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August 2000/September 2000

Constitution Committee Report

Report on the 2000 Leadership Conference

By Barry Hagge, Chair

At the Leadership Conference in Buffalo, the committee opened the 2001 constitution amendment process with a seminar on the VVA Constitution, how the amendment process works, how the committee reviews proposed amendments, and the time lines that will be used for submission of proposed amendments. Proposed Amendment forms were made available to all in attendance.

The following time line was discussed with conference attendees:

November 2000 and January 2001 Committee Meetings: The Constitution Committee will conduct a review of the Constitution to consider committee-sponsored amendments.

April 3, 2001: Proposed amendments must be postmarked by this date to be accepted for consideration at the National Convention. All proposed amendments must be mailed to the Constitution Committee at the VVA national office. If you are submitting a proposed amendment within ten days of the submission deadline, the committee strongly urges you to use registered mail. Proposed amendments postmarked after April 3, 2001, will not be acted on at the 2001 National Convention.

April 2001: The committee will meet three days before the Board of Directors meeting to review all proposed amendments and complete its report to the membership.

June 2, 2001: Final distribution of the committee’s report to all chapters and state councils. The committee’s report should be reviewed and discussed at regional meetings prior to the National Convention.

July 31-August 5, 2001: Vietnam Veterans of America’s Tenth National Convention--Committee hearings and consideration of the proposed amendments by the full body of convention delegates.

All proposed amendments must be submitted on the Proposed Change to the Constitution form.

It’s worth repeating: All proposed amendments must be postmarked no later than April 3, 2001, and sent to the attention of the Constitution Committee. A copy of the form is attached. Forms also are available through all chapters and state councils.


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