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June 2001/July 2001

AVVA Report

On to Greensboro

By Nancy Switzer, President

Much hard work is going into our Leadership Conference, which will be held in conjunction with VVA's National Convention in Greensboro. Our Leadership Track I will consist of training to become good leaders. "Characteristics of Voluntary Leadership that Influences Organization Success and Communication Skills'' will be presented by Ann Lawrence and myself. This will involve full participation with the audience. We will also review Policies and Procedures, Membership Tools, and AVVA/VVA Project Friendship. The Track II Seminars will consist of Veterans' Survivor Benefits, Death and Dying, Diabetes and Hepatitis C, PTSD, and legislative news.

The AVVA Board has been working diligently on the upcoming Leadership Conference. Our luncheon is on Wednesday, August 1. Our guest speaker will be Kay Reibold, director of the Vietnam Highlands Assistance Project. The AVVA/VVA Project Friendship will help the Project and the Montagnard/Dega Association. Reibold is very involved with the Montagnards in the Carolinas and in Vietnam. The Montagnard/Dega Association helps the Montagnards with education.

This is also a time to reflect on the work and accomplishments of a great VVA president, George C. Duggins. He is not seeking re-election this August. The VVA Board of Directors, members, and I will miss his love and devotion. He has our utmost respect. He has always been there for me and has helped me to be a leader. No words can express my gratitude to this man for his support and friendship. Friendships never go away.

I welcome the new State Representatives who were elected in June. I look forward to working with them.


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