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December 2000/January 2001


A VVA Staff Report

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As a federal agency, according to the Privacy Act, the Department of Veterans Affairs is obliged to protect the privacy of veterans’ personal information. Therefore, the VA cannot release personal information about a veteran from its records system without the person’s permission. The VA can, however, forward a message to the veteran, providing the veteran has filed a claim with VA and the agency has an address on record.

Please write your message and place it in an unsealed, stamped envelope. Also include a note to VA explaining who you are trying to reach and add as much identifying information as you can. Place all of this in another envelope addressed to the nearest U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Regional Office (you can find the addresses at http://www.va.gov/station/index.htm#facility  or in the blue pages of the telephone book).

If the veteran is in the VA records, the message will be sealed and the envelope addressed to the address the VA has on file for the veteran. It is then up the veteran to contact the letter writer. If you have any question, you can reach the regional VA office at 800-827-1000. This process is designed to protect the privacy of veterans as required by law.

I was in Vietnam in December 1965-66, Co. C, 2nd Bn., 7th Cav. Looking for people who were there then. Contact: Jack Sports, requestfc@hotmail.com 

Want information regarding S/Sgt. Lewis Allen Roberts, USAF, Vietnam, 1969, 460th Tac Recon Wing, Tan Son Nhut. Contact: Donnie Dixon, donnie.dixon@robins.af.mil 

Looking for a Marine I served with in Vietnam, Sgt. John Leach. We were in the 3rd Combined Action Grp., Combined Action Plt. (CAP), PaPa-1 out of Cam Lo during Tet of 1968. He put me in for the Bronze Star but the paperwork got lost. Contact: Mark A. Reshel, 12132 222nd Ave., Briston, WI 53104.

I am looking for anyone who was in Charlie Co., 1/61st, 5th Inf. Div., Vietnam, 1969-70, or has any knowledge of this unit. Contact: cbouckvva@aol.com 

I am desperately trying to locate an old friend, George Martin who I heard was shot down and MIA. He would be about 56 years old, was originally from New York, and graduated from San Francisco State University in 1969. Contact: Anne Bagatelos, caytonres@aol.com 

Looking for Harold "Hey Harry" Nelson, former U.S. Marine GY/Sgt., Vietnam, 1964-65. Last seen August 1971 in Fredericksburg, Virginia. He was from Manhattan, New York, and his hanging buddies were Jimmy Barleston, USMC, and Joe Lopez, Quantico, Virginia. Contact: Joan A. Parker, 5400 Mistyhill Rd., Richmond, VA 23234; jparker@dscr.dla.mil 

Looking for a squad leader, Sgt. Kelly Mettin (Mitten or Mehtin, not sure of spelling of last name). I last saw him coming through FSB Cannon, June 1969. I think they were headed to Eagles Nest or FSB Brown. I have been looking for him for over 25 years and want to know if he made it back to the world. Contact: Ron Quezada, P.O. Box 629, Ponce De Leon, FL 32455-0629; 850-836-5280.

Searching for vets I served with in Vietnam, August 1970-71, H Trp., 17th Cav., 198th Bdge., 23rd Inf. Div. I served in H Trp. Mortar Track. Specifically, Jeffy "Butch== Hahn, Jon A. Carter, Charles V. Loyd, Cody Leathers, Bob Seagraves, and John F. Martin. Contact: Nieves Medina, Jr., #223867, Muskegon Correctional Facility, 2400 S. Sheridan Rd., Muskegon, MI 49442.

I am seeking Maj. John T. Moore, Capt. Jerome G. Hersch, Capt. Joseph O. Mott, Ssgt. Tackett, 1/46th Inf., 198th Bde. on FSB Professional, 1969-70. I am trying to update claim when I helped man the bunkers in front of the 105th Arty. Pit while assigned to the Commo Sec. Contact: Danny R. Heller, P.O. Box 147, Fox Lake, WI 53933.

Looking for a member of the Iron Tiger Bde. who served in the Three Phase War of the Persian Gulf. I am a member of the 2nd of the 70th in the 1st Armor Div. Also looking for any member who served with A Co., 1st Plt. P.O.C. Contact: Jarrett Fulton, 18424 Griggs, Detroit, MI 48221.

Would like to hear from anyone who went through basic training at Ft. Benning, Georgia, Co. E, 4-1 3rd Plt., especially the mess cook Tiny. Contact: Forrest L. Harris, 5351 Whitmire Dr., Gainesville, GA 30504; 770-536-6465.

Looking for John Hyatt, Gene Caturne, George Culp, Ft. Hood, Texas, 1970-71. Contact: Danny C. Sessom, 21644 Ginger Tr., Paint Rock, TX 76866; 915-732-2404.

Looking for anyone who served with 1/26th Mar., 81mm Mortar Plt. I was attached to 3rd Sec., formed at Camp Pendleton, May 1966 and stayed with them until February 1967. Contact: James R. Kaufman, 10901 N. Lakeview Dr., Pembroke Pines, FL 33026.

I served in Phu Bai, Hue, Danang, Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam, May 1968 to April 1969, 18th M.P. Bde. Would like to locate Walter Tompkins, Robert Clegg, Brian Rumspilla, also the commanding officer and chaplain. Contact: Donald L. Copeland, 1233 S. 8th St., Duncan, OK 73533; 580-255-4544.

Looking for Andrew Mumceh, Ed Pavolich, Stanley Frietig, Don Porter, 20th Eng., 79th Combat Eng., June 1970-71. I was the operator of crane, "Hang 'Em High." Contact: John F. Wojcik, 1393 A Holicong Rd., New Hope, PA 18938; 215-598-3887.

Attention Seabees from CBMV-302 who served with me in Vietnam, 1968-69, Cam Ranh Bay. Looking for SW2 Joe Tabler, GMG2 James L. "Gunner" Ortiz, EA2 Guy Fisher, SK2 Bryson, YN2 Simmons, SK1 Jim Rush, FO1 Geerdes, or any Seabee from the unit. Contact: Frank M. Hayes, 2441 Cedar St., Millville, NJ 08332; 856-825-5364.

Seeking contact with members of A Co., HHC, 36th and 39th Inf., 9th Inf. Div., Vietnam, September 1967-68. Writing novel about Vietnam, PTSD, Ft. Polk. Appealing 30 percent PTSD rating. Contact: Mike Reade, 1100 28th, #42, Boulder, CO 80303; 303-245-0350.

2/8th Cav., Charlie Co., 1967-68. Looking for Steve Sommers from San Diego, California, who was my assistant gunner, A Shau Valley. Also Mango, New York, or any of the guys. Contact: Tom Park, 143 S. Santa Cruz, Modesto, CA 95354; 209-522-9267.

Still waiting to make contact with Cumo from Bronx, New York, and Robert Malloy from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, a Purple Heart recipient. Contact: Paul F. Neal, 2241 Winthrop St., North Dighton, MA 02764; 508-252-6511.

Would like to hear from any former members of C Btry., 5/42nd FA, II FF, RVN, 1969-70. Contact: Loren C. Simms, 209 Mockingbird Dr. N., Altus, OK 73521-1715; 580-477-0921; simms@intellisys.net 

Would like to hear from anyone who was with H&S Co., 3rd Tanks, or anyone who was in 3rd Tank Bn., 3rd Mar. Div., August 1968 to July 1969, Quang Tri, Dong Ha, Cam Lo, Con Thein, DMZ, and with H&S 1/9th, B Co. 1/9th, or H&S Co. 3/9th Motor Transport, 1970-71. Contact: Jerry Snow, 3716 Gwynn Oak Ave., Baltimore, MD 21207; 410-542-4355.

1st Cav., Firebase Libby: seeking anyone with information or pictures. Contact: Dave Foster, 28364 Ashford Ct., Highland, CA 92346.

Would like to contact Sfc. Burns, Cpt. L. DeFrank, Jim Bouzious or anyone from Med Plt., 1/11th Inf., 1st Bde., 5th Div. (Mech.). Contact: Hugh Madden, 2136 Flintwood Dr., Colorado Springs, CO 80910.

Incarcerated Vietnam-era veteran, 1972-76, USMC, 3rd Mar. Div. would like pen pals. I have been president of Phoenix Chapter 726 for three years and am scheduled for release in 2005. Contact: Terry L. Faddis, #053061, Polk Correctional Institute, 10800 Evans Rd., Polk City, FL 33868-6944.

Searching for anyone who was attached to Co. A., 13th Sig. Bn., 1st Air Cav. Div., January 1968 to October 1968. Looking for anyone who served with "Tiny== who was KIA October 1968 when LZ Jane was overrun. Contact: Jim C. Kovach, P.O. Box 305, Granttown WV 26574; pgain68166@aol.com 

Looking for SSgt. Tony Burke, 1st Bn., 327th Inf., 101st Abn. Div. I have pictures and would like to get in touch. Contact: Steve Varoli, 3133 Berry Ave., Palm City, FL 34990; 561-287-4274.

Looking for Marines who were in 2nd Bn, Plt. 269, August to October 1965, Parris Island MCRD. The DIs were Sgt. Kent, Sgt. Thigpen, Sgt. Rash, KIA August 1968. Contact: Jimmy Hill, 301 Locust St., Hammonton, NJ 08037; 609-567-1161.

Seeking anyone who served with 9th Eng. Bn., January 1970, Vietnam, across from "Freedom Hill== construction platoon. Anyone who knew Daniel G. Lee or Cpl. Gary Tucker. Would like to know their last-known addresses. Contact: Jerry Quaranto, 412 Spring Green Rd., Warwick, RI 02888; 401-463-6917.

Americal, 198th LIB, 1st of 46th, Co. E., 1968-69. Looking for Mike Bullock, Makanda Illinois; Lonnie Good, Rose City Oregon; Woody Brice, Baltimore, Maryland; Sgt. Hollingsworth, Lt. John Love, Tennessee. Contact: John P. Smeekens, 15550 Frederick Dr., Clinton Township, MI 48038; 810-286-2304.

Looking for veterans of Recon Unit, Echo Co., 25th Div., March 1969-70. Contact: Robert L. Kyger, bskyger@zoomnet.net 

Trying to locate John Hornker, Rescue Services, Vietnam, and at NATO listening post, RAF Chicksands, Bedfordshire, UK, 1970-78. A family member is ill. Contact: David Robinson, jamie.robinson@btinternet.com 

David Tank, RTO, C/1/6 198th LIB Americal, November 1969 to November 1970 who also served at the TOC on LZ Dottie, would like to hear from buddies. He is disabled and resides at the Wisconsin Veterans Home. Contact: Bud Carlson, N3649 Oak Ridge Rd., Waupaca, WI 54981; budcarl@execpc.com 

Looking for anyone who served with F Trp., 17th Arm. Cav., LZ Hawk Hill north of Chu Lai. Contact: G. Taylor, tylrgry@cs.com 

Looking for members of MACV Advisory Team 38, Bao Loc, RVN and anyone knowing or having information on the incident in which SP5 Martin was captured and escaped from the VC. I have information concerning this incident and he is mentioned in <I>Code-Name Bright Light. Contact: Jerry Berry, currahee@lclink.com , www.currahee.org 

Looking for anyone who knew Cpl. Bill Webb, USMC. He needs proof that he injured his legs while diving in foxhole ducking incoming fire. He drove for Maj. Noble at Chu Lai. Contact: Jimmy Howell, flycacther54@hotmail.com 

Looking for Richard "Tex" from Texas panhandle. He was in Vietnam, February 1966, 4th Bn., 117th Transportation. I believe he was in charge of quarters. Contact: Clinton L. Holden, 3476 Meldonna Dr., Lot 16, Maiden, NC 28650.

Donald M. Pace needs to verify combat stressors associated with 1st MAW during Lamson 719 and Operations at Dogpatch and Da Bang, September 1970 to April 1971. Contact: James W. Stanley, Jr., Stanley Law Firm, P.A., 301 North Broadway, North Little Rock, AR 72114; 501-324-2889; 501-324-2820 (fax); JamesW.Stanley35852@aol.com 

USS Preston (DD795), USNS, San Francisco, California, February 14, 1964. Looking for GM2 O=Neill from Kentucky or Tennessee and SM Onchman from New York, who were with me when I was hit in the back by the rammer of the dummy gun mount. I am working on a service-connected disability claim. Contact: Joseph C. Gorski, 433 Mio Dr., P.O. Box 175, Mio, MI 48647; caroleg@m33access.com 

Received negative response from Board of Veterans Appeals. Served with 1st Squadron, 10th Cav., April to September 1971, and 2nd Squad, Co. B., 1st Bn., 22nd Inf., September 1971 to January 1972. Names I remember are Bros. Simon, Lee, Cortez, Holman, Brown, Cook, Gibbs, Mack, Slim, MowMow, Wilkson, Jackson, Reed, Ceo, and Doc Williams. Hope someone can help me with my claim. Contact: Michael D. Gill, 2635 S. Catalina, Apt. 3, Los Angeles, CA 90007; litoman9@postoffice.pacbell.net 

Looking for buddies who were stationed with me in Phu Loi, 1966-68, 1st Inf. Div., 1st Aviation Bn. I have a pending claim with VARO regarding exposure to Agent Orange. Contact: Francisco (Frank) Zamora, fyzamora1@aol.com 

Looking for former USMC, MCRD, Plt. 205, January 1968; N Co., 23rd ITR, MCB, Camp Pendelton; 1st FSR (Comm.), Okinawa, June 1969; 27th Mar. Comm., 1968-69; MAG-13, June 1969-70, and anyone who was in Separation Co., MCRD, June 1970. Contact: Thomas H. Jenkins, debbyrene@yahoo.com 

Trying to locate anyone who was in USC HAC Special Service, Saigon, Vietnam, or Tent City B across from 716 MP. Contact: Jerome Crockem, 313 Filmore St., Kenner, LA 70062; 504-464-9454.

High school student CAP cadet researching history project. Looking for war stories, songs, and poetry written while in country or after returning home. Please include information on how I may contact you. Contact: Beth Roxby, gypsywings103@usa.net  ; http://homepages.go.com/~weepingguitar/poetreq.html 

Need to find anyone who remembers mortar or rocket attack at Cam Ranh Bay, July-September 1971, in which the ammo dump was blown up. Need to verify for VA claim. Would like to hear from anyone who was a patient in the amnesty program, 1971. Contact: Eugene F. Tucker, 326 Hampton Ave., Calhoun Falls, SC 29628-1217.

Looking for 2nd Lt. John W. Keker, 2nd Lt. Joe Merrieux, Sgt. J.E. Ortiz, M.3/5, 1st Mar. Div. I need you guys for my citation on Operation Hastings, July 1966. I was the one who led C.W.O. Griggs with a squad to take over Keker’s platoon. I led them through enemy lines under fire. Contact: Larry Cornell, 855918, P.O. Box 1111, D-108, Carlisle, IN 47838.

Trying to locate Gregory Monell or anyone stationed with 601st Med. Co. or Det. # 1, Ft. Clayton, Canal Zone, 1962-64. Contact: Jack J. Green, 8744 16th Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11214; 718-259-5829.

Need help to verify PTSD claim. Would like to get in touch with anyone who worked at morgue or flight line at Tan Son Nhut AFB, 1970-71, who can verify that pallets of body bags were shipped by plane to and from Tan Son Nhut. Contact: Eugene F. Tucker, 326 Hampton Ave., Calhoun Falls, SC 26928-1217.

Looking for anyone who served in Vietnam, 1968-69. I served with 90th Replacement Center, February-March 1968-69 during Tet. There was a firefight all around Long Binh and many soldiers were killed and I am trying to find out their names. Contact: Ofes Forman, Jr., P.O. Box 232, Cropwell, AL 35054; 205-338-1863.

Looking for all drivers, mechanics, clerks, cooks, and officers who served with 538th or 47th Trans. Co., Long Binh, Towker Valley. I was a cook. Currently incarcerated and hope to be out in 2001. Hope to get us all together for a reunion. All eras are welcome. Contact: Wilbert (Wil) Sheeler, 220-261, 18701 Roxbury Rd., Hagerstown, MD 21746-9555.

Looking for shipmates who served on the USS Lenawee APA-195, Vietnam. We are hoping to add your names to our list for our next reunion. Contact: Jean-Arthur Wypler, 40 Taylor Dr., W. Caldwell, NJ 07006.

Looking for men who served with 20th Bdge., 523rd Eng. (P.C>) on the 1890 pile-driving barge. We get together every September in Indiana. Want to hear from you Mac Watson, Jim Black, Tom Kelly. Contact: Bill Moyse, 32 Clinton St., Delhi, NY 13753; 607-746-4392; moysebf@delhi.edu 

Looking for anyone who served with 548th Light Maint. Co.(DS), Phu Loi, during the December 26, 1966, mortar attack. Especially Spec5 Martin Dean who was wounded. Need information for PTSD claim. Contact: John T. Rose, 146 7th St., P.O. Box 379, Verplanck, NY 10596; 914-737-0074.

I would like to hear from anyone who served with me in Co. A, 2nd Bn., 22nd Inf., 4th Inf. Div., Pleiku. Need help in action of Tri Bi. I have loss of memory. Contact: Robert M. Lee, 9 Gilson Terr., Somerville, MA 02143.

Looking for anyone who served with me in HHC 299 SPT. Bn., 1st IDF, 1986-88, Geoppengen, West Germany, and 4th MMC, 13th COSCOM, Ft. Hood, Texas, 1989-92. Contact: Thomas R. Walker, 11180 Paducah Ave., El Paso, TX 79936; 915-590-2309.

Wish to contact personnel from USS McKean. The ship provided gunfire support to the My Trang Outpost (Quang Ngai Province) on December 14, 1965, and was instrumental in saving the outpost. Contact: James E. Hoeh, 3027 Queen City Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45238; 513-481-4045.

I am trying to find fellow U.S. Navy vets from the USS Perkins DD 877, 1964-66. Anthony Flowers, Jimmy McCoy, Albert Jones, Theodore Ziggler, Joe Powell, James "Smitty" Smith. Contact: H. Barry Foster, 1169 University Dr., Pontiac, MI 48342; 248-475-1169; 248-370-8889.

Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Sgt. Keith Lynn Tobin, USMC, last-known durty station Cherry Point, North Carolina. Also, Jim "Kimo" Wheatley, Cleveland, Ohio; Bob Cardoso, Newark, New Jersey. We were all together at Marine barracks, Pearl Harbor, 1964-66. Contact: Jerry Maday, 432 Loma Linda, North Port, FL 34287; 914-423-6351.

Looking for anyone who served in 506th Inf. Regiment. Contact: Hoyt B. Moore, III, 4126 Cole Wy., San Diego, CA 92117; 858-274-4317; TheMOEA1506@msn.com 

Looking for anyone who was with C Btry., 2/20th ARA, 1st Air Cav., 1968-69, Camp Evans, then moved to Vietnam. I was in charge of avionics. Contact: Albert Miles, 1578 Rolling Acres Rd., Emporia, VA 23847; 804-634-9216.

Would like to locate Capt. Boggard (Chaplain) and Dr. Walker, Wurtsmith AFB, 1966-69. Would also like to hear from anyone who was with me in Danang, April 1965 to Easter 1966. Contact: Boyd L. Blair, 18752 Big Valley Dr., Clarmore, OK 74107; 918-343-8936.

2/501st, 101st Abn., Div., 1970-71. Have been in prison since 1981 and would like pen pals. Contact: Jim Stevenson, 133217, 16770 Water Tower Dr., Kincheloe, MI 49788.

Trying to locate the pilot of a Cobra gunship named "Scarface." Our Plt. Fox 2/7, Vietnam, 1970-71, was pinned down for six hours in a rice paddy by an NVA ambush. I was wounded and I pointed out NVA position in the hooch across the rice paddy. Contact: F.S. Kelly, 2042 Bridge St., Philadelphia, PA 19124; 215-533-2142.

I am interested in contacting any officers who served with USNMCB-5, 1967-69. Contact: Robert Duff, P.O. Box 91, Chavies, KY 41727.

Looking for buddies who served with Co. A, 2nd Bn., 28th Inf. Div., Big Red One "Black Lions" working out of Base Camp Lai Khe, Vietnam, 1968-69. I was in 3rd Plt., 2nd Sqd. and carried the M-79. Contact: John (Mack) McNamara, 37 McIntyre St., Yonkers, NY 10708; 914-337-2850.

Looking for anyone who was at Red Beach, 9th Mar., May to September 1966. I was in a rifle company under Maj. Jon Fisher. We were from different units; I was from Bulk Fuel Co. Contact: George Clements, 7 Heather Sq., Middletown, CT 06457; 860-635-1609; gclem47615@aol.com 

Looking for Peter Cimaszewski, 4th and 9th Div., 1967. I was captured in Vietnam and spend 2,064 days in Cambodia and North Vietnam. He went home to console my family, and we lost track of each other after I returned home. Contact: Richard Perricone, 10 Russell Ridge Rd., E. Stroudsburg, PA 18301.

Interested in corresponding with parents of Vietnam veterans who were killed in Vietnam. I am writing a book in tribute to these men and women. Contact: Linda Jenkin Costanzo, P.O. Box 92, Clarence Center, New York 14032.

Seeking 8mm/Super 8/home movie footage from Vietnam for a PBS documentary on letters home from American soldiers from the Revolutionary to Gulf wars. Contact: Melissa Adelson, Robert Kenner Films, 650 N. Bronson Ave., #138, Los Angeles, CA 90004; 323-460-6486 (phone); 323-462-7686 (fax).

I am from Australia and I have an American helmet that I would like to return to its owner. On the front of the helmet is the name Daily or Dailey. It also has the nickname "Tennessee Terror" and Danang 69-70 and a very faint peace symbol painted on it. Contact: Billy Sherman, 0061-898-634-032; billboy@comswest.net.au 

Looking for anyone who has served, or knows someone who has served, in 734th, Co. A. Railway Bn.. Contact: Dill4444@aol.com 

Seeking all Charlie, Delta, and H&S 1/4/3 graunts, and LZ Loon Marines and Corpsmen, an RVN battle on June 5-6, 1968. We have a new home at www.geocities.com/Pentagon/Barracks/2230 and invite all to visit and sign in. Particularly seeking Capt. Negron’s radioman, Terry Tiller, S/Sgt. James Thorton, Sgt. Ray Monroe, George Ziess, Dwayne Slate, Claybie Edmond, John Pirkle, and Larry Schneider. Contact: Dan Burton, dburton1@prodigy.net 

I am looking for my uncle, Charles Jones. He was hurt in Vietnam. I do not know which branch or the dates he served (1967-70?), but he lost a limb (a leg, I think) and lived in Chicago. Contact: Shavon Harp, svaon@as.net 

Looking for old friends fro. 805th Trans. Co., Bung Tau, Vietnam, 1968-69. Steve Cotton, Gary Hansen, Jim Arnott, Joe Ackerman, Merl Queens, Mike Washington-Johnson, or anyone who served during that time. Contact: Ron Davis, ronjdavis@prodigy.net 

Served with Charlie Co., 4th Plt., 1st Tank Bn., 1st Mar. Div., 1967-68. We hung around Phu Loc 6 and An Hoa, Hills 10, 37, and 55. Any of you tankers still around? Gunny Longdecker, Doug Ewers, Scherer, MacIntire from New York, Carey, Stuby. Contact: Bill Montney, bilmont@dundee.net 

Looking for Army friend, Lindell R. Murphy, who served in Vietnam. The only information I have is his name, rank, and MOS (E-5, 62E20). Contact: Steven Gardner, sgardner@essex1.com 

Looking for Army friends, 54th Sig. Bn., Camp McDermott, Nha Trang, Vietnam. Contact: Joseph P. Morales, 1411 Spaulding, Alton, IL 62002; vato14111@aol.com 

Looking for anyone who knew Dorris Trainer, Hopkinsville, Kentucy. He was killed March 18, 1970, and was a member of Co. A., 1st Bn., 8th Cav., 1st Cav. Div. Contact: Bobby Joiner, willyj@commandnet.net 

Ho Ngoc Hoa is looking for members of various American units: Capt. Wood, C.O. ACO, 1st Cav., 1968; Lt. Ingersol and Hendrickson; Maj. Erway and Col Finley, 1972, Nha Trang NCO Academy; anyone from 545 MP Co., Camp Phuoc Ninh, 1970. Contact: Da Lu, dlu@osius.com 

Looking for anyone who served with Heavy Mortar Plt., 1/7th Arty., 1st Inf. Div., Phu Loi, Vietnam, April to June 1969. Bill Boyette, Gary Acosta, harry Brown, Steven Fortney, Sgt. Rock. Contact: Caster, johnstondebbie@email.msn.com 

Need a testimonial from a unit member of Co. A, 1st Bn., 12th Cav., 1st Army for upgrade of a medal received by a constituent’s son, KIA, Vietnam, May 13, 1970. Contact: Alan Smith, U.S. Rep. Mike Doyle’s Veteran Liaison, 412-241-6055, alan.smith@mail.house.gov 

Looking for Neese-Trudeau, Renecke, O’Brian, Woody, or anyone else with Co. A, 2nd Plt., 2nd/2nd, 1st Inf., Lai Khe, Vietnam, 1966-67. I am currently incarcerated. Contact: Alven A.G. Hope, 07724402, 2605 State St., Salem OR 97310.

Looking to correspond with anyone who was in Ft. Jackson, South Carolina, Co. A-14-4 who went through the food service course, Cook School, January to March 1969. Especially, Pvt. Cullen, New York and Paul DiBiaso. Contact: George Gatcomb, Maine State Prison, Box A, Thomaston, ME 04861.

Looking for any members of the 11th ACR LRRP Plt. (Provisional), 1966, Bien Hoa, who has a photo of the platoon at Camp Evans with C Trp., 3rd Squadron, 5th Cav., 1971. I am in need of corroboration of action in which I was wounded outside Camp Evans on September 21, 1971. Looking for my RTO or others who were in the platoon and were involved in the firefight in which the lieutenant was also hit. Contact: Michael D. McDaniel, 655953 Eastham, P.O. Box 16, Lovelady, TX 75851-0016.

Looking for anyone who may know the whereabouts of Ray C. Moore, Santa Ana, California, who served in Swinefurt, Germany, 3rd of the 7th Cav., 1963-65. Contact: William (B.J.) Bjerke, 2808 Fannin, La Marque, TX 77568; 409-935-1263.

Vietnam, 1969, Tunnel Rat, USMC "Underdog," 1st Bn., 26th Mar. Seeking anyone who remembers me. Also asking all vets to check out my web site www.inmate.com  Contact: Burl Bilyeu, D46650, P.O. Box 409000, Ione, CA 95640; burlb@inmate.com 

Incarcerated Army veteran, 1967-70, honorable discharge, served at Ft. Dix; Camp Casey, Korea; and Ft. Meade, Maryland. Sentenced for nonviolent crime, but unable to afford a lawyer. Looking to hear from anyone who would enjoy helping me prevent anymore lonely holidays. Contact: Michael S. Sayko, 280392, 18701 Roxbury Rd., Hagerstown, MD 21746-9555.

I would like information on whereabouts of Capt. Edmond B. Taylor, Vietnam, 1972. Contact: Dominic Vassalle, 22968 Co Rd. 226, Fostoria, OH 44830.

Congressional Investigation: Seeking Army and Air Force veterans and civilian contractor personnel (Holmes-Narver, etc.) who served on Johnston Atoll-Pacific during the Agent Orange storage years (1972-79) or the asbestos removal from the barracks ceilings, 1975-76. Contact: Neil C. Hamilton, 623-878-4286; USCoastGuard@webtv.net 

Looking for anyone who served on the USS Ozbourn (DD-846), Gulf of Tonkin, August 1964 to December 1965, Operation "In Country" III and IV Corps, South Vietnam. Anyone with knowledge of an entire helicopter crew being shot up and only the co-pilot survived. Contact: Dennis McKelvy, 272368, P.O. Box 32, Huntsville, TX 77348-0032.

Looking for Walter C. Pittman, USMC boot camp, August 1966, San Diego, California. He was named after his dad and was commander of the USS Kitty Hawk. Contact: Gary, glchris@home.com 

Looking for Wallace Wayne Woodard, who left Vietnam July 1972 and was stationed at Minot AFB, North Dakota, until he was discharged in 1974. Contact: Roy Lang, RoyKatlang@cs.com 

Trying to locate Robert Clark who ETSed from Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, November 1971. Contact: Bettie Williams, bettiew@hotmail.com 

Looking for anyone who served with VA-146, 1969-72 on the USS America and USS Connie. Especially John Nagle, Darryl Ulberg, Keith Ava, and anyone from the line division. Contact: fatcat146@aol.com 

Would like to locate Lawrence Stark who was a Navy civilian in Vietnam, captured, held as a POW, and released in Operation Homecoming. Would like to hear his story and return his POW bracelet. Contact: Elizabeth Copeland, 530 Schoolhouse Ln., Willow Grove, PA 19090; eliza530@aol.com 

Searching for anyone who served with or might have known my dad, Adrian Edward "Eddie" Sigler, Trp. A, 1st Squadron, 4th Cav. His captain was Frederick W. Shirley and the chaplain was Capt. Judson P. Nelson. He died when his tank was blown up while guarding a water treatment plant at Thu Duc. Contact: Pam, blackwel@logantele.com 

Searching for Marines, Co. C, 1st Bn., 4th Mar., 3rd Mar. Div., 1967-69, who served with Capt. Bill Negron. Particularly searching for survivors of LZ Loon battle, June 1968. Would like to have a reunion to honor dead and celebrate the living. Contact: Dan Burton, dburton1@prodigy.net 

Looking for Jerry McClelland, who might have died in Vietnam or the United States. Contact: Bill, hanstad@rosenet.net 

Trying to locate Dennis Solice, 25th Admin. Co., 25th Div., Hawaii, 1965. Contact: Ray Pollok, 310-332-5152, pollora@mail.northgrum.com; Ray.MaryAlice@usa.net 

Looking for friends who served in 1st Aviation Bde., 1967-68. Contact: Jim Mercer, jbird1968@aol.com 

Naval support activity, Danang detachment, Sa Huynh. Anyone who served at "Gilligan’s Island," 1969, especially Radioman. Contact: Philip S. Watson, 7502 Greenville Ave., Suite 250, Dallas, TX 75231; 214-361-7782 (phone); 214-361-7833 (fax); pwatson@wagner-co.com 

121st Aviation Assault Unit, 1st Bde., March to August 1970. Looking for Mac or Nellie Sloan to verify Huey crash in early August 1970 or anyone who served with outfit during this time. Contact: Jim Riesenberg, Veterans Service Officer, Courthouse, 615 N. 6th St., Sheboygan, WI 53081-4692; 920-459-3054; riesejrr@co.sheboygan.wi.us 

Looking for Sgt. Chris Brown, 1968-70. His office was Room 65, Dong Du Base Camp, 25th Div. Headquarters of the South Vietnamese Army, Cu Chi District, Gia Dinh Province before 1975 or Cu Chi District, Ho Chi Minh City after 1975. He left at the end of 1970. Contact: Thelbert Childers, 214-522-8357; thelchil@concentric.net 

I was an infantry platoon leader with Co. B, 2nd Plt., 1/2nd Bn. of 1st Inf. Div., mid-September 1969 to end of March 1970 when the division was withdrawn. I spent last five months assigned to the S-2 of the 199th Light Inf. Bde. I was there when Gen. Bond was killed. Contact: Dave Hollar; 202-501-2620; gsauser@prc.com 

Trying to locate Paul Bernard Hambor, originally from Ohio. He enlisted from 1955-58, 11th Abn., Med. Co., 503rd Reg. Contact: Jim Gerlack, cgerlack5@aol.com 

Searching for anyone who served with me, May 1968 to June 1969, Batt. B, 1st Bn., 27th Arty., 13A10 Heavy Field Arty. (Gun Section Chief). Our unit specialized in heavy field artillery and worked alongside 12 of the 13 major infantry units. I would also like to find any of my brothers who trained with me at Ft. Knox, Ft. Sill, and Ft. Lewis. Contact: Don C. Locke, Jr., dctl@eohio.net 

Trying to locate information on James Moser who died in the war in 1968. Contact: Patty Moser-Kortan, pdek@hotmail.com 

Searching from Roosevelt Black, Pensacola, Florida; Johnny Spurlock from Houston; Thomas Young, Ernest Glenn, Ronald Beasley, Ronald Arcenaux, "Boone" Jordan, John Slaughter, Los Angeles; Bernard Johnson, Chicago; Stewart Faulkner, George Hankins, New York. Contact: David Lee Wright, res02jug@gte.net 

Were you or anyone you know in U.S. Army 18th Eng. Bde., 347th Eng. Svc. Reg.? All units, all eras. Contact: James W. Szabo, Sr., 2115 Presidential Pkwy. B7, Twinsburg, OH 44087-1697; 330-963-0234; engr18thbde@yahoo.com 

Desperately searching for Charles Aylesworth, John Stevens, James Barr, Arthur White, Vern Trulson, Glen Peterson, Robert Johnson of Supply Dept. Headquarters, Marine Wing Service Grp. 37, 3rd MAW, El Toro. Need their help to recreate missing Marine Corps medical records for the accident where I went through the windshield and had half my nose torn off and tons of glass in my head, along with other injuries. Contact: Richard W. Palmer, 1207 Tayloe Ave., Sonora, TX 76905; 915-387-2855; schs@sonoratx.net 

Searching for Vietnam vet Cpt. Douglas S. Mulligan, 1966-68, Danang, formerly of Warwick, Rhode Island. He would be 55 years old. Contact: Charlene Yost, cyost@lifespan.org 

Trying to help Duke Kraai find Donald L. "Red" Boblitt, HHB, 1st Bn., 44th Arty., 1969-70, Dong Ha or Quang Tri. Contact: Ralph S. Farese, fcat@hsnp.com 

Trying to help Jack Whitmire, 2nd-35th Co., 3rd Bgde., 25th Inf., Central Highlands, Pleiku City, Vietnam, 1966-67. He is trying to track down a picture taken of him holding 20- foot-long King Cobra. He is now on oxygen 24-7, and we really do not know how long he has. This picture means a lot to him. Contact: Henry Sargent, 916-641-7716; hsargent2@juno.com 

My neighbor passed away, and we need to locate her stepson. I know he went into the service in 1965 (USMC) and at one point was doing Embassy duty in Tokyo. Contact: Edmund R. Cournoyer, Jr., Ecourn7752@aol.com 

I am trying to locate an old friend, Ronald Johnston, who served in the Marines, Vietnam, 1966 or 1967. When he was injured he was stationed at the Philadelphia Naval Hospital, late 1967 through spring 1968. He was originally from the Pittsburgh area around Beaver Falls. Contact: jsjgcg@aol.com 

Trying to locate a very close friend, Henry Arthur Carey, who is a Vietnam veteran and originally from Portland, Oregon. Contact: Priscilla Storandt, sogenji@po.harenet.ne.jp 

Want to hear from any Marines who were with the 2nd Bn., 3rd Mar. E, F, G, H, and H&S Co., Dai Loc, Vietnam, in old French fort on the river and Hills 55 and 65 and who were on Operations Alleghany and Kern, August 1966. Contact: Jimmy Hill, 301 Locust St., Hammonton, NJ 08037; 609-567-1161.

Looking for anyone who served with Co. C, 2nd Bn., 7th Cav., December 1965-66. Contact: Jack Sports, requestfc@hotmail.com 

Trying to locate Harold Bernard Nelson, former U.S. Marine, GYSgt., sometimes called "Hey Harry," from Manhattan. His hanging buddies were Jimmy Barleston, USMC, and Joe Lopez, Quantico, Virginia, 1964-65, and his main hang out was NCO Club, Marine Corps Base, Quantico, Virginia. Contact: Joan A. Parker, 5400 Mistyhill Rd., Richmond, VA 23234; jparker@dscr.dla.mil 

Attorney/legal help wanted: Vietnam-era veteran needs attorney (on contingency) basis in Denver to have criminal conviction overturned because judge knew juror lied under questioning to convict me to keep me from presenting reverse discrimination complaint for federal job. Contact: Ron Schroeder, 5303 Pacific Hwy. East, PMB #191, Fife, WA 98424-2601.

Attention, Jim Hallock, whose ad in the Oct./Nov. VVA Veteran mentioned looking for fellow members of Fox 2/5 during his time in Vietnam. I tried to contact you, but the message came back as undeliverable. I am the locator for the Fox 2/5 Association, which has a membership of over 450. Contact: Chris Brown, 9 Alister Cir., E. Northport, NY 11731; 631-499-8739; cbrown@bis-ny.com 


E-mail us at TheVeteran@vva.org


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