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June 2000/July 2000


A VVA Staff Report

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I am looking for Gerald W. Anderson who served with me in Vietnam. Contact: Samuel Figueroa, Bo. Cubuy, HC01-8828; Canovanas, PR 00729; 787-876-0312.

I would like to find out the names and addresses of the following buddies I was with in Germany: Robert Wrichwine, Joseph Saritine, Lawrence Sacco, Carl Bauwer, all from Reading, Pennsylvania. Contact: Wirely J. Laurent, 108 Laundreau Dr., Thibodeaux, LA 70301; 504-633-5715.

Sierra Oscar Sierra. Please send name to me if you were located at Wunder Beach, April 1968. The U.S. Navy shelled our perimeter. Need collaborating evidence for PTSD claim. Contact: Amos A. George, Jr., P.O. Box 8706, Pocatello, ID 83209.

USMC, 3rd Mar., Flsg-Bravo, Vietnam, 1968. While I was on perimeter duty around the base of Dong Ha, a platoon of Marines was just dismissed from formation and on their way to their bunkers. Another Marine and I observed flashes of light and warned everyone. We were then hit by mortar fire. Lives were saved that day (looking for recognition and confirmation). Contact: John A. Kern, 28710 Kaufman, Roseville, MI 48066.

Vietnam vet incarcerated for 26 years looking for anyone who served with G Trp., 2nd Squadron, 11th ACR, Xuan Loc, August 1968 to August 1969. Especially Ronald Studway and Robert Cornelius (1st Sqd.). Also Charles Gibson from 2/32 Armor, Germany, January 1968. Contact: Walter R. Wood, 03452-016; U.S. Penitentiary, P.O. Box 1000, Lewisburg, PA 17837.

I would like to get in touch with anyone with the 1st Cav. Div., 229th Avn. Bn., Co. C, Danang and Quang Tri, 1968-69. Looking for Angel L. Gerena, John Voorhees, and Capt. McFarland. This is for a PTSD claim. Contact: Lester Coleman Fowler, 709 Cary St., Apt. B-4, Evergreen, AL 36401; 334-578-4719.

Looking for Cpl. Jim Vaughn, Canal Fulton, Ohio. Twin brother of Jeff, KIA September 1966. I served with both in 6th Mar. Jim was in 3-26th Mar., Okinawa, when Jeff was killed. He escorted the body home before we went in-country. Contact: Brian "Jake" Mahoney, 0331K326, 1204 Palmetto Peninsula Dr., Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464.

Looking for members of the 1st Cav. Div., 2/20th ARA, B or C Btry., March 1968-69. Contact: Dave Baldwin, 607 E. Jackson St., Hope, IN 47246; d.baldwin15@hotmail.com or peds4@hotmail.com

Would like to hear from former medics, crews, and pilots of Medevac, 3rd Bde., (Separate), 1st Cav. Div., Bien Hoa, 1971-72. Pat Cardinal, Glen Torres, Max Bullen, Tony Little, Eric Traub, Terry Haufpaur, Mr. Martin, Mr. Taylor. Contact: Doug Campbell, c/o 389 Monaco Ave., Union City, CA 94587; 510-487-9205.

Need to locate anyone who served with 1st Bn., 92nd Arty., Artillery Hill, Pleiku, May 1969 to November 1970. There was Sweet Pea, Rodney Beckham (Hi-Lo), and my F.O. team, Gene White and Mike Pengilley. Our call sign was "Serpent 47.'' Records burned, need help with claim. Contact: Dale Cockrell, 724 N. Bliss St., Anchorage, AK 99508; 907-272-0116.

Help ASAP. Disabled vet needs righteous attorney like Capt. Mars; HHC, 198th LIB, Americal Div., LZ Gator, to help me appeal false assault charges (assaulting a policeman) in Michigan. Inexperienced cop made false arrest, falsified reports, and committed perjury for conviction on February 11, 1999. I have testimony, witnesses, and concrete evidence. Contact: Charles E. Bowdidge, STF-283146-D62, 8201 N. Croswell Rd., St. Louis, MI 48880.

Looking to hear from any BMs and RMs who served on USS Lynde McCormick, 1985-87, at NAVSTA 32nd St., San Diego. Bosselman, Gentile, "Coffee Freak'' Davis, Masterson, "Clinton Bee'' Jiles, you still around? Also would like to hear from other PACFLTCOM BMs/RMs to trade radop and chipper stories with. Contact: Nile Kelly, 104701, ASPC Cook/Eyman, P.O. Box 3200, Florence, AZ 85232.

Looking for SP4 Joseph Calavetta, from Metuchen, New Jersey, who served in Co. B, 48th AM Inf., 3rd Arm. Div., Germany, 1961-62. Contact: Ed Swollow, 1680 Bridge St., Philadelphia, PA 19124; 215-427-1045.

Looking for anyone who knew or served in Vietnam, 1966-68, with my father, Joseph P. Marcotte, Kankakee, Illinois. I have over 1,500 pictures from Vietnam that he sent to my mother. I would like to share them with those who knew him and served with him. Contact: Joseph P. Marcotte, Jr., 985713, P.O. Box 473, Westville, IN 46391. 

I am trying to locate Gary Watson, Mooreland, Oklahoma. Last saw Gary in 1975 when he rotated back to "the World'' while we were serving with HHC 1st Bn., 13th Inf. We kept in touch by letter until 1987 when Gary lived in Safford, Arizona. Where are you, brother? Contact: Frank (Shorty) Caudell, 4832 Coal Creek Rd., Galax, VA 24333; 540-236-5315.

I saw heavy combat and need a lawyer for PTSD clemency. Contact: Henry L. Payne, 036113-M.B.54, M.C.I, 1150 S.W. Allapattah Rd., Indiantown, FL 34956. Sometimes you just have to believe! I may be looking for a needle in a haystack with only a face for memory. 

I am searching for someone who was in basic training, Lackland AFB, San Antonio, from the end of November 1975 through mid-January 1976. He had a tiny scar above one eyebrow and was about 5'6'' inches tall. Contact: W. Matteson, c/o M/M Marty Gray, 16723 Creek Trail, Houston, TX 77084; fourfox2290@pdq.net

Re: drowning at the Cove on or about November or December 10, 1970, while waiting to go home from replacement 22nd, Cam Ranh Bay. One soldier lost his life and one was saved. Contact: Sleepy Fallin, 11724 Sleepy Ln., Conroe TX 77303.

I served in the USAF in Nakhon Phanom (RTAFB), Thailand, 1970-71. I have been incarcerated 21 years for a crime I did not commit. I desperately need legal assistance from anyone who cares. I served from 1969-1974 and was discharged at Beale AFB, Marysville, California. Contact: Tommy Bass, 100 Warrior Ln., #3 Block, #26 Cell (Lock-up), Bessemer, AL 35023-7299.

I was a truck driver with the 363rd Trans. Co., February 1968 to May 1969. I am trying to locate someone who witnessed a jeep going around a mine sweeper and being blown up, killing everyone on board on road from Wonder Beach to Camp Evans. My commanding officer was 1st Lt. Richard J. Izzo. Contact: Ofes Foreman, Jr., P.O. Box 232, Cropwell, AL 35054; 205-338-1863.

Looking for anyone who served with me in Chu Lai, June 1968 to April 1970, 132nd ASHC, 1st Air Cav. I am reopening a VA claim and need help and support in providing other or new evidence. Contact: William C. Suggs, 250 Tannehill Blvd., Killen, AL 35645; 256-757-3905; suggs@webtv.net

Looking for members of A 1/11, 5th Mech., 1st Plt., September 1969 to April 1970. Jerry Viano, Phil Van Pappagan, Baker, Najera, Sgt. Larry Carr, Jim Lauer, and all who were on Turkey Ridge Thanksgiving Day, November 27, 1969, including Norris (M60) who may have saved us all. Contact: Dennis Rees, 126 S. Lebanon Rd., Loveland, OH 45140.

Would like to hear from anyone in the 199th (Light) Inf. Bde., HQ Btry., 2/40th FA, July 1966 to March 1967. I want to file a claim with VA to support my claim for PTSD. Contact: Bridges R. Steele, 5332 N.W. Columbia Ave., Lawton, OK 73505; 580-353-0843 or 580-536-6006.

Help! Trying to locate anyone who remembers serving with or seeing Richard L. Filsinger, in Vietnam. Records missing, widow needs proof of service. Contact: Jeannine H. Filsinger, 6700 Oak Shore Dr., Apt. 101, Panama City, FL 32404; 850-871-5448; jfilsinger@juno.com

I wish to locate veterans who were treated at the USNH, Philadelphia, Orthopedic Ward, January 1973 to January 1974. I was a corpsman on that ward's 2nd floor and would value reconnecting with you. I always felt like I got more from that experience than you did. Thank you for what you did for a young corpsman. Contact: David Wilkerson, 3220 Silverlake Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90039; 323-665-2112.

4-2 Echo to 4-2 Alpha R&R Bangkok, February 27 to March 3, 1967; January to December 1967, Dak To. Need to find Monte Mitchell, Capt. Raymon E. Crawford, Edward Horoski, Co. A, 2nd Plt., 1/22nd, 4th Inf. Div. to support claim for injury. Contact: Kenneth M. Vaughan, Sr., 64 Rielly St., West Islip, NY 11795-1043; 631-667-0250.

Seeking anyone who served in Nha Trang, Vietnam, 1967, with the 864th Eng. Bn. who remembers soldier by nickname Kroch killed with a Claymore mine. Contact: Ralph Nichols, Rt. 1, Box 294, Hewett, WV 25108; 304-369-0070.

Any Army, Air Force, or Navy men who served with Tri-Service ATCO, Tan Son Nhut Airbase, September 1968 to December 1969, please help me recall the past. Contact: Daniel R. Green, P.O. Box 4056, Port Angeles, WA 98362; 360-457-6942.

I would like to hear from anyone who was in Saigon with the 7th Fin. Disb. Sec., 1965-67. Our unit was at Tan Son Nhut, then moved into Saigon, then later to Cholon PX Compound. Especially would like to hear from Don Ceballos, Charlie Larson, Ray Brewer, Jim Grenert and (Lt.) Fred Finke. Contact: Brian Clary, 207 Dorchester Ct., Santa Rosa, CA 95403; 707-528-3626; bncbuck@jps.net

I am seeking any fellow vets in U.S. Army, 78th Arty., 2nd Armd. Div., Svc. Btry., 1st Bn., Vietnam, July to October 1968. Please contact me about September 1968 attack outside of Pleiku when most of the unit was killed. Contact: Anthony "Tony'' Knox, 7805 Summerglen Rd., Fort Worth, TX 76133; 817-292-9133 or 817-270-0699. 

I am seeking Maj. John T. Moore, Capt. Jerome G. Hersh, Capt. Joseph D. Mott; Ssgt. Tackett. All were assigned to the 1/46th Inf. on FSB Professional, 1969-70, except for Ssgt. Tackett, 1968-69. I am trying to establish proof for the VA to update my claim where I helped man the bunkers located in front of the 105 artillery pit when a company was short of men while assigned with the Commo Section. This was when the FSB got pounded in May and other months. Also, any other officers during that time who remember whom they used to fill in on the bunker lines. Contact: Danny R. Heller, 105 W. Front St., WDC149705; Texarkana, TX 75501.

1st of the 12th Cav., recon element. I was a medic with this unit on two tours: July 26, 1969, to June 28, 1970, and July 31, 1971, to April 4, 1972. I am 100 percent PTSD and would like to hear from guys I served with. I remember Firebase Pace and the names Outlaw, Carlos, and Squib. Contact: John Davis, 159 Home Ave., Rutherford, NJ 07070; 201-896-1271.

Monsoon season of 1971. Anyone who remembers a "loach'' helicopter hitting a water tower at the USO site near Chu Lai. Contact: Jim R. Riesenberg, Veterans Service Office, Courthouse, 615 N. 6th St., Sheboygan, WI 53081-4692; 920-459-3054 (phone); 920-459-3055 (fax); riesejrr@co.sheboygan.wi.us

Need to verify combat stressors for a PTSD claim. I was assigned to the 864th Eng. Bn., in R.V.N., November 1965 to November 1966. I witnessed incoming rounds, dead bodies, and was involved in mine-clearing operations. Contact: Jesse Baldwin, c/o James W. Stanley, Jr., 600 W. 4th St., North Little Rock, AR 72114; 501-372-3131; 501-372-3825 (fax).

Help me locate Dennis O. Collier, Flint, Michigan, who served in Vietnam with Co. A., 1st Bn., 506th Inf., and moved to New Jersey. I want to hear from my buddies at HQ III MAF, 1968-69; Korea, 1962-63, and NCO School, Ft. Benning, 1957. Contact: Andrew Bennett, 351 King Den Dr. NW, Cleveland, TN 37312; 423-479-7119; juafb@juno.com 

I lost my best friend, Dorris Trainer, from Hopkinsville, Kentucky, in March 1970. I would like to find anyone who knew him while he served. He was killed March 18, 1970. He was a member of Co. A, 1st Bn., 8th Cav.,1st Cav. Div. I loved him so much and would like to find out more. Contact: Bobby Joiner; willyj@commandnet.net 

Seeking anyone who served in USAF Hospitals: 67th TAC Hosp., Mtn. Home AFB, Idaho, 1968-70; Tachikawa Hospital, Japan, 1969-71. Let's reminisce, tell tall tales. Contact: Aaron W. Collins, 5640 Hartel, Potterville, MI 48876; skiltic5@voyager.net 

I would like to hear from anyone who served in 3rd Tank Bn., 3rd Mar. Div. near the DMZ, August 8, 1968 to July 13, 1969. I was in motor transport platoon, Quang Tri, Dong Ha, Cam Lo, and Con Thien. I did everything except drive a tank. Patrols, bunker, sitting in foxhole and tower, even working in the mess hall. I did over 11 months plus got my leg hurt when I fell in a hole. Contact: Jerry Snow, 3716 Gwynn Oak Ave., Baltimore, MD 21207; 410-542-4355.

I am contacting you on behalf of my husband, a Vietnam vet who is looking for a tour book that was given to him upon his departure from Vietnam in 1968. It would mean a great deal to him to obtain one since his father destroyed his before he ever had a chance to look at it. Contact: Deborah Cannon; freeinspirit@hotmail.com 

I was with the 326th Med. Bn., 101st Abn., December 1969 to November 1970. What happened to Camp Eagle, Sally, Ripcord, Banos, and other Fire Support Bases I cannot remember the names of in that area at the end of the war? We had 12 Medevac Hueys. Our battalion commander was Ltc. Day, BnEx was Maj. Cissel, and I remember Capt. Odum. Especially I remember people like Bill Hawkens, Dave Johnson, Mr. Nivens, Brent Law, and the faces of others who gave their all to save lives. The unwritten code of our unit: "If we can't do it nobody can.'' Contact: Richard Clinch, rclinch@peoplepc.com 

Seeking Samuel Max Cummings of Oklahoma who was drafted in 1969. Contact: Darryl Lasker, darryl.lasker@ar.ngb.army.mil 

Seeking anyone who "followed the donkey" from Fort Irwin to Vung Tau with the 36th Eng. Bn. (Const.), August 1967-68. Contact: Jim Burke, 520-299-4714; getjdb@aol.com 

I am trying to return a letter that was written to me by Thomas C. Repel over 30 years ago when I was in 5th grade. Our school sent letters to the GIs in Vietnam. I have treasured this letter for many years, and I would like to see if I could return it to him. Contact: Greg Murphy, gsmurphy@uswest.net 

Looking for anyone who served with Tom A. Rogers from Arcata, California. He was drafted March 1967. Basic at Ft. Polk, Louisiana, and was SP4 in Vietnam, 4th Inf. Div., Co. C., 8th Inf. He was killed by a drunk driver and his family would like to know a bit about his military life. Contact: John W. Chaney, 9763 W. 67th Pl., Arvada, CO 80004; brovietnam@hotmail.com 

I am trying to locate Donald Schaff from Indiana who served with Co. C, 2nd Bn., 18th Inf., 1st Inf. Div., 1966. Contact: Hubert L. Townley, 4865 Lower Jersey Rd., Oxford, GA 30054; 770-786-5818; htownley@bellsouth.net 

I am searching for a friend of my husband's, James H. Wilburn, who was in Vietnam, 1968-69, Phan Rang Air Force Base. He is African American and originally from Tennessee. Contact: Mrs. Stephen (Trudy) Calvert, tlccreate@aol.com 

Seeking anyone who served with Stephen Matherson, who was with H&S Co., 1st Bn., 5th Mar. during his second tour in Vietnam, 1965-66. Stephen served with 81mm, was a squad leader, M-60 machine gunner, and also served as both a company and battalion sniper with 1/5. Contact: Valerie Ann Jones, missionsintl@earthlink.net 

Seeking members of my unit, 1/8th Cav., E Co. Recon., Vietnam, July to October 1969. Contact: Gerald Kubik, jakekubik@yahoo.com 

I am looking for Gary Bauer, a Vietnam veteran who was stationed at Stead Air Base, 1965. Contact: mstngjnky@aol.com 

I was in Vietnam, Marine Corps, January 1967 to August 1968. I want to find guys from my old outfits as well as the guys I served with after I got back. When I was in country I was with Hq. Btry, 4th Bn., 12th Mar. I was from Phu Bai, Dong Ha to Cam Lo. Contact: Eugene Walsh, P.O. Box 565, Lincoln, AR 72744; catman2@pgtc.net 

Looking for U.S. Air Force veterans who served with any C-7A Caribou unit, 1972-96. Contact: Jim Collier, jcollier @dgweb.com ; Bill Avon, veteran1@tusco.net 

Looking for guys who served with Co. B., 589th Eng., Central Highlands, 1967-68. Johnson, Swoop, Hill, E6 George E. Thompson, Wilson, Godinis, Sorenson, Liska, Sallsa. If any of you guys are still around, I would like to hear from you. Contact: Cliff Felts, vmfi@mindspring.com 

Seeking Gunnery Sgt. Edward Blatnicky who was in Vietnam, 1967-68. I was a high school sophomore/junior in Dayton, Ohio, writing to him. I believe he was from New York. His letters stopped abruptly, and I never found out what happened to him. He was in the thick of fighting, and I assumed he had been injured. I looked for his name on The Wall, but it is not there. Contact: elizbuls@aol.com 

507 Movement Control-MACV (313th Bn. RRV, Nha Trang, and Tan Son Nhut, March 1966-67) seeking anyone subjected to attacks and who assisted in handling dead bodies, especially Lonnie R. Dawkins, Robert L. Sherman, Ronald P. Calvalho, Dennis M. Eenhuis, Roy Y. Kawamura, Frederick B. Lothrop for PTSD claim. Contact: Leo M. Mendenhall, P.O. Box 5642, Augusta, GA 30916; 706-793-6838.

Seeking members of ADV Team 86/99, 1966-67. This was my father's, Cpt. William A. Branch, first tour. Have many photos, drawings of men and places I do not know. I would love to share them and learn more about them. Contact: http://members.aol.com/JD2813/Dad.html

Calling all Golden Dragons, 2nd/14th: photos, roster, and memories can be found at www.en.com/users/kramsey/2nd14th.html 

I am looking for anyone who served with my husband, Alvin Cassity, in the Marines, June 1969 and 1972. He served in Vietnam, and we need to contact someone who was with him. From all I can gather he was a Field Radio Relay Operator. Training he completed was: Basic Specialist Training Schools Battalion, MCB, Camp Pendelton, California; Radio Relay Operator Course, 1969; and Drivers Improvement School, MCB, Camp Pendelton, 1970. I also have something that has Headquarters Landing Team, 2nd Bn., 4th Mar., FPO San Francisco. He was a Corporal when he came out. He was in Okinawa. He does remember the names Charles Landrum, Ralph Aldorossi, and Albert Bartow. Contact: Sheila Cassity, scassity@cei.net 

I am looking for information about the Army in Kitzingen, Germany, 1970. A friend was in the Infantry. He was from Chicago and went to Vietnam in 1970 or 1971. I think his name was John Roberts. Contact: Sylvie Bruhat, 25 Grande Rue, 60320 Nery, FRANCE; sbk_ph@compuserve.com 

I am looking for anyone who served from 1969-70, Mechanized Inf., I think Co. C: Buffalo Waters, profession then auctioneer; Sgt. Cass; Jose from California; Sgt. Nye, Utah Morman. Contact: Ronald Robinson, antiqueron@dellnet.com 

Looking for members of Btry. C, 1/8th Arty. who remember being ambushed going into Cambodia. Also, any members of the 1/5th Inf. who were with us. Contact: Melvin A. York, 207-723-4810; ringeye@webtv.net 

I am trying to help a friend, Dale Morrin of Muskegan, Michigan, find a Vietnam vet buddy, Vernon Vincent Vaughn of Virginia. They were in Vietnam together and along with their wives took their R&R in Hawaii together. Contact: Judi Drayton, squeekerd@worldspy.net 

I am trying to locate any buddies who served with me in Vietnam, A Btry., 1st 320 Arty., 101st Abn. Div., November 1965 to October 1966. Our base camp was Phan Rang. Contact: William T. (Terry) Mitchell, pastorterry@mindspring.com 

1st Bn., 20th Inf., 11th Bdge., Americal Div. I am looking for any brothers I was with. I took A.I.T. at Schofield Barracks in the radar section. Left Hawaii December 1967 on USS Gordon. Set up camp at Duc Pho and shortly thereafter was transferred to the Mortar Plt. Was wounded and sent back to U.S. in 1968. I have a bad time with names and would like to hear from anyone from the 1st/20. Welcome home, brothers. Contact: Dave Blair, cropykng@lemoorenet.comn 

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