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April 2000/May 2000


A VVA Staff Report

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Doing another survey on Lupus and Autoimmune disease. Contact: Al DePanfilis, 1607 Benner St., Philadelphia, PA 19149.

Help! I am a 51-year-old combat decorated, honorably discharged, disabled Vietnam veteran; lifetime resident and property owner; taxpayer and registered voter in Michigan for 30 years; an upstanding citizen falsely accused and convicted of assault/felony firearms and completely ignored by appeals (legal and personal) including Congressmen, representatives, and Gov. Engler since April 1, 1999. Contact: Charles E. Bowdidge, A283146, STF-D-62, 8201 N. Croswell Road, St. Louis, MI 48880.

I am trying to locate anyone who served with my father, Sgt. Edward Sheridan Kovacich, in the Army, RA AGC,, in Vietnam, July 1970 to April 1971. Later he was transferred to USAR I-16, Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Contact: Alicia AJ Kovacich, 7077 E. Atwater Rd., Ruth, MI 48470.

Looking for Gary (WaWa) Wilks, who grew up in Gary, Indiana, and served with me at Lai Khe, 1st Inf. Div., 701st Maint. Bn., Charlie Co., 1967-68. Contact: Gary (Tug) Buhler, 4304 Hillshire Ct., Flower Mound, TX 75028; 972-724-2661.

Seeking to locate Capt. Donald Moon, 1969-70, RVN, 101st Abn., 2/327, B Co. Contact: John "Lynn" Shelton, 213 Parkway Dr., Moore, OK 73160; 405-799-1208; 405-209-0782.

Incarcerated former Marine trying to locate Col. Johnson, CO MABS-16, MAG-16, Subunit #2, or anyone at New Airstrip, Udorn, June to October 1961, to secure supporting documentation to verify stressors for PTSD claim. Also, Robert Underferth, SOC Trang/Danang, 1962-63, and Ronald G. Edwards, last-known address, Tyler, Texas, 1983. Contact: Raymond E. Howes, 387211 Wynne 3D13, Huntsville, TX 77349.

Need to locate Tom Kowalski (Chicago), Frank Annello (East Coast), and Jim Hood (South California)--all from D Co., 39th Combat Eng. Bn., 18th Eng. Bde., Chu Lai, 1969-70. Need to document back injury for disability. Army lost my medical records. Also looking for Cpt. Engle, Medical Officer, Bn. HQ, Americal Div., Chu Lai, 1970. Contact: Patrick Sheridan, 440 N. 4th Ave., Bozeman, MT 59715; 406-586-7412.

I am looking for the true brothers and sisters out there who keep the fight going for all veterans, but have forgotten those who are incarcerated. There are hundreds of thousands of veterans caught up in the politics of "keep them locked up." We are not given a fighting chance to restore our lives. I am a Vietnam vet who served 1970-73, 84th, Danang area, who would like to hear from true brothers and sisters who would be interested in this fight. Contact: Eddie Carter, 01A B 145 75518, P.O. Box 147, Fox Lake, WI 53933.

I am looking for anyone with information on where Agent Orange was sprayed. I was in Chu Chi Base Camp with the LRRP, 1967-68. We were all over the place. I need maps and all the information I can get for a VA claim. Contact: Clarence E. Holland, P.O. Box 641, Evansville, IN 47704.

Looking for anyone who served in Vietnam with SSgt. Larry T. Taylor from Louisville, Kentucky. Went through Helicopter Crew Chief Schooling at Sheppard AFB, Texas, before going to Vietnam, August 1967 to February 1969. Served in 37th A.R.R.S. "Jolly Green Giants," Danang. Contact: Larry T. Taylor, 210 W. 9th St., Sturgis, KY 42459; 270-333-2523.

I am searching for a buddy who served in 198th Americal Div., 1969-70. I remember "Tiny," a big black man with a 60 caliber machine gun. Served in Phu Bai, Chu Lai. I was the only Guamanian in the company. Contact: Manuel P. Ignacio, P.O. Box 217910, Barrigada, Guam 96921; 671-637-2669.

Incarcerated veteran, three years in the Army, 1967-70; honorable discharge; mental disorder since age 12; trauma and concussion from 15 ft. fall from attic to garage cement floor. Looking for information that can only be received by mail. No books or magazines allowed; just reports, research papers, and letters sent in regular mail with legal envelopes and manila envelopes. Trying to explain to Appeals Court how the mind becomes addicted to certain acting-out behaviors that are relieved by the bodyís own endorphine system. Contact: Michael S. Sayko, 280392, 18701 Roxbury Rd., Hagerstown, MD 21746.

Seeking Andre (Andy) G. Gasque, who served in Navy, 1956-76. Duty station: USS Canberra CAG-2; Naval Station: Honolulu. Last seen in Carson, California. Brother and sister trying to locate him. Contact: Renee J. (Butch) Gasque, 1820 Pilgrim Ave., Bronx, NY 10461-4106; 718-518-7877.

I am trying to locate Stephen A. Goddard, whom I served with in 1970 in Saigon at Headquarters, U.S. Army Eng. Cmd. Contact: Thomas G. Schumacher, 2312 Summerset Cr., Florence, KY 41042-9150; 606-384-7709.

Vietnam veteran, Marines, 1970-72, first tour in Danang, 1st MP Bn., 1971, Gun Fighter, Air Base. Presently incarcerated, honestly remorseful. Good humored person seeking pen friends to kick it with. Contact: Donald Robinson, 79204; Camp J Gator, 4-L-5, Louisiana State Prison, Angola, LA 70712.

I am looking for James L. Nelson who served in Vietnam in B Btry., 2/20 Arty. ARA, 1st Cav. Abn. He was crew chief and also wounded. We served in An Khe, Kontum, Pleiku, and Phan Thiet. He left RVN in 1967 and was stationed in Ft. Knox, Kentucky, A Grp., 8th Sqdrn., 1st Air Cav., August 1968. Or anyone who was in the 2/20 B Btry., February 1966 to April 1968. Contact: Joseph M. Nowacki, 1596 Brunswick Ave., Lawrenceville, NJ 08648-4654; 609-393-0252.

Seeking eye witnesses who served with Co. C., 1st Bn., 501st Inf. under the command of Capt. Sosa-Camejo on February 13, 1968, when he was KIA. Trying to upgrade medical to DSC or MH. Need affidavit of what happened. Contact: Raul R. Tejero, 1701 SW 16th Ave., Miami, FL 33145; 305-856-0801.

I am looking for anyone who served with me in Korea at Camp Peterson, 1966-67, and who was assigned to the 2nd Eng. Bn., HHC. I need your help with my PTSD claim. I was in Bn. Maint. Contact: George Lucy, 2214 NW Pollard Ave., Lawton, OK 73505; 580-355-1783.

Seeking anybody who served with Alf (Crazy Al) Key with 2/40 FA, January 1968-69. We were assigned to the 199th Light Inf. Bde. I was the RTO for Charlie Btry.ís FO and we called in fire for an infantry company in the 199th LIB from February to December 1968. Need help with a stressor letter. Contact: Bob Kelso, VSO, ODVA, Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs, P.O. Box 33326, Ft. Sill, OK 73503; 580-353-1131, ext. 7071; rwkelso@hotmail.com

I am looking for family members of a survivor from the SS Alcore (World War II). He was one of 13 survivors when the Alcore sank. He saved my fatherís (Edwin H. Bertch) life when the ship when down. This man was the cook on the ship, an African American who went by the name of Cookie and was from Philadelphia. After the war he returned to Philadelphia and ran a YMCA. He married and had two sons. Contact: Nancy Bertch Grant, 1505-203 Windermere Rd., West Chester, PA 19380; 215-446-3568.

I am a photographer and writer and am looking for other women who, like me, were married to or partnered with men who fought in Vietnam and continued to suffer from their war experiences after coming home and who finally took their own lives. Contact: Penny Coleman, P.O. Box 134, Prince Street Station, New York, NY 10012.

Fort Sill, Oklahoma, Artillery School, 1967. Shipped to RVN, Tuy Hoa, January 1968. First Field Forces, 5/27th Arty., 6/84th self propelled, LZ Judy, Base Camps Phan Thiet, Nha Trang. Double TETs 1968-69. Ross, Russo, Graves, Cassioli, Punksody, Cpt. Craig, Lt. Higgins. Anyone who remembers us and wants to get together. Contact: David A. Simpler, 2645 Old Field Pt. Rd., Elkton, MD 21921; 410-398-7680.

Seeking anyone who remembers Nick J. Fulmer, 4th Inf. Div., Spec4, from Norristown, Pennsylvania. KIA Pleiku, November 12, 1966. Family greatly appreciative of any contact to better understand the personal and historical context. Contact: Jim Barker, 4941 Dickinson Dr., San Jose, CA 95111; 408-226-9938.

Would like to hear from anyone who served in the 199th Inf. Bde., HQ Btry., 2/40 FA that formed in Ft. Benning, Georgia, May 1966 and went to RVN on the USS General Pope in November 1966. Need to get information to support my PTSD claim. Any unit will be okay in the same brigade that sailed with us. Contact: Bridges R. Steele, 5332 NW Columbia Ave., Lawton, OK 73505; 580-353-0843 (home); 580-536-6006 (work).

Trying to locate Robert Paul Roehmer and Terry L. Snyder, both U.S. Army, both from Baltimore, both stationed in Vietnam 1969-70, both KIA. Contact: Jack Humbertson, 2911 St. Paul St., Baltimore, MD 21206; 410-366-8885.

I am seeking Maj. John T. Moore, Capt. Jerome G. Hersch, Capt. Joseph O. Mott, SSgt. Tackett. All were assigned to the 1/46th Inf. on FSB Professional in 1969-70 except for SSgt. Tackett, 1968-70. I am trying to update my claim when I helped man the bunkers located in front of the 105 Arty. Pit while assigned with the Commo Section. This is when the FSB got pounded in May during TET and during other months. I need to verify my assignments. Contact: Danny R. Heller, 105 W. Front St., WDC 149705, Texarkana, TX 75501.

I would like to hear from anyone who was in Saigon with the 7th Fin. Disb. Sec., 1965-67. Our unit was at Tan Son Nhut, then moved into Saigon, then later to Cholon PX Compound. Especially would like to hear from Don Ceballos, Charlie Larson, Ray Brewer, Jim Grenert, and Fred Finke (Lt.). Contact: Brian Clary, 207 Dorchester Ct., Santa Rosa, CA 95403; 707-528-3626; bnebuck@jps.net

I wish to locate veterans who were treated at the USNH Philadelphia Orthopedic Ward, January 1973-74. I was a corpsman on that wardís 2nd floor and would value reconnecting with you. I always felt like I got more from that experience than you did. Thank you for what you did for a young corpsman. Contact: David Wilkerson, 3220 Silverlake Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90039; 323-665-2112.

Echo Co., 2nd Bn.,7th Mar.: looking for information on SSgt. Raymond McCumber. DOW on November 27, 1968, after being wounded on Op. Meade River. Trying to help his son. Contact: Kevin OíNeil, 318 Tontine Ave., Lyndhurst, NJ 07071; 201-939-5070; gunsupL411@cs.com

Seeking Vietnam war buddies. We were stationed in Long Thanh North, 165 Avn. Bde., 73rd Surveillance Aircraft Co., U.S. Army, 1971-72. Some names I found in my service records: Mark Krzaric, Terry McCandlish, Francis Fayne, Walter Lucas. Contact: Marshall Biache, 2113 Santiago St., San Antonio, TX 78207; 210-432-4730.

Hey, I am looking for bulletin buddies. Trying to locate and set up reunion for all USMC MPs and Guard company personnel. I was in Vietnam with Gunny Howard, 1969-70, and Henderson Hall Guard Company, 1970-72; then MP Co., 2nd Mar. Div. CLNC, 1976-80. Contact: Dave Lytle, lytledj@msn.com

Seeking anyone who remembers the battle of Vo Xo, late April or early May 1966 and possibly elements of 1st Ind. Div. casualties (29) taken to Xuan Loc TAC and later transported to Tan Son Nhut. Documentation needed to support PTSD claim. Contact: Jim R. Riesenberg, 920-459-3054; riesejrr@co.sheboygan.wi.us


Seeking former members of 1/8th Cav., E Co. Recon,Vietnam, July to October 1969. Contact: jakekubik@yahoo.com

I am searching for my cousin, Frank Napoli, born July 1949. He was a Marine and if I am not mistaken in Vietnam. His fatherís name was Joseph and his motherís, Betty June. Contact: nomwife@aol.com

2/260th, 9th Inf. Div., 1968. Seeking Doc Neal Gregerson from Texas. I need your help for PTSD claim about the night Holt got killed on night ambush. Doc Perkins, California, and the rest of you guys, drop me a line. Contact: Norman J. Lewis, 652495, 1100 F.M. 655, Rosharon, TX 77583.

Would like to talk with Capt. C.J. Wolk, Jr., Commanding Officer, or any members of Co. E, 2nd Bn., 9th Mar., 3rd Mar. Div. re: Corp. "Mack" Mohamed, KIA September 6, 1967, in Quang Tri. Contact: Leonard Mohamed, 13525 SW 112 Pl., Miami, FL 33176; 305-254-6952; poochieman@aol.com

Looking for anyone who served aboard USS Askari (ARL-30) during the Nam years and supported Mobile Riverine Force. We are looking for personnel to keep the Askari Association floating. How about that cruise to Singapore, mates? Letís keep in touch. Contact: Ace Reno, 13212 Marquette St., Cedar Lake, IN 46303; scamps50@hotman.com or USS Askari Association, 2034 Roosevelt Rd., Ypsilanti, MI 48197.

Vietnam veteran served with 3/3 Mike Co., 1968-69. Looking for pen pals or anyone who served with me. Contact: Henry N. Jones, Ellis #1 T.D.C. #304977, Huntsville, TX 77343.

Looking for classmates of the Counter Insurgency Predeployment course from the Special Operations Department, U.S. Naval Amphibious School, Coronado, California, that graduated February 1969. Especially LCDR. Carl C. Clement, senior student of Class CI-13-31. Contact: Richard L. Smith, P.O. Box 486, Hayfork, CA 96041; 530-628-5088.

I would like to know the whereabouts of Valarie Simpson, last-known duty station, Camp Butler, Okinawa, Japan, 1973-74. I would also like to get in contact with anyone from Plt. 378, Parris Island, Beret Camp. All female Marines welcome to write. Contact: Elmer Heard, BJ7605, 500 E. 4th St., Chester, PA 19013-4551.

277 S&S Bn., 563 Co.. I left Fort Lee October 1966-67, Night Crew 208th. How about the person I helped out of the fire, 139 Co., 1967-68, Vehicle Repair Park. I have slides of 208th, Repair Park Bn. and companyís areas. I donít remember names because of illness. Contact: Robert Krikava, 8428 Dixon Ridge Dr., San Antonio, TX 78239; 210-656-8287.

1st 46th, 198th Americal Div., in country October 1968. Got hit New Years Eve 1968-69 on night ambush. Hit, booby trap, company got food poisoning Christmas Eve and was sent back to base camp LZ Baldy. I was in special platoon, The ThirDaNight Ambush Team. Looking for Hunter Lawson, Country, Smithers, 13557 Mohart Rd., Saline, MI 48176; 734-429-7408.

Want to know about C.W.O. David P. Soyland. Is he dead or alive or a POW/MIA? Contact: Jerome H. Lohman, 2804 Cactus Dr., Rapid City, SD 57703.

Anyone who has copy of or name of music played on AFVN Radio at the beginning of each dayís broadcast, please let me know what it was. Contact: Parker Jarvis, 555 W. Schrock Rd., Westerville, OH 43081; pjarvis@netwalk.com

I served in 2/4th, Hotel Co., 3rd Plt., 3rd Mar. Div., November 1967 to December 1968. Incarcerated and found Jesus Christ as a saviour. Will answer all replies. Contact: Henry L. Payne, 036113, M.B.54-F3110L, M.C.I. 1150 SW Allapattah Rd., Indiantown, FL 34956.

Attention K-9 Handlers: I am accepting stories about courage, perseverance, and heroism by Vietnam K-9s. They will be submitted for publication in a compilation of stories titled "My Heroes Have Four Paws." Maximum length 2,000 words. Contact: Nelson Harms, 8401 Stadium Dr., Kalamazoo, MI 49009.

Incarcerated Vietnam veteran seeks to hire private investigator in Harlingen, Texas, area who is also Vietnam vet. Need to locate stateís witness who recanted previous testimony in framed up murder trial. I have been incarcerated since 1978 for crime I was wrongly convicted of. Contact: Edward Giovanni, 96746, Camp D Raven, 4-L-12, Louisiana State Prison, Angola, LA 70712.

Looking for Joe Calavetta, Co. B., 48th Arm. Inf., 3rd Arm. Div., Germany, 1961-62. Hometown: Metuchen, New Jersey. Contact: Ed Swollow, 2424 Somerset St., Philadelphia, PA 19134; 215-427-1045.

Looking for LAAM Bn. Sergeants, July 1967. Becker, Brennan, Brewton, Christensen, Cousions, Cuddyre, Eachs, Gasper, Gusda, Harp, Haynes, Horton, Jones, Leach, Moore, Morgan, Murphy, Nelson, Olson, Pardue, Pullock, Sarabia, Scheall, Slappey, Smith, Styne, Thomas, Waymire, Webster, Winston, and Yowell. Also, Steve Reynolds and Mike Parker (Dago). Contact: Richard Oass, 1727 22nd St., Kenosha, WI 53140; 262-652-7404; dickoasshill724@webtv.net

I would like any information pertaining to benefits or financial aid for my father who served in the Korean War. He went to the representative in Monroe, Louisiana, but they gave him the runaround. He has been to VFW, American Legion, and members there are having the same problem. Contact: Robert McCuin, Sr., 502 Campbell St., West Monroe, LA 71294.

Seeking information on John B. Corey. He left for Vietnam on USS Coral Sea, 1969. He was in the Navy, and I think he joined in 1968. I think his mother lived in Brooklyn, New York. I was told he died on a PT boat, but that was never confirmed. His job was to refuel jets. Contact: Shirley Bennett, 1558 Pine St., Roseburg, OR 97470-4018.

Served with 1st Mar. Div., Fox 2/5 outside Danang, 1970, and also at Camp Hansen, Okinawa, 1970-71. Presently incarcerated and would like to correspond with interested persons. I am looking forward to a release date of 2002. Contact: Morris B. Joyner, 933069 E1-1106L, Tomoka Correctional Institution, 3950 Tiger Bay Rd., Daytona Beach, FL 32124.

I am seeking any fellow vets in U.S. Army, 48th Arty., 2nd Armed Div., Svc. Btry., 1st Bn., Vietnam, July to October 1968. Please contact me about September 1968 attack outside of Pleiku when most of the unit was killed. Contact: Anthony "Tony" Knox, 4805 Summerglen Rd., Fort Worth, TX 76133, 817-292-9133 or 817-270-0699.

Seeking Bill Parnell, Battery Commander, Charlie Btry., 5th Bn., 27th Arty., 1966-67. Contact: Ronald D. Mitchell, Rt. 4, Box 787, Blanchard, OK 73010; 405-392-2053; rondo@ionet.net

Daniel J. (B.C.) Maddox has applied for PTSD compensation from the VA and needs verification of traumatic experiences while serving with VAW 124 aboard USS America (CVA66) and USS John F. Kennedy (CVA67) during classified mission, March to July 1971. Contact: Daniel J. Maddox, P.O. Box 318, Buchanan, GA 30113.

Seeking anyone who knows about or was involved with Project Pegasus, mind control at Mare Island Naval Base; Black Stripe or Operation Bedrock Stalemate. Also, if the word Orion has special meaning for you, please respond. Contact: Daniel Harr, 97891, Green Bay Correctional Institute, Box 19033, Green Bay, WI 54307-9033.

Caribou Veterans, looking for U.S. Air Force veterans who served with any C-7A Caribou unit, 1966-72. Contact: Jim Collier, 5607 Jolly Ct., Fair Oaks, CA 95628-2707; 916-966-4044; jcollier@dgweb.com; or William Avon, 729 Kaderly Ave. SW, Strasburg, OH 44560-9785; 330-878-745; veteran1@tusco.net

Incarcerated Vietnam vet needs help. Have been in prison for over 26 years for a crime I did not commit. I am not asking anyone to believe me. What I am asking is for you to write to Congress and ask for an investigation into my case. I served in Vietnam, October 1969-70, and was in Ban Me Thuot attached to the 155th Hel. Assault Co. They used the fact I served in Vietnam to help convict me. It had nothing to do with the murder charge they set me up for. , 129550, R.C.I., 18701 Roxbury Rd., Hagerstown, MD 21746-9555.

I served as a sergeant in the Army in Vietnam and am looking to communicate with anyone from 1st Air Cav., 2nd of the 8th, Echo Co. (Air Mobile), 1969-70. MOS: 11/C. Contact: Juan A. Romero, 1270 Scott Ave., El Centro, CA 92243-1779; 760-353-9131; curlis1@prodigy.net

Seeking former members of my unit from the 1/8th Cav., Co. E Recon.$>, Vietnam, July to October 1969. Contact: jakekubik@yahoo.com

Searching for John Dingess, a Marine veteran who served in 1963-64. John has two brothers, Ronnie and Doug; for a time they attended Vinson High School, Huntington, West Virginia. I have not seen John since he went back after his leave when he finished basic training. Contact: Shirley (Dean) Hesson, 1378 E. Campbell Park, Huntington, WV 25705; shirleyh@cloh.net

Hey you guys from the 47th Trans Co., Long Binh (Tanker Valley). Let me hear from you. I have located three. Contact: William J. Murphy, 615 College St., Booneville, MS 38829; 662-728-9660; ez_merf_99@yahoo.com

I would like to hear from men and women who served in Vietnam. I am writing a book called "The Forgotten Warriors of the Vietnam War," and 100 percent of the proceeds will go to Agent Orange victims and disabled men and women from the Vietnam War. Please mail me a short letter, and I will mail you a book statement. Contact: Jack Kazanjian, Sr., 222 Cosman St., Washington Township, NJ 07675; 201-664-3456.

Want to hear from anyone who was in Plt. 225, Parris. Island, April to June 1968. Also, anyone who served in 1 MAW, HMS 11, bomb dump off Hwy. 1 by Hill 32. Contact: George Marley, 16100 Space Center, #1309, Houston, TX 77062-6235; gemhms11@swbell.net

I need to locate Herman G. Zwirty, California or Nevada, John Dyes, S/Sgt.

Silva, Doc Bowman, and other eyewitnesses for statements to receive issuance of Silver and Bronze Star medals for actions of November 19, 1966, LZ Lane, Plei Djerang. Contact: Duane A. Duden, 2820 1st Ave. S., Apt. 6, Minneapolis, MN 55408-2302.

I was in Nam in 1971-72 with 101st Abn., 2/502nd Inf. I am trying to find a buddy from there, Richard McKinney. Contact: Dean L. Carr, <B>ssdcarr@aol.com

Would like to contact anyone who served with the 6th Bn., 14th Field Arty., 175MM SP, Vietnam, October 1965 to February 1966 and was at Fort Sill when unit shipped out in October 1965. Contact: Joe DiPardo, <B>josephdipardo@netscape.net

I am trying to locate an old friend, Roger Gaulden. He and my big brother went to high school together. They went to the same college and were frat brothers. Roger went to Vietnam, and when he returned he and Rick only saw each other once. Roger taught me how to drive and was like a second big brother. I have been thinking about Roger for a long time, even more since my brother died last year. Contact: Bette Rose, BRoseimmel@aol.com

I am looking for anything on the 9th Sig. Bn., 9th Inf. Div., 1966-68. Contact: Robert K. Turner, Jr., signalcorp@webtv.net

I am trying to locate anyone who served in Chu Lai with my father from the 1st Bn., 6th Inf., Americal Div., November 1968-69. He has applied for a pension and I would appreciate any help with dates and times of specific battles that your division was involved in. Contact: Kelly Carpenter, 18878 King Rd., Siloam Springs, AR 72761; 501-540-4262; vveteran@hotmail.com

Third of 8th, 4th Inf. Div., Charlie Co., 1967-68: Seeking those I served with, including Victor Coronado, Isidor Gastello (Peoria), Richardo ("Speedy") Gonzales, Richard ("Fluff") Ulmschneider (Pompano Beach, Florida). Contact: William F. McBride, 405 Pudding Ridge Rd., Mocksville, NC 27028; 336-998-3419.

Seeking Samuel Cummings, who was drafted in 1969 when he was around 26 years old. Contact: Darryl Lasker, 100 Edgewood Dr., Apt. 2223, Maumelle, AR 72113; 501-212-6834 (work); 501-851-0823 (home); laskerda@ar-arng.army.mil

Incarcerated Vietnam veteran who served with A Co., 3rd Military Police Bn., 3rd Mar. Div., would like to hear from brothers from "Rolling Thunder, Inc." and any Marine Corps leaguers. Also, 3rd Mar. Div. Assoc. or Marine Corps Assoc. Contact: Anthony Muni, DP-0343, Box-A, Cresson, PA 16699-0001; 814-886-8181.

Looking for 6/29FA personnel based in Tuy Hoa, October 1966. Also, 4th Inf. Div. Arty. personnel assigned as supporting 6/29F,A such as 5/16FA (155mm), Divarty Searchlight personnel, 6th 29th FA personnel, 1/8th Inf., 2/8th Inf. Join the Spotswood DeWitt Chapter, 6/29FA Association. Contact: Don Cox, 1614 NW Beechwood Dr., Lawton, OK 73505-2945; 580-357-6783; dkkcox@aol.com

I am trying to locate anyone who knew Capt. Briggs Kinney (Joe) Sicilia, 1st Log Cmd. He was originally from Santa Rosa, California, and was killed January 1, 1969, in Gia Dinh, South Vietnam. His death is listed as "nonhostile, ground casualty, accidental homicide." Would like to know details of his death or make contact with his widow, Audrey, or adopted daughter. Contact: Thomas A. Lathe, 26136 Fincher Dr., Rapidan, VA 22733, 540-672-3463; tlathe@gte.net

I am trying to find anyone who was in Plt. 3093 MCRD, San Diego, October to December 1968. Need to get a copy of platoon graduation book and photo. Contact: Joseph M. DePauw, c/o Mrs. M. Asher, 3117 Crane Pl., Hammond, IN 46323.

Looking for information on fragging of Sgt. Ralph C. Torres at Lai Khe, second tour, 1969-70. All is forgiven. My job was to keep you alive. If I rode herd on you it was for your own good. I have a hearing loss but no PTSD. Have the courage of your convictions. Speak and relieve your PTSD. Contact: Ralph C. Torres, 21500 Highway 28, Dixon, MO 65459; 573-336-4354.

I am writing a book about my adventures in Vietnam, 1965-66. I did not have a camera and I need pictures that can be used of Camp Holloway and downtown Pleiku during that time frame. I will give full credit in the event it is published. Contact: Joe Levad, 2805 18th S.W., Mason City, IA 50401; 515-423-6136; joelevad@netconx.net

Frank Vespa and I got out of the Army in 1973 and promised to look each other up. His family told me he was last heard from in a hospital in New York, 1976-77. Contact me if you know his whereabouts. Contact: Robert E. Rigler, AF-7750, P.O. Box 244, Graterford, PA 19426.

I would like to get in contact with as many of the members from Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota who were in my Army Basic Training Platoon, Co. A, 4th Bn., 3rd Bde., 4th Plt. under Plt. Sgt. Eubanks, Fort Bliss, Texas, November 6, 1966, to January 13, 1967. Contact: Robert "Bobby" Magee, 3610 Gladstone Ave., Butte, MT 59701; 406-494-1427; rbmmagee@in-tch.com

1st Plt., Co. B., 1st/327th Inf., 101st Abn., 1969-70: Looking for Joel Kriss, Steven Schultz, Gerald Ludan, Gomer Trent, Kevin McLaughlin, Stephen Baldwin, Ed White, and anyone else who cares for photo and information exchange. Contact: Erick W. Miller, 8156 Shorewood Dr., Salem, WI 53168-9546; 262-889-8345.


I am trying to file a claim with VA. I need information and help. My father, Lennie Devon Satterfield, passed away from Agent Orange. He served in Vietnam, 1968, 25th Inf., 4th Plt., Co. A, 3rd Bn., 1st Bde. Also served with 387th Trans Co. (TS), 304th S&S Co., 560th Lt. Maint. He trained at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, USATC (3155). Contact: Shawn Satterfield, One Mountainside Way, Mount Olive, WV 25185.

Seeking Manuel "Rich" Alvarado, USAF, Air Police, at Langley AFB, Virginia, till May 1968 then Bien Hoa AFB, RVN. Native of California. I was his roommate. I was at Pleiku AB, 633 SPS K-9. Contact: John R. Wetzel, 257 W. Market St., Middleburg, PA 17842; 570-837-6221; p:1@webtv.net

Seeking anyone who served in Co. A, 1/12 Cav. (AM), An Khe, July-August 1966. Contact: Jerry Watts, P.O. Box 385, Planada, CA 95365; 209-382-0759.

Attention Seabees from CBMU-302 who served with me in Vietnam, 1968-69, Cam Ranh Bay. Looking for SW2 Joe Tabler, GMG2 James L. "Gunner" Oritz, EA2 Guy Fisher, SK2 Bryson, YN2 Simmons, SK1 Jim Rush, EO1 Geerdes, or any Seabee from the unit. Contact: Frank M. "Purple" Hayes, 2441 Cedar St., Millville, NJ 08332; 856-825-5364.

Trying to locate anyone in the 62nd Eng. Bn., H-H-9 Co. A, B, C, D, 1965-66. We left from Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri, and sailed on the USS Blatchford to Nam. Remembering Phan Rang. Contact: Sergio C. Prezioso, 1114 8th St., N. Bergen, NJ 07047; 201-865-5961.

Dapper Dan searching for any Bien Hoa Bad Boys from the 34th Eng., 1967-68. Contact: LZ, 14905 Fairway, Livonia, MI 48154-5106.

Looking for men who served with Co. C, 2/7th Cav., 1st Cav. Div., September 1969 to November 1970. Anxious to hear from anyone who served with the company. Having problems remembering names of men I served with. Contact: Charles (Chico) Myers, 102 Upland Ave., Apt. B-6, Horsham, PA 19044-2766; 215-675-7483.

I am looking for AS-1 Kenneth Copeland who served with me aboard USS Saipan LHA-2, 1989-90. I lost track of him after he left Norfolk. Last-known location, somewhere in Alabama. He is my brother. Contact: Robert Abendschan, 30 Administration Rd., Bridgewater, MA 02324.

Anyone with Americal B-5-46, 198th LIB, May 1968, LZ Gator, Chu Lai. I was an RTO. Contact: Steve Cross, 10282 Asbury Rd., Le Roy, NY 14482-8911.

We are looking for all our buddies from A/2/12, 4th Div., 1966-67. Contact: Bill Comeau, 372 Brooklawn Ave., New Bedford, MA 02745; bccorral@aol.com

Looking for AIC (E4) Rick DeBoer (Buddah), Bien Hoa, 1964-65, TDY from 405th F.M.S. Eng. Shop, B-57s. We last had contact in 1972-73 at Kadena Mac Terminal. Are still vertical, breathing, and taking nourishment. Letís verify some volunteer time we did together. Need the contact or anyone who knows his whereabouts. Contact: Jerry Hilgeman, P.O. Box 1525, Alamogordo, NM 88311.

Would like to hear from long-ago high school friend, John Hendricks from Santa Rosa, California, who served in Vietnam. I served with the 1st Cav., Korea, 1963-64. Contact: Jack Payne, 3023 W. Vassar, Visalia, CA 93277.

USAF C130s TAC, 1965-70, Aircraft Maint. We did TDY all over the world, especially S.E.A. I was a propman from Lockbourne AFB to CCK Taiwan, all over S.E.A. Where is everyone? Letís get together before its too late. Lots of Herky Bird memories. Contact: B. Rummel, P.O. Box 87, Paris, OH 44669; BRummel@Alliancelink.com

I am looking for Don Frishkorn, Bob Flemming, Steve Hogan, Jimmy Jordan who served with me in Marine Maint. Activity, Vietnam (MMAV) or anyone who served with the Sea Barons. I was with the detachments in Cam Ranh and Long Binh, December 1970 to March 1972. Contact: John J. Paton, 3956 Jefferson St., Riverside, CA 92504; 909-688-2990; commjohn1@aol.com

I am honorably discharged from the Army. I spent four years as a cook. I am confined and I lost my mother. No family of my own. I seek pen pans. Will answer all letters. Please be a friend to a lonely, locked down vet. Contact: Ray Shawn S. Green, 212-560, P.O. Box 4571-7A, Lima OH 45802.

I am trying to locate a Navy Corpsman who was stationed at Camp Carter, near Marble Mt. I believe his name was P. John Brown. I was stationed there from September 1968 to October 1969. I was attached to base security. Contact: John F. Haldeman, P.O. Box 494, Elmhurst, IL 60126-0494.

Looking for two hat pins. I have a picture of "Dust Off, Fear, Tears & Nightmares." Across the top it has all the units that were in Vietnam. I have been looking for these pins for two years. The pins are the original Dust Off, 57th Med. Det., Hel-AMB, and the other one is 498th Dust Off. Contact: R.L. Chism, 1317 Devonport Dr., Apt. 5, Lexington, KY 40504-1528; 606-252-9912.

I would like to hear from anyone who was with Co. L Rangers. My records were lost and I am trying to establish a claim. I need to hear from anyone I served with and receive an affidavit of where and about what areas we were in. Contact: Timothy C. Cieszlak, 1017 Wallen, Midland, MI 48642; 517-631-6217; t.cieszlak@aol.com

Need to locate TSgt. James Garrett, SSgt. Johnny J. Gil, AIC Larry Harris, Sgt. Antony Robinson, SSgt. Joe F. Williams, SSgt. Robert L. Woods, or anyone who remembers a terrorist attack in downtown Saigon on February 28, 1971, in which 18 airmen were injured, to help with PTSD claim. Contact: Eugene F. Tucker, 326 Hampton Ave., Calhoun Falls, SC 29628; 864-447-9219.

Trying to locate Capt. Mixon, CO, A Btry., 2nd Bn., 94th Arty. during Operation Dewey Canyon II, Lam Son 719, spring 1971. Grateful SP4 would like to say, "Thanks, Cap." Contact: Gary Rafferty, 220 Webster St., Hudson, NH 03051; 603-882-5824; Maddog7337@aol.com

Looking for Ron Meyers or anyone who served with me in Chu Lai, 1969-70, 313 Radio Research Bn. Also, anyone in my class at Ft. Devons, Massachusetts, 1969, Officer Basic, ASA. We all got shipped out together to Nam after refusing to extend our tour a year. You know who you are. Contact: Jarvis "Skip" Williams, 12408 High Dr., Leawood, KS 66209; 913-491-3554; jwilliamsdvm@hotmail.com

I am looking for anyone who served in 1970-71 with Co. C, 2nd Bn., 327th Inf., 101st Abn. All of my addresses and names were lost when I went on R&R. Contact: Ken Hebel, 45 Rosetta, Auburn Hills, MI 48326; 248-452-2559; kenhebel@hotmail.com

Looking for Danny Woods, who served in Vietnam, 1971-72, Danang, F Trp., 17 Cav. (Camp Faulkner), last residence in North Carolina, or anyone else I served with. Also, the nasty Indian, New York, Frank Gadgeo. Contact: Louis Pascarella, 5701 Gulf Rd., Chittenango, NY 13037-9616; 315-687-7020.

I am looking for anyone who has cancer due to Agent Orange. I was in the Iron Triangle on and off from 1967-68 with the LRRPs. The VA does not recognize my claim. Please help me out. Contact: Peter J. Husting, 510886 Ellis I, J24, Huntsville, TX 77343.

Seeking Brig. Gen. Fred Davison (retired). I was Gen. Davisonís interpreter and translator during the Vietnam War. My unit was Interrogation of Prisoners of War, 179th Military Intelligence Detachment, 199th Light Inf. Bde., U.S. Army, Long Binh, Vietnam. Contact: Vy Can Ngo, 130 Elisabeth Ave., Monterey Park, CA 91755; 626-307-8345.

Trying to reach Alex Hudson from South Texas. He was with Echo Co., 2nd Bn., 5th Mar. He was wounded in December 1966 on an operation out of An Hoa and medevaced to the U.S. Recently found a letter he wrote from the hospital at Lackland AFB. Contact: John Peterson, 5980 Rio Vista Ln., Carson City, NV 89701.

I am looking for anyone who was with Co. B., 2/60, 9th Inf. Div., Tan An, spring to winter 1967. Contact: Hugh Blaikie, 5004 Melrose Wy., Hoover, AL 35221; 205-444-9913.

Looking for anyone from Co. C, 4th Bn., 9th Inf., 25th Div. (Manchu), January to September 1967. I was FO assigned to 3rd Plt. Particularly Bruce "Smitty" Smith and Lt. Tom Early. Also looking for information on how my RTO, Dennis Guuch, was KIA. I was WIA August 6, 1967. Contact: Ron Scribner, 1035 Via Formia, Punta Gorda, FL 33950; 941-639-0942.

Looking for a Company roster of basic training for Charlie Co., 1st Bn., 1st (BCT) Bde., 1st Div., 5th Army, Ft. Polk, Louisiana, June 22 to September 1, 1972. Looking for 1st Lt. Richard J. Reno, Pfc Stanberry, Houston, Sgt. E.S. Ray Sam, Chicago, Pvt. Grimes, Albuquerque, Pvt. Black, Cleveland, Pvt. Davis, Cleveland, Riverra and Hernandez, New York or Arizona, or company that printed photos in yearbooks. Contact: Ronald Lee Wallace, 2459 S. Seneca Ave., Alliance, OH 44801; 330-823-7510; 330-821-0025.

I am an investigative reporter researching the fate of the thousands of men who risked their lives in Vietnam but were later discharged on terms other than honorable for drug use. Contact: Carl Doerner, 24A Whitehill Rd., East Ryegate, VT 05042.

The 196th LIB Assn. is trying to locate all members and attached members, 1965-72. Also trying to locate all members of Co. B, 3rd Bn., 21st Inf., 196th LIB, 1965-72, for membership. Contact: Ron Davis, Box 269, Fountain City, IN 47341; 765-847-2385; rd1066@aol.com

I am looking for shipmates who served on the USS Virgo or USS Mars in the Deck Dept., September 1970 to May 1972, in the Vietnam War to help me with a service-connected pension disability. Contact: Paul Wilson, 811 S. Water St., #16, Silverton, OR 97381; 503-873-7647.

Counterparts is an association of former advisors and their comrades in Southeast Asia, 1954-75. Membership is open to military and civilian personnel who participated in the "other" war affecting Vietnam. For information, visit our web site at http://www.counterparts.net. Contact:

Counterparts, P.O. Box 819, Woodstock, IL 60098-0819.

Gary P. Norman, wounded July 1, 1969; John Walch, Jim Brown, John Crychezek, wounded July 2, 1969. Looking for you guys and others from Co. A, 3rd of 1st, 11th LIB, Americal Div. Also, any guys from 1st of 1st Cav. who were with us July 2, 1969. I was on the lead track with Sgt. McCoy and the new guys. Contact: Robert J. Miller, 67 Gannett Rd., Farmington, NY 14425; 716-924-5296.

Veteran, U.S. Army, 1980-84, honorable discharge, serving life sentence, would like to write to anyone who would like a pen pal. All replies answered. I prefer to write to other veterans as I have a hobby of military history. Contact: Gove Robert, DC# 184383, Dorm B1-117U; Taylor Correctional Institution, P.O. Box 1728, Perry, FL 32348.

I am looking for a doctor who patched up my dad, CW2 John F. Bingham, at 36th Evac. Hospital, Vung Tau, Vietnam. Dad was a patient January and August 1970. The doctor was Capt. D. Phillips and was a plastic surgeon in civilian life. Contact: Jeanie Bingham, 14725CR173N, Kilgore, TX 75662; 903-981-0053; jeaniesparky@aol.com

Seeking the family of Larry Langford, SFC Army, KIA 1969 or 1970. I am the daughter of SFC Marshall E. Robertson, KIA 1969. Larry was a buddy of my father and I would like to locate his family. Contact: Patricia Robertson Wilson, 1701 N. Pelham Rd., Atlanta, GA 30324; pwilson@bayless.com

I would like to locate Thomas C. Repel, assuming he is agreeable. He was Army E05 0095B40 and was from Chicago. I am trying to return a letter that he wrote me over 30 years ago when I was in 5th grade. Our school sent letters to the GIs in Vietnam. I have treasured this letter for many years and I would like to return it to him. Contact: Greg Murphy gsmurphy@uswest.net

I am looking for anyone who was assigned in the 128th Assault Helicopter Co., June 1966 to July 1967. Also looking for anyone who was assigned to Headquarters and Headquarters Trp., 2nd of the 17th Cav. of the 101st Abn., Camp Eagle, June 1969 to February 1970. Contact: David G. Gerber, 5414 Kelling St., Davenport IA 52806.

Looking for anyone who served with Tom A. Rogers from Arcata, California. He was drafted March 1967; basic at Ft. Polk, Louisiana; SP4 in Vietnam, 4th Inf. Div., Co. C, 8th Inf. His family is looking for information. He was killed by a drunk driver and his family would like to know a bit about his military life. Contact: John W. Chaney, 9763 W. 67th Pl., Arvada, CO 80004; brovietnam@hotmail.com

1st Comradco Marines: I need statements for PTSD claim. Those I served with at Pleiku 1962 and Phu Bai 1963. Need to verify my "additional duties" as Vietnamese linguist with "spook types," Pleiku and U.S. Army, Phu Bai. Contact: David Reinhardt, 3531 N. Zircon Dr., Prescott Valley, AZ 86314; 520-772-2802.

I have a PTSD claim pending and would like to contact anyone who can help me remember the events of September 16 to October 15, 1967, when I flipped out. AR 635-212, SPN 264, Co. C, 20th Eng. Bn. (CBt), APO 96318, USARV. Contact: Robert W. Konvicka, 138829, Marquette Branch Prison, Trusty Division, US 41 South, Marquette, MI 49855.

Richard Fox needs stressor proof for PTSD claim. He served from September 1966 to August 1967 with Btry. D and Headquarters and Service Btry., 5th Bn., 16th Arty., Vietnam. Needs to verify any combat-related stressors that occurred during that time concerning incoming rounds, fire fights, and other events. Contact: James W. Stanley, Jr., Attorney at Law, 600 W. Fourth St., N. Little Rock, AR 72114; 501-372-3131; 501-372-3825 (fax); jstan35852@aol.com

I am looking for my uncle, Nguyen Kim Bong, ex-helicopter pilot, Sikorsky H 34, Vietnamese Air Force, Tan Son Nhut Air Base. Contact: Jean Claude LeFranc, 4, Avenue Vaucanson, 93370 Montfermeil, France; jeanclaude-lefranc@libertysurf.fr

I am trying to locate Donald Schaff from Indiana who served with Co. C, 2nd Bn., 18th Inf., 1st Inf. Div, 1966. Contact: Hubert L. Townley, 4865 Lower Jersey Rd., Oxford, GA 30054; 770-786-5818; htownley@bellsouth.net.

Anybody who served with 2/40 FA, January 1968-69. We were assigned to the 199th Light Inf. Bde. I was the RTO for Charlie Btry.ís FO and we called in fire for an infantry company in the 199th LIB from February to December 1968. Anybody who can help me with a stressor letter, please write, call, or e-mail. Contact: Alf Key, Oklahoma Department of Veteran Affairs, P.O. Box 33326, Ft. Sill, OK 73503; 580-353-1131, ext. 4071; rwkelso@hotmail.com

I a trying to locate Anthony Walls. He and I went afloat on a West Pac Cruise, 1982-83. I had served in Fox Co. and he served in Motor Transport. After contingency operations in Beirut, I made a lateral transfer, and we never saw each other again. Contact: Donald J. Tyner, ID# 230-815, 13800 McMullen Hwy., P.O. Box 5500, Cresaptown, MD 21505.

E-mail us at TheVeteran@vva.org

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