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October 2000/November 2000


A VVA Staff Report

VVA does not guarantee the accuracy of any information, not does VVA endorse any group, individual, or cause cited here in.

Third of 8th, 4th Inf. Div., Charlie Co., 1967-68. Victor Coronado, Isidor Gatello (Peoria), Richardo (Speedy) Gonzales, Richard (Fluff) Ulmschneider (Pompano Beach, Florida). Contact: William F. McBride, 405 Pudding Ridge Rd., Mocksville, NC 27208; 336-998-3419.

Looking for a tape titled "Con Tien--The Road to Khe-Sanh". Will pay top dollar for a copy. I was at both, already have tapes of Khe Sanh. Contact: Charles McCubbin, 157 Tiki Terr., Hiawatha, IA 52233; 319-378-0882; emccubbin@uswest.net 

Seeking anyone who served with 3rd Arm. Div. who remembers serving with the first female ambulance driver from 45th Med. Bn., Co. D, Hanau, Germany, supporting units in Graff, Hoensfeld, Kirchgeons, Friedburg, or 97th General Hospital (TDY), October to December 1975. I served from May 1974 to January 1976. Need help with PTSD claim. Also looking for Ricky Marrs, Nebraska, Maj. George T. Bell, BT, Sgt. Bennett, 1st Sgt. Herbert Smith. Contact: Marva (Harvey) Crandall, 409 S. Melvin St., Gibson City, IL 60936; 217-784-5681.

Trying to find anyone who was stationed on Whiskey Mountain near Phan Theit, May 1970 to March 1971. I was with the 73rd Eng. Contact: Jerome H. Lohman, 2804 Cactus Dr., Rapid City, SD 57703; 605-342-4383.

I am trying to file a claim for a fractured neck. Will anyone attached to the 28th TAC Sqdrn. or the 4035 Mats Hospital, Ellsworth AFB, 1955-1957. Contact: Ted Sprouse, SRMVC 1201 E. Ninth St., Bonham, TX 75418; 903-583-6332.

I need to know the names of anyone killed February 1968 at Long Binh, 90th Replacement Ctr. I cannot remember the names, but there was a firefight and GIs were killed. Also, there were Marines killed at Wond Beach, 1968. I was running convoy to Hill 881, 1968, or Khe Sahn. The 1st and 5th Cav. lost GIs and also the Marines were pulling out of the area and the 363rd Trans. was moving them out. I was a truck driver and need names for claim. Contact: Ofes Forman, Jr., P.O. Box 232, Cropwell, AL 35054; 205-338-1863.

Seeking to locate Don White of West Virginia or anyone who served with me in Dong Ha or Khe Sanh prior to being overrun, 1967, with CO, 3rd Eng. Bn. Contact: Laurence Paul, 48 Deerwood Ct. SW., Cedar Rapids, IA 52404; 319-363-0702.

Trying to locate friends from 1st Cav., Co. A, 2/5th, February 1969-70. Tay Ninh, Song Bey, Puch Vinh, Grunts, LZ Jess, Ike, Mary, Rita, Barbara. Contact: Joseph "Philly Joe" Lankelis, 12531 Biscayne Dr., Philadelphia, PA 19154; 215-824-2292; m16joe@aol.com 

3rd Bn., 9th Mar., 1966-67. "Kraut" is looking for all to discuss health issues and possible get-together. Contact: Gerd (Gary) Geiger, 1070 Lorraine Dr., Franklin Square, NY 11010; gpgeiger@optonline.net 

Looking for veterans who served with the First Field Forces, Vietnam, and are interested in forming a First Field Forces Association. Contact: Charles Maldonado, 8428 Cactus Creek, San Antonio, TX 78251-1826; 210-681-0132.

Looking for Marines who were in Dong Ha and Quang Tri, April 1968 to November 1969. Attached to 3rd Mar. Div., FLSG-Bravo, Co. H. Anyone who knew Richard Eugene Turner (KIA), he was the driver for the assistant commander. Contact: Ronnie Plotner, 31805 Hwy. 79 South, PMB 332, Temecula, CA 92592-3903; 909-506-1595; messiah@dconn.com 

I was with 173rd Abn., Co. C, LZ English, Bon Zon, 1968-69. I would like to hear from those who truly oppose injustice. I have no family, I am 54 years old and have been incarcerated for the last 26 years. There is no parole for anyone with a life sentence in Pennsylvania. I will write to everyone who writes to me. Contact: William Gravely, AF-9393, P.O. Box 244, Graterford, PA 19426.

284th M.P. Co. Would like to correspond with anyone who knew my son, SP4 Dennis H. Herrick, who died August 14, 1970. Contact: Loren A. Herrick, 5332 N. Michigan, Kansas City, MO 64118; 816-452-1537.

Incarcerated--looking for pen pals. Very lonesome without contact with the free world. Will answer all. Also looking for anyone who served with Gaetan Jean Guy Beaudoin. Contact: David Beaudoin, #51893, P.O. Box 7000-NNCC, Carson City, NV 89702.

Kilo Co., 3/9, 3rd Mar. Div. Would like to hear from Corpsman "Fitsy" Fitsimmons, wounded March 7 or 8, 1969, in the A Shau. Helped carry him to medevac. Contact: Adam "Wally" Mackow, 25 Abrams Rd., Milford, NJ 08848; 908-995-9191; 908-730-2930.

Trying to locate members of Metro Unit, HQ. Btry., 6th Bn., 32nd F.A. assigned B Btry. on hill north of Nah Trang, March 1967-68. Getting tired of one-man reunions. Contact: Bruce Gaines, P.O. Box 126, Aquilla, TX 76622; 254-694-3195.

Looking for anyone who served with me in 3rd Med., 3rd Mar. Div., 1969, Quang Tri. Buddah, Hawg, Arizona, Wally, are you out there? I want to hear from you. Contact: Bob "Pigpen" Penn, 5130 Ramillie Run, Winston-Salem, NC 27106; 336-924-0610.

Looking for my buddies who served at Tan Son Nhut, 1967-68, with the 19th Air Cmd. Sqd., later changed to 19th Special Ops. Sqd., located by chopper pad in front of Camp Alpha, U.S. Army. Russell W. Reid; Dennis J. Brabham, Kentucky; Samuel L. Cartell, Ohio; Harley L. Mitchem, Louisiana. I am the one who captured VC sniper on the flightline. Contact: James H. "Red" Cathey, P.O. Box 396, Ryan, OK 73565; 580-757-2651.

Seeking any Army, Air Force, or Navy men who served with Tri-Service ATCO, Tan Son Nhut Airbase, R.V.N., September 1968 to December 1969. I need help in recalling the past. Contact: Dan Green, 2215 S. Chase, Apt. 4, Port Angeles, WA 98362; 360-452-6733.

Trying to locate a former Army friend and buddy, David Leroy Taylor, Jr.. He was in the Airborne or 1st Cav., Vietnam, September 1966-67. He was stationed at Fort Dix, New Jersey, in August 1966. His last base was Fort Bragg, North Carolina, October or November 1967. He also went to jump school at Fort Benning, Georgia. Contact: Bevette (Bev) Malone, P.O. Box 700220, Saint Cloud, FL 34770.

My father, Adrian Edward Sigler, was killed in Vietnam three weeks before I was born. He was in Trp. A, 1st Squadron, 4th Cav. Armored and died when his tank was blown up while guarding a water treatment plant at Thu Duc outside of Saigon on February 19, 1968. I am looking for anyone who might have known him. His captain’s name was Frederick W. Shirley and the chaplan was Capt. Judson P. Nelson. Contact: blackwel@logantele.com 

In the late 1960s I corresponded with a soldier named Michael Smalley. He wrote letters from Vietnam and after awhile we lost touch. At the time that I wrote to him I lived in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada, and my name was Brenda Mason. Contact: Brenda Parks, banjo@mergetel.com 

I am trying to locate two veterans, Jack G. Bettis, Jr., and James E. Vincent, for my cousin who collects Randall knives from the Vietnam era. He likes to have as much documentation as possible, and any history of the pieces from the original owners makes it just that much more enjoyable for him. Contact: Leta Arnold, dolldemon@webtv.net 

I am seeking the next of kin of a Special Awards Company in Kontum Province, January-March 1967. This company was made up of men drawn from units in the 4th Inf. Div. with headquarters in Pleiku, S. Vietnam. It was called The Special Guards Company or Special Task Unit and was dispersed at the end of March 1967. They were assigned to guard a special Quonset hut, assigned to II Corps, that was heavily barricaded. I am seeking especially those next of kin who claim to have had their spouses murdered by agents of the CIA. Contact: Richard W. Malak, 815-432-4545 (fax).

Trying to reach anybody who served with me in Vietnam, 101st Abn., 71-51st Inf., 1972. I am desperate to reach my CO, Capt. James A. Minor, Jr., 51st Inf. I do not have much time left. Contact: Gary K. "Cose" Coseboam, 3213 Foxchase Rd., Midlothian, VA 23112; 804-744-9013.

I would like to hear from anyone who was in Ber Tre or Dong Tam with C Btry., 1/84th Arty., 9th Div., 1968-69. I would like to set up a reunion. Contact: Denis B. Backus, 1014 Old River Rd., White River Jct., VT 05001.

Incarcerated Navy veteran, former associate member of Phoenix Chapter 726, Polk Correctional Institute. Wishing to correspond with anyone willing to write. Incarcerated since 1994 and out in 2004. I am looking forward to rejoining AVVA and helping incarcerated chapters within the state of Florida. Contact: Craig Colbert, 756382, Mail No. 1149, Hardee Correctional Institute, 6901 St. Rd 62, Bowling Green, FL 33834-8967.

I am searching for a buddy who served in 198th Americal Div. Inf. to verify our unit ambushes, rocket and mortar attacks, and severely wounded or killed by Viet Cong, 1969-70. Served in Phu Bai, Chu Lai. I was the only Guamaian in the unit area operation. Contact: Manny P. Ignacio, P.O. Box 217910 G.M.F., Barrigada, Guam 96921; 671-637-2669.

Want to hear from any Marines who were with the 2nd Bn., 3rd Mar. who were based in Dai Loc, Vietnam, Hill 27 and Hill 65 in the old French fort on the river, July 1966. Also those who were in Operations Alleghany and Kern, August to October 1966. Contact: Jimmy Hill, 301 Locust St., Hammonton, NJ 08037; 609-567-1161.

Incarcerated veteran served six years in the Marine Corps, 1968-69 was in country. Wounded in action on last tour of duty. Was with the 2nd Bn., 5th Mar. Div., Charlie Co. Would like to correspond or hear from anyone who would like to lift a brother-in-arms’ spirit. Contact: Charlie D. Taylor, 42185, Missouri Eastern Correctional Center 2C-12, 18701 Old Hwy. 66, Pacific, MO 63069-9799.

U.S. Army veteran, 1971-75, looking for an attorney who is a veteran in North Carolina to offer some legal advice, maybe some case law. I am going to file a Motion for Appropriate Relief in Superior Court to show the charge should be second degree, need help in preparing motion. Have been in prison for over 18 years and cannot afford legal help and cannot get help from legal groups. Contact: John Beal, Avery Mitchell Correctional Institute, P.O. Box 608, Spruce Pine, NC 28777-0608.

7th Med. Bn., 7th Inf. Div., Ft. Ord, California, 1976-77. I would like to hear from Gail MacDonald, Evon Bond, Reginald James, "Big Will" Williams, "Little Bit," John Dakers, Stanley Bunn, Janet. Contact: Daniel McKinney, P.O. Box 4501-358931, Lima OH 45802.

I am trying to contact anyone who served in Tan Son Nhut and Saigon, October 1962 to July 1963, or anyone who participated in Operation Hunt for Tiger or remembers Buddhist monk burning himself to death in Saigon. Contact: Robert Schear, c/o Vietnam Veterans of America, Attn: Frank Tobani, Veteran Service Rep., P.O. Box 412, Hicksville, NY 11802; 516-935-6858.

I am trying to locate anyone who served in Co. C, 86th Eng. Bn., (CBT)(A), Lai Khe, Ben Luc, Dong Tam, September 1966-67. Especially Joseph Marrotte, Ralph McKinley, Marquez, Fischetti, Michael Medina, Green, Abernathy, DeLaney. Contact: Dale M. Bonner, P.O. Box 53, Hamilton, WA 98255; 360-826-4122.

Trying to locate Jerry (Steve) Medley. Served with the 120th Avn. Co., Vietnam, 1964-65. Hometown was Covington or Newport, Kentucky. Contact: Bob Gilman, 2540 Oak St., Franklin Park, IL 60131; 847-455-6977.

Looking to hear from BMs and RMs who served on USS Lynde McCormick, 1985-87, at NAVSTA 32nd St., San Diego. Bosselman, Gentile, "Coffee Freak" Davis, Masterson, "Clinton Bee" Jiles, you still around? Also would like to hear from other PACFLTCOM BMs/RMs to trade radop/chipper stories with. Contact: Nile Kelly, ASPC Cook/Eyman, P.O. Box 3200, Florence, AZ 85232.

Trying to locate Sgt. Jim Worth, USA, RVN, 1969-70, Purple Heart recipient, Earl L. Smith, and Jack Holsten, Jr. Contact: Jim Barker, 4941 Dickinson Dr., San Jose, CA 95111; 408-226-9938.

I am trying to locate any buddies who served with me in Vietnam, Dong Tam, Tam An, 1968-70, 20th 93rd Eng. Bgde., Co. C. Names that I remember are Kurt Perez, New Jersey; Skinner; Randall; Greenhorn; Sgt. Midget; Boise; Lt. Kutz Garciz; Sgt. Jackson. Contact: Manuel G. Pena, 28466 Palm Ct. Dr., Harlingen, TX 78552; 956-412-9424.

I am looking for Al Ritter, Ski, Keith, and Jim Moore who served with "Cockeyes," H&MS16/MAG16, Marble Mountain, Vietnam, 1970-71. Contact: Craig Couturier, 121 N. West St., Bainbridge, GA 31717, 912-248-2663.

I need help with PTSD claim, July 1970-71. Would like to contact anyone who was in the 524 QM, Cam Ranh Bay. Contact: Theodis Hawkins, 121 Goodyear Ave., Buffalo, NY 14212.

Seeking any Navy or Marine veteran who knows about "Slider Murders" at Balboa Naval Hospital, 1966-68, where Marine orderlies suffocated elderly fellow veterans in hospital recovery ward. Contact: Gary Triz, 64 Johnson Ck. Rd., Sequim, WA 98382; 360-683-4929.

1st Mar. Div. combat correspondents, 1966-68, the Snuffies, seeking James E. Hardy, Phil Hamer, Frank Wiley, Rick Lavers, Tim Godfrey, Kerry Hunter, and others. Reunion November 10-12. Contact: Bob Bayer, 24013 Kirkcadly Cr., West Hills CA 91307; 818-992-0941.

Looking for anyone who served in 1st of 26th Inf., 1967. Contact: James Pope, popejoyk@aol.com 

Looking for anyone who served in Vung Ro Bay, Vietnam. Contact: Frank Golomb, eandg924@aol.com  or Steve Leuty, candp@discover.net 

Seeking SP4 Robert D. Creech, 222nd PSC, Long Binh. Need to substantiate VA claim that he witnessed in line at Finance, Long Binh, February 11, 1968, during Tet when ammo dump was struck. His last duty station was Ft. Bragg ETS, late 1969. He was from Dunn/Benson, North Carolina. Contact: Harvey Warshawsky, 4632 Marine Parkway, New Port Richey, FL 34652; sgtnam67@aol.com 

Australian Cpl. E.C. (Ned) Miller, attached to 222nd Assault Helicopter Bn., 1968-69, is looking for anyone who can verify that he hurt his back in a helicopter crash or anyone who has knowledge of this crash. Contact: Don Handley, huskyrslsb@shoal.net.au  or bears@shoal.net.au 

I last saw Bob when he was transporting helicopters from the East Coast through Ft. Sill to the west. He was from Arkansas and should have retired, probably as a captain. Contact: William D. "Buzz" Sawyer, 4722 NE MacArthur Cr., Lawton, OK 73507; 580-357-5592; buzzsasawyer@aol.com 

I am trying to locate John Lawrence, who should have retired from the USA. I last saw John at Ft. Monroe, Virginia, in early 1970s where he was a recruiter. Contact: William D. "Buzz" Sawyer, 4722 NE MacArthur Cr., Lawton, OK 73507; 580-357-5592; buzzsasawyer@aol.com 

I am searching for my U.S. Army comrades who served with me in Vietnam, 1969, Charlie Co., 2nd of the 7th, 1st Air Cav. We were stationed at Base Camp Quan Loi. Contact: William "Bill" Wymer, P.O. Box 341, East Bank, WV 25067; 304-595-5961; stix49@aol.com 

Need assistance in locating SSgt. Peter Blair. He served in Chu Lai, Vietnam, 1966, and was raised in Pensacola, Florida. I am a freelance writer. An article was written about Mr. Blair, and I would like to forward the article to him prior to publication, if possible. Contact: Frances Catania, c/o Venezia, 5517 Sardinia St., Coral Gables, FL 33146; 305-446-8028 (phone); 305-446-8374 (fax).

Searching for buddies of my stepfather, Capt. Mitchell O’Neel, 1st Inf., Vietnam. Would like photos, stories, or anything you can remember. I was a child when the war ended. Contact: Steven Snyder, sas10371@aol.com 

Searching for Capt. CEC E.C. Paul, U.S. Navy, formerly of the office of the Director of Construction, U.S. Military Command, Vietnam; Ltc. CE Robert J. Wallace, U.S. Army, former chief, RED.USAECAV, Vietnam; Ltc. CE Paul D. Nefstead, U.S. Army Support Command, Cam Ranh Bay area real estate office; and 1stLt. C.E. Howard, Jr., U.S. Army former chief, CAREO.USAECAV, Vietnam, real estate division, USAECAV. Contact: Hai Thai, 24, Avenue de Bourgogne, Boite postale 64, F-77983 Boissise Le Roi Cedex; 01-60-65-71-29.

I need to find those I served with in Vietnam, 1968-70, Army Camp Ehart fire support base, 4th Inf. Div., 124th Sig. Bn., Co. B, for verification of PTSD claim. Contact: Clayton Keith, Jr., 1370 Dahl Vanhook Rd., Somerset, KY 42503.

Trying to find John Effinger, U.S. Army, Vietnam, 1969-71. Contact: Neal and Tammy Corwin, ntcorwin@wcoil.com 

Would like to hear from anyone who served with me in Vietnam, U.S. Army, 101st, attached to MACV. Contact: Larry Carroll, lcarrol8@bellsouth.net 

Looking for Michael Schmidt, 185th Main. Bn., 9th Green Beret Div., Contact Team, 1971-72. Contact: David Ellis, b.j.brown@mindspring.com 

John Davis is trying to locate men he served with as a medic with 1st of the 12th Cav., 1969-72. He remembers firebase Pace and the names Outlaw, Carlos, and Squib. Anyone who knew John or served with him, contact me. Contact: Steve Bramham, gunsupL411@cs.com 

Looking for anyone from 1st and 20th Americal Div., Vietnam, 1970-71. Contact: Tina L. Gadd, tgl959@juno.com 

Looking for members of Btry. C, 1/8th Arty. who remember my getting hit with the recoil of the howitzer. Also would like to locate Dr. Burks. Contact: Melvin A. (Ringeye) York, 207-723-4810; ringeye@webtv.net 

Need to locate anyone who served aboard the USS Hollister DD788, June 1965-66, or USS Hanson DD832, June 1966 to February 1967, to file a claim for service-connected injuries. Contact: William Shrait, 4578 N. Camino de la Codorniz, Tucson, AZ 85745-9592.

Looking for members of Btry. C, 1/8th Arty., who remember being ambushed going into Cambodia. Also, any member of the 1/5th Inf. who was with us. Need for PTSD stressors. Contact: Melvin A. York, 207-723-4810; ringeye@webtv.net 


I am trying to locate buddies who served with me in Vietnam, A Btry., 1st 320th Arty., 101st Abn Div., November 1965 to October 1966. Our base camp was Phan Rang. Contact: Terry Mitchell, pastorterry@mindspring.com 

Trying to locate some of my friends from Phu Tai, Vietnam, 526 CC&SCO, 1967-68. Contact: J.C. Shirey, 706-846-8130, jcshirey@alltell.net 

I am a congressional writer, Navy Personnel Cmd., Millington, Tennessee, and am trying to find information into the events of May 3, 1968, 3rd Bn., 27th Mar. when Hospital Corpsman 3rd Class Gregory Gene Pritchett was KIA near Quang Nam, South Vietnam. Contact: Michael J. Darling, 901-874-4930; p00zcllh@persnet.navy.mil

Wrote stories and poetry for vets, 1965-66, and developed relationships with a few who received correspondence. Would like to locate B>Capt. Hubert T. Fincher, Jr., A Co., 2nd Bn., 5th Cav., 1st Air Cav. Div.; SP/4 Franklin Joseph McCormick, HHC 2, 5th Cav., 1st Cav. Div.; and PRC Robert E. Long, D-1/9th Cav., 1st Cav. Div. (Air). Contact: Michele L. Utain, JoyfulMiss@aol.com 

Looking for anyone who served with me, January-May 1965, 34th Tae Grp., Bien Hoa Airbase, Vietnam, USAF. Also would like to locate Lenard Givens. Contact: James B. Briggs, 4601 Springdale St., Port Arthur, TX 77642; 409-962-0780.

Attention fellow vets: If you or any vet you know have been diagnosed with chondro sarcoma (cancer of the cartilage), please let me know. Also need information on Agent Orange spraying in the III Corps area and perimeter spraying by helicopters in and around the Can Tho area, Mekong Delta, for claim. Contact: Johnny L. Garner, P.O. Box 72, Great Falls, SC 29055; 803-482-3135.

Need to locate witnesses to verify claim for Purple Heart. I was wounded late 1969 in motor attack at LZ North English, 173 Abn. XO and some others were KIA. Contact: Russ Olliso, Jr., 6572 35th St., Grantville, KS 66429.

I am looking for men who served with or knew my father, Daniel John Myers, A2-16, 1st Inf. Div., Army, July 1966 and KIA January 30, 1967, in III Corps region. RTO, fought in major battles in Iron Triangle, War Zone C, Cambodian border, and Operation Attleboro where he was wounded for second time, November 6, 1966. Would like to know who the soldier was that he saved. Contact: Daniel J. Myers, Jr., 568 Euclid St., Allentown, PA 18103; 610-791-0899.

Looking for unit commanders, Captains Donald F. Bressler, James A. Lares, James J. Losani, and Walter V. McClellan, who served with my father, George W. Pickard, 1964-66, 108th Inf., NYARNG in Auburn. Contact: Shirley Mae Pickardo Martinez, 7 John St., Auburn, New York 13021.

Looking for anyone who was stationed with me, September 1968 to October 1969, Camp Carter, especially P. John Brown and information about my falling out of a tower during Tet Offensive ’69 red alert. Contact: John F. Haldeman, 8605 N. 67th Ln., Peoria, AZ 85345-8422.

Looking for anyone who knew my father, Capt. Remi Greeff, an OV-10 FAC pilot who flew out of Di An, 2nd Bde., 1968-69. He was KIA in an OV-10 January 1969. His diary mentions Maj. Cook, Pfc. Stanley Porter, Jon Swift, Ron Casleton, Capt. Bill Kurtz, and Capt. Griffith. Contact: Talon Greeff, 3146 Jennifer Dee Cr., Riverton, UT 84065; 801-253-1287; tgreeff@hotmail.com 

Trying to locate Jerry Ruiz who was my NCOIC, Range 3 (Handgrenade Range), Fort Dix, New Jersey, September 1976 to May 1977. We served with Ssgt. Winder, Sgt. Hulse, and Ssgt. Richardson. Contact: Richard Schneck, rschneck1@earthlink.net 

I am looking for Don Carlos Frank and Chris Tibbs who served with me in Vietnam, Marine Corps, India Co., 3/26th. Contact: Don C. Tyler, 12113 Honeylocust Dr., Indianapolis, IN 46236; 317-826-9886; dtyler7790@aol.com 

I have a Vietnam bracelet for Donald Elmer Paxton, USAF, KIA February 22, 1969, and would like to know exactly what happened to him. Contact: Victoria Lang, victoriaz13@hotmail.com 

Looking for Walter Paul (Deacon) Moore from Herrin, Illinois, who served in Vietnam, 1967-68. His father, Walter P. Moore, and brothers Phil and Larry all served. Contact: Joe Marlo, m0151@midwest.net 

Trying to find U.S. Army vet John Effinger from Duluth, Minnesota, who served in Vietnam, 1969-71. Contact: Neal and Tammy Corwin, ntcorwin@wcoil.com 

I am searching for any veteran who served in 145th Combat Aviation Bn. (specifically the 118th "Thunderbirds" Assault Helicopter Co.), June 1967 to May 1968. Would like to present something that belonged to my deceased husband, Patrick West, to a veteran who served with him. Contact: Cindy Woerner, woerner@allover.com 

Searching for Major Marc Wilson, USMC, Vietnam, 274th 5th, 4th MT, whom I met while he was on R&R in Sydney, Australia. My name at the time was Cherie Thompson and I lived in Elizabeth Bay, Sydney. Contact: Cherie Meale, cherie@halenet.com.au 

Searching for anyone who knew Troy Kloefkorn, Marine Corps, Force Recon., Vietnam. He served in 1st Bn., Fse. Recon, 1967-69, and React. Rifle Fic-HQ, 1969. He lost his right leg to a mortar attack and contracted hepatitis C from a blood transfusion, which was service connected. Would like to verify so that his name can be placed on The Wall. His web site is http://hepchotel.com/memorial/memorial3.html  Contact: Mike Forest, MelvinRae@aol.com 

Searching for Bruce Phillip Bollman of Brockton, Massachusetts. We met in Norway at NATO event, 1965-67. Contact: Joar Haugland, Stranda 27, Havnas, N 1860 Trogstad, Norway; joar@of.telia.no  or joar@joar.org 

Searching for persons who served July-November 1968. Lancaster, Napoleon Saline, Pioneer I, Scotland Trouscale. Contact: Jacques DePlois, jacques@koalas.com 

I am an Australian Vietnam veteran who served in Vung Tau and Saigon, 1971-72. Searching for Ssgt. Denis Tudor whom I met when visiting Long Binh Signals unit. Contact: C.W. Hardwick, W_hardwick@austarnet.com.au 

Looking for anyone who served with 526th CC&S Co., Phu Tai, Vietnam, 1967-68. Also anyone who served in Chu Lai, Vietnam, 1968-69 with King Rat 63rd Trans. Contact: John Shirey, 706-846-8130; cshirey@alltell.net 

Looking for guys from the packing and crating shop, 36th Trans. Sq., Bitberg AFB, 1979-80. Would like to find Steve Foster, Don Arnts, Jeff Shanner, Jim Lacy and Ollie Nash, Jr. Contact: Lyle Westendorf, lyle@classicnet.net 

Bob Burgess needs to find members of his unit, 47th Trans., 64 Quartermaster, February 1967-68. Contact: Ray H. Lawrence, hpbm@uswest.net 

Looking for vets of 1st Bn., 188th Inf., 11th Air Assault Div., Fort Benning, Georgia, 1963-65. Some of the guys were Pvt. Harrington, Sgt. Seiling, PFC Cyr, PFC Gjisdal, PFC Pachice, PFC Huges, Sgt. Gillispie, and Lt. Elison. Contact: Dennis M. Yodsnukis, Dennis@hotmail.com 

Trying to help my friend, Dawn Morin, locate service buddy Vernon Vincent Vaughn from Virginia. Contact: Judi Drayton, squeekerd@worldspy.net 

Trying to locate Melvin Mickley from Georgia with whom I corresponded when I was in high school. Contact: Nance, AntyNannie@aol.com 

Seeking Gunny William Blandenship, who served with HHC, 3/26th Mar. during siege of Khe Sahn. Contact: Jim Conway, conway@pathwaynet.com 

I was in Fox 2/5, 1967-68, Vietnam, and was involved in Hue Tet. Wondering if any other swinging dicks out there colored the same square. Contact: Jim Hallock, JTH100748@aol.com 

Searching for Robert Frishman, Long Beach, California, who was MIA/POW and later released. Contact: Rosemarie (Candy) Baker, candy@murrieta.net 

Trying to find friends who served with me in Vietnam, 3rd Bn., 5th Mar. (An Hoa, Baldy, Vulture, Di Loc). Contact: Mike Botello, botellomichaelw@juno.com 

Looking for brothers that I served with in 1st Bn., 20th Inf., 11th Bgde., Americal Div., December 1967 to May 1968. Contact: Dave Blair, cropykng@lemoorenet.com 

Looking for anyone who served 1969-70, Mechanized Inf., Co. C. Buffalo Waters, Sgt. Case, Jose from California, Sgt. Nye. How can I find a roster of this company? Contact: Ronald Robinson, antiqueron@dellnet.com 

I am trying to locate Lt. William Metzger, a POW who returned home in 1973 during Operation Homecoming. I have a POW-MIA bracelet that I would like to return to him. Contact: Brenda Hay, haybst@juno.com 

Trying to locate vets who served in 120th Trans. attached to the 199th Light Inf. Bgde., December 1969 to February 1970. Some of the vets were Gary Galwell, Bill "Fly" Mantesta, and Gary Lamb. Contact: Chuck Mulloy, mulloys@bignet.net 

Trying to find Capt. Dennis Snelson with whom I corresponded during the war, 1969-70. Contact: Vicky Clarke, Roy.C@btinternet.com 

Trying to find an American who saved my life when I was a POW in Vietnam. I had suffered numerous bullet wounds and was in a camp with American soldiers when they were rescued by an explosion knocking out the wall. A young American transported me to the Red Cross and saved my life. Contact: Annabella, soul_2023@hotmail.com 

Searching for Greg Curl from Adams, Oregon. He went to Ft. Polk and then to Vietnam, 1967-68. Contact: bettediann@aol.com 

Searching for pen pals during Vietnam War, 1965-66. Capt. Hubert T. Fincher, Jr., Co. A, 2nd Bn, 5th Cav., 1st Air Cav. Div.; Sp4 Franklin Joseph McCormick, HHC 2/5 Cav., 1st Cav. Div.; and PRC Robert E. Long, D-1/9 Cav., 1st Cav. Div (Air). Contact: Michele L. Utain, JoyfulMiss@aol.com 


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