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August 2000/September 2000

Membership Matters

Demonstrating Capabilities

By Allen Green, Director of Membership

Our thanks go to all membership chairs who attended the three membership seminars at the VVA Leadership Conference in Buffalo. Everyone benefited from the excellent interaction and discussions. The demonstration of the new database and its capabilities allowed us to show off the improvements and potential we now possess with ACCESS 2000 software. Being able to discuss new and different ways of approaching membership issues provided each seminar attendee with a better understanding of the VVA and AVVA membership process.

Kudos to Charlie Montgomery, VVA national Membership Chair, and the AVVA national Membership Chair, Nancy Montgomery, for their superhuman efforts in preparing the seminar handouts. Each attendee received a comprehensive packet of information and sample forms.

These identify all the pertinent membership forms and provide instructions on their use. We have extra copies for chapters and state council membership chairs who did not attend. If your chapter or state council would like a packet, please e-mail your request to VVA National joliver@vva.org or call 1-800-882-1316, extension 133.

The VVA and AVVA membership-renewal season begins next month. However, since we now use the anniversary date for renewals, VVA and AVVA have changed some of the procedures.

Although a majority of members still have expiration dates of February 28, 2001, there are many with dates between March and September 2001. Members with expiration dates of March 1, 2001, or later will not receive a renewal reminder until the second mailing (January 2001). This will minimize confusion over renewing "early,'' plus reduce the renewal surge that always occurs in November and December. Check your member rosters to identify those who fall under these new rules.

Many chapters have received notices that they are tardy in filing their VVA annual financial reports for March 1, 1999, through February 29, 2000. These chapters are now suspended. Often reports are late because of difficulties in gathering necessary documents or receipts. If this is the case, please let the VVA national office know right away, so we can annotate your records.

Suspended chapters do not receive dues rebates and will not be able to participate in the VVA 2001 National Convention.


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