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April 2000/May 2000

Public Affairs Committee Report

Committed to Communication

By Jim Doyle, Chair

The ability to manage information has become an important component in our effort to communicate with our membership. Communication is key to the success of VVA, and the Public Affairs Committee is committed to improving, expanding, and strengthening communications with our members.

In addition to the traditional methods of communication we have used for many years, VVA is using the Internet. Through their use of the VVA Talk List, the Single Point Of Contact (SPOC) database, the VVA web page, and Capitol Watch, our members will have the opportunity to learn about important issues, activities, and programs in a timely manner.

The VVA Talk List is an effective, interactive means by which the organization and its members can conduct unrestricted dialogue on issues of immediate importance. It also is a forum for ongoing discussions about issues that, over time, produce thoughtful examination.

The VVA Talk List and SPOC list have also been used as tools to distribute press releases issued from the Washington office concerning subjects that are of immediate importance to our membership. A recent example is the release of the Ranch Hand research data that points to a connection between dioxin contamination and diabetes in Vietnam veterans.

The VVA web page, vva.org is a gateway for our members and--perhaps more importantly--nonmembers to access the organization and learn about the programs conducted by VVA. The web page is a dynamic document that needs constant monitoring in order to keep it current and relevant to our mission. To that end, the committee is working closely with the Communications Department to insure that the VVA web page will be an accessible and exciting site on the World Wide Web.

By developing links with other veteran sites, and by using those sites as a link to VVA, we expect that our universe will continue to expand. This expansion will enhance our ability to move our agenda into the public arena where we will be able to join those who share our passion for justice for all of the nation's veterans.


E-mail us at TheVeteran@vva.org

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