter members. Father Phil Salons is an honorary member and president. It's always good to have someone with pull on the other side.

The one-time cost of the forever membership in the V.A. Life-After Club is $25. All dues and donations will go to the Mike Nash Scholarship fund and are tax deductible. Everyone will receive a membership card with the same number (000001), along with a thank-you note for joining. Members' names will be printed in The V.A. Veteran. We will all belong to the "Heavenly Ones" Chapter 1 of the new organization.

Send your once-in-a-lifetime dues to the National Office, Attention: Life-After Membership. Make out the check to the Mike Nash Scholarship Fund and in the memo box of your check write "MNSF/LAM.''

Let's have some fun with this and raise some funds for the Mike Nash Scholarship Fund. Make sure to carry your membership card with you, just in case they question you at the Pearly Gates. Don't wait until the last minute to join this exclusive and stylish club, because you never know when that last breath will be.

The charter members of the HEAVENLY ONES Chapter 1:

Father Phil Salons, Steven Mason, Jim Doyle, Charlie Montgomery, Nancy Montgomery, Nancy Switzer, George Duggins, Jim Bouley, J.D. Davis, Fran Davis, Herbert (Sarge) Hankerson, Larry Klein, Bob Maras, Bill Meeks, Steve Mulcahy, Richard DeLong, Edith Dresch, Jack Dresch, Mokie Porter, Don Cannon, Dick Bergling, William Piercy, Joe Stewart, Alfred Lynch, Terry Steer, Doug Perkins, Mike Gaffney, and David Finster.


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