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February 2000/March 2000


A VVA Staff Report

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Looking for anyone who served with John E. Williams on board USS Hopewell (DD-681), October 1964 to December 1965. Looking for Harry Drazic, he was in 2nd Div., then went Gun Div. Wifes name was Jeanie, from Hawaii. Drazic was from Chicago. Also looking for James Blevins from Tennessee. Contact: John E. Williams, Jr., 7922 Hwy 702, Ninety Six, SC 29666; 864-543-2827.

I am looking for any vets who served around Tuy Hoa Air Force Base, 1967, Christmas Eve. I was with the 119th Trans. out of Vung Ro Bay and need confirmation of some events of that night. Contact: Howard Terry, 2715 Lilac Dr., N.W., Cleveland, TN 37312; 423-479-9922; nterryl@gateway.com

Want to hear from members of Gun Mount 51 aboard the USS Higbee (DD-806) and others who were part of Operation Freedom Train to the last active duty crew aboard Higbee. Gilbert Artiaga from Albuquerque, where are you? Contact: Eugene E. Lopez B677970, P.O. Box 698, Manassa, CO 81141; 719-580-7794.

I served with the Clear Water Mine Sweep Div., Cav-Viet, on the DMZ, August 1968-69. Would like to hear from anyone who was with us there. Also would like any pictures. Contact: Delbert Goben, 2108 S.17th St., St. Joseph, MO 64503; 816-232-4329; jag7650@ccp.com

Navy Corpsman Doc Lasko, where are you? We were captured near Danang, 1967. You were shot through the shinbone and we were both left for dead by the NVA. I carried you back to our lines the next day. I have thought of you for 32 years. Contact: Dale Hettmansperger, 7860 Madison Rd., Hesperia, MI 49421; 231-854-6908.

I am interested in contacting any officers who served with USNMCB-5, 1967-69. Contact: Robert Duff, P.O. Box 91, Chavies, KY 41727.

Seeking to reconnect with former shipmates or Marines whom I served with during my Navy tours, such as: NAVHOSP, Portsmouth, Virginia, and Philadelphia; Vietnam; NAVCOMSTA, NEAMAKRI, Greece; USS Howard W. Gilmore (AS-16). Anyone know Ken Banner, HM3, or Frank Parisi, DT3? Contact: George P. Georgiades; 1229 Chestnut St., Apt. 1108; Philadelphia, PA 19107-4146; 215-640-0693.

Need to verify stressors for PTSD claim. 1st Force Recon Co., Phoenix Operations; adviser, 83rd Ranger Bn., 1969-72. POW for 23 months. My district-level Phoenix officer was Frank Sinkovitz and Dennis Ceriesi, USMC advisers. All my records burned in the fire. Also seeking people I served with in SOG, such as Merv Smith, USMC. Contact: Dan Jones; c/o P.F.C.H.A., 38 Short St., Harrisburg, PA 17109; 717-657-3991.

4th Div., 1st/22nd Inf., Pleiku, 1966-67. William J. Sewell, Jr., of Savannah, Georgia, and David Jenkins, please contact me. Contact: Nathaniel Mungin, P.O. Box 6168; Bronx, NY 10451; 718-292-7531.

Looking for vets who served with me in 23rd M.P. Co. at Chu Lai or Hawk Hill, 1969-70. Also looking for vets I served with on my second tour with D Trp., 1st Squadron, 1st Cav. with the Americal Div., Scout Plt. Door Gunners, 1970-71; Capt. Austin, Duane Sather, Dave Jackson, I was the MP assigned to D Trp., November 1970 to March 1971. Contact: Bill Tucker; 902 Main St., Cleveland, IL 61241; 309-792-3421.

I was with 360th Trans. Co., Cam Ranh Bay, March 1968 to February 1969. Seeking Roberta Freel, Gary (who lost a brother in RVN and who also was in boot camp with me at Ft. Lewis, Washington) or others who served with me for PTSD claim. Contact: Mike Klaesson, P.O. Box 1084, Libby, MT 59923-1084; 406-293-4773.

I am trying to locate Robert Santiago from Staten Island, New York, I think. We did A.I.T., Fort Polk, Louisiana, April 10, 1969, M.O.S. 76A10, then off to Vietnam, Qui Nhon ammo dump, June 10, 1969. M.O.S. changed to 11B10: four months tower guard duty, then off to Pleiku, the last time I saw him. Contact: Ronnie Stasinos, 70 West St., Harrison, NY 10528; 914-835-0708.

I am looking for veterans who served with my brother John J. Sadlowski, of Easthampton, Massachusetts. John was in Vietnam 1971-72 with the Army. John passed away November 1999 from non-Hodgkins lymphoma. His mother, two sisters, and brother would like some information in dealing with this situation. Contact: Mary A. Sadlowski, 31 Chapin St., Easthampton, MA 01027.

Looking for Albert Marcum who served with 1st Cav., later stationed at Ft. Sam Houston, Texas, 507th Medical Det., 1968-69. Married Linda Lane from Arkansas. Been trying to locate you for many years. Contact: Ron Martin, 61089 N. Tranquility, Lacombe, LA 70445; 504-882-6247.

I am looking for veterans who served with me in Vietnam with the 554 Red Horse Sqd. in Phan Rang, 1966-67. Contact: Ricardo Leal, Jr., 1338 NW Ash, Lawton, OK 73507.

I am looking for Vincent Murphy. He was a good friend of my cousin, Marine PFC Daniel John Orlikowski, who was KIA March 7, 1967, while on patrol near Quang Ngai. He served in the 2nd Bn., 7th Mar., 1st Mar. Div. Contact: Walter R. Orlikowski, 6576 Mason Rd., Athens, WI 54411; 715-257-7833.

Would like to contact anyone who served with PFC Howard H. Mayer, Co. E, 1st Bn., 11th Inf., 5th Inf. Div., KIA December 3, 1968. Contact: John L. Hall, 58 E. Oak Ave., Moorestown, NJ 08057; 856-234-2873; jhall58@aol.com

I would like to know what happened to the 569th Eng. Co. (Topo) (Corp) after October 1967. I came home then on emergency leave because of family trouble. I was the company motor sgt. and Capt. Paul W. Woodbury was CO when I left Nha Trang. I was there June 1966 to October 1967. Contact: Joseph Knickerbocker, Sr., 4056 N. 80th Dr., Phoenix, AZ 85033-3509.

Would like to hear from former medics, crews, and pilots of MEDEVAC, 3rd Bde. (Separate), 1st Cav. Div., Bien Hoa, 1971-72. Pat Cardinal, Glenn Torres, Max Bullen, Tony Little, Eric Traub, Terry Haufpaur, Marty Martin, Mr. Tayor. Contact: Doug Campbell; c/o 389 Monaco Ave., Union City, CA 94587; 510-487-9205 (message)

Looking for anyone who served with C Btry., 2/94th Arty., at J.J. Carrol, LZ Nancy. I was the detailman, ammo carrier, and even RTO on Op in December 1968 west of Hue. Built CP on J.J. Carrol, bunkers on Nancy. My tour was from February 1968-69. Contact: James Dowling, P.O. Box 693, Marmora, NJ 08223; 609-390-0552; kb2tlb@worldnet.att.net

Vietnam service, 1965-69. Landed September 1965. Red Beach One, Johnson City (Danang). Assigned to 3rd Shore Party Bn., 3rd Mar. Div. HQ at Hill 327. Classified courier with S-2 and Helicopter Support teams in Valiant Hunt, Harvest Moon, Lancaster I and II, teams at Rockpile, LZ Stud. Time with teams at Khe Sanh, 881, 861. Looking for anyone from Shore Party Bn., 1965-69. With 2nd Bn., 26th Mar. HST unit during all major ops until January 21, 1969. Radio handle at 99.99 Prc-25 was "Mountain Thunder." Looking for other leathernecks during this time and units. Semper Fi. Contact: B.D. "Buddy" Cochran 766009, Unit 7 B-2, Washington State Penitentiary, Walla Walla, WA 99362.

Vietnam vet, 1967-68. 602 Fighter Sqd., Udorn, Thailand, crew chief, AIE Sky Raiders, nicknamed "Sandies." Desperately need legal assistance. Have been convicted of a crime I did not commit. I can prove it with help. I have lost everything I owned, no funds, I have been denied my constitutional rights. Contact: Larry E. Box 207421 6-C-236, Northeast Correctional Center, 13698 Airport Rd., Bowling Green, MO 63334.

Special Forces personnel in country, 1964: Capt. Vernon W. Gillespie, Jr., Lawton, Oklahoma, Capt. Richard Haskell, Old Town, Maine, Maj. Edwin E. Brooks, Belleville, Michigan, or anyone involved with the Mountain Tribesmen (Montagnard) Revolt 1964, I have the January 1965 issue of National Geographic. Interested in obtaining this issue? Contact: Richard P. Knight 311163, 59 Darrington Rd., Rosharon, TX 77583.

Incarcerated vet who has been incarcerated since December 1984 looking forward to getting out sometime in 2000. Participated in operations Frequent Winds and Eagle Pull in the evacuation of Saigon and Phnom Penh. Graduated from USMC 2060, San Diego. Looking for pen pals. All letters will be greatly appreciated. Contact: Donald N. Williams 076618, Taylor Correctional Institute, P.O. Box 1728, A2-141S, Perry, FL 32348.

We entered Nam on the same day. We were both assigned to B Troop, 1/9 Cav., 1st Air Cav. Div. We both had 16 days left in country and 9 days left in the field. We were in the same platoon and were both sitting on the end of a cot when a bullet exploded into his head. Before I left the field, I was told my friend Al Greene (the only name I can remember from my tour, 1967-68) was still alive. If you know Al or how I can find his spirit and closure, please contact me. Contact: Daniel G. Watson D-10893; P.O. Box 689, E-325, Soledad, CA 93960-0689.

Looking for Howard Ridley from Eugene, Oregon. You wrote my family a great letter after I was seriously wounded in April 1969. I have always wanted to say thanks. Contact: William J. Ogden, 698 Cattail Rd., Livingston Manor, NY 12758; 914-482-4526.

Would like to hear from anyone who served in the 24th Eng. Bn., Furth/Nurenberg, Germany, 1967-68, Johnson Barracks and surrounding area. Also would like to locate Raphael Weinstein, last known in Philadelphia. Contact: Frank J. Brad 500854, 1100 FM 655, Rosharon, TX 77583-8817.

I would like to contact anyone who served with me in Vietnam, 1969-70, B Co., 1st/12 Air Cav., 1st Cav. Div. I was on LZ Button and LZ Grand. My nickname was Fast Eddie. Contact: Eddie Lee Windham, Jr., P.O Box 306; Natalbany, LA 70451; 504-543-0329.

Seeking Charles M. Houston, Capt USAF, who flew an O-2 and was shot down in 1972. He was rescued by an Army OH-6. Our city recently renamed its airport after the Army pilot, Lt. Dexter Florence, and we would like to talk to Capt. Houston. Contact: Larry Cain, 920 N. 26th, Arkadelphia, AR 71923; 870-246-7505 or 870-836-2939.

Vietnam vet, 25th Inf. Div., Combat Eng. Incarcerated, seeking pen pal. Will answer all. Contact: Charles Freeman P-20226, P.O. Box 1070-E2-82, Soledad, CA 93960.

Incarcerated veteran, 25+ years, U.S. Marine, Plt. 209 (PI), Vietnam, 1st FSR/FLC, Salvage Yard, Civil Affairs, Convoys-North, 1969-70. Little memory of fellow Marines. Doing PTSD research, need contact with anyone who remembers me. Contact: Leo G. Farland W-34867, P.O. Box 73--BSCC, Norfolk, MA 02056.

I am looking for members of the 196th Avn. Co. that started at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, in 1966 and went to Qui Nhon, Vietnam, in 1967. I left Vietnam in 1968. Contact: John H. Brewer, 5023 State Rt. 7 South, Gallipolis, OH 45631; 740-446-6505.

Looking for anyone who knew my brother, Michael O. Snow, Co. C, 504th M.P. Bn. (A), APO 96495, stationed at Quang Tri Combat Base, April 1969 to March 1970. Michael is deceased and I am his oldest sister. Contact: Faie Shepard, 140 Middle Rd., Brandon, VT 05733.

I am trying to locate anyone who knew my father, SP4 Randall H. Loy, Co. E, 1st Bn., 12th Inf., 4th Div. KIA September 4, 1968, near Ban Me Thuot. I was a small child and am unable to recall him. Contact: Bridget-Loy Shepherd, 2320 Main St., Lafayette, IN 47904.

Trying to locate anyone who served with 7th Motors, 1969-70, especially those of Charlie Co. We were stationed in Quang Tri. Lloyd Spivey, Ron "Twiggy" Howard and anyone else who remembers the night of August 31, 1969. Also, friends from Plt. 3050, Parris Island, November 1968 to January 1969. Please contact me, I need to know if you are all right. Contact: Steve Faye, P.O. Box 6067, Rutland, VT 05702; 802-773-7305.

Seeking anyone from E Co., 2/39th Recon, Juliet Plt., 9th Inf. Div., September 1967 to January 1968. Also, anyone from Anteaters HQ Co., 2/39 Avn. Sec., January 1968 to September 1968. Contact: Norman R. Holst, Jr., 169 W. Fern St., Philadelphia, PA 19120-1954; 215-927-4958; poet41447@aol.com

Need help with PTSD claim: Anyone stationed with me at Phu Cat, Vietnam, February 1968-69, Air Force Trans. Sq. Have had a stroke and cannot remember names and need dates. Contact: Kenneth R. Murray, 7018 Isabella Dr., Alexandria, LA 71301; 318-445-9031.

Trying to locate members of Co. C, 14th Combat Eng. Bn., 18th Eng. Bde. We were located on LZ Nancy, February 1969-70. I had a nickname, "Young Blood." Contact: Kevin W. Kennedy, 2063 Jackson Ave., Seaford, NY 11783; 516-785-0475.

I am trying to locate Charles Proctor from Atlanta, Georgia. Last-known residence was Logans Port. I served with him in 1963-64 in the 82nd Abn. Div. During that period he went to Vietnam. Contact: Richard Liljeblad, 1561 Lago, Apt. 2, San Mateo, CA 94403; 650-854-4737 or 650-357-1955.

I am trying to locate anyone who knew Capt. Briggs Kinney (Joe) Sicilia, 1st Log Cmd. He was originally from Santa Rosa, California, and was killed January 1, 1969, in Gia Dinh, South Vietnam, listed as nonhostile, ground casualty, accidental homicide. Would like to know details of his death or make contact with his widow, Audrey, or step daughter. Contact: Thomas A. Lathe, 26136 Fincher Dr., Rapidan, VA 22733; 540-672-3463; 540-672-3463; tlathe@gte.net

3rd Bn., 22nd Inf.: Searching for Robert Lee Begley, last-known address, Rosamond, California. Also, Raymond J. Moody III: same company; had basic together, lives in Macon, Georgia, or Alabama, June 25, 1969. Also, I have valuable info 1970-71 for 1st Bn. (M), 5th Inf.; 2nd, 12th Inf.; Co. F, 75th Rangers; 3rd, 4th Cav. Longing to hear from you. Contact: James E. Dixon; P.O. Box 638; Cedar Grove, WV 25039; 304-595-3887.

I need a statement for a PTSD claim when Co. C, 1st Bde., 7th Inf. went to Vietnam. Any information on events, casualties, names, and when this company got wiped out. I need any information on stressful events this unit was involved in the early to mid 1960s. I need daily activities, rocket and mortar and ground attacks. Also, any stressful events when this unit was in Germany, 1960-63. Contact: Lamar Patton 667193, 3060 F.M. 3514 (Stiles Unit) Beaumont, TX 77705

I am looking for Al Ritter, Ski, Keith, and Jim Moore who served with "Cockeyes," H&MS16/MAG16, Marble Mountain, Vietnam, 1970-71. Contact: Craig Couturier, 121 N. West St., Bainbridge, GA 31717; 912-248-2663

I would like to hear from anyone who served with me in 517th Eng. Co., July 1968-69, at Hai Van Pass, Can Tho, and Soc Trang. Contact: Larry Hatfield, Box 2, North Matewan, WV 25688; 304-426-8568.

My brother, Julian Marin, was killed in action in Operation Manhattan, which took place in the Boi Loi Woods/Cu Chi area. He was in Co. C, 25th Inf. Div., April 1967. He died April 28, 1967, while returning from night patrol. I am seeking men who served with him or remember him. I would like any information on my brother or how he died. Contact: Manuel R. Marin; 5904 Sunland St., Bakersfield, CA 93304; 661-397-5505; raqmarin@netzero.net

Trying to find 1st Lt. Mike Carey, former CO, H&S Co., 3/5 1st Mar. Div., Sgt. Doug Wilcox and Cpl. Steve Twomey, 60mm mortars, M/3/5, and Sgt. Bob Partin, M/3/5, or anyone I served with in Vietnam. My name in the Marine Corps was Larry Clinton Cornell. I am incarcerated under the name Clarence C. Stout. I need help regarding my Vietnam service. Contact: Clarence C. Stout 855918, W.V.C.F., POB 111, E-402, Carlisle, IN 47838.

Trying to find (Blue Spader) Larry Wright, stationed in Phouc Vihn, Co. C, 1/26 Inf., 1965-66. You knew my husband, Bobby Joe Shockley. I have a picture of the two of you together on R&R. Contact: Estella Shockley at eshoc@aol.com

Ron Caldwell needs to get in touch with Thomas Scott Reno from Van Nuys, California, and Roger Allen from Wisconsin. They served in the 1st R&R Co. at Cam Ranh Bay, 1967-68. Are you guys out there anywhere? Contact: Estella Shockley at eshoc@aol.com

Seeking anyone who knows about or who was involved with Project Pegasus, mind control at Mare Island Naval Base, Black Stripe, or Operation Bedrock Stalemate. Also, if the word Orion has special meaning for you, please respond. Contact: Daniel Harr 97891, Green Bay Correctional Institute, Box 19033, Green Bay, WI 54307-9033.

630th Ord Co., Cam Ranh Bay, 1966-67, 307th Combat Avn. Bn., Can Tho, 1969-70. Looking for Manuel, Mr. Hill, Lt. Stewart, SSG Jackson. Contact: Henry (Tiny) Logsdon, 2813 Griffith Ave., Louisville, KY 40212-1927; 502-778-7739.

Looking for buddies who served with Co. A, 2nd Bn., 28th Inf. Div., Black Lions, 1st Inf. Div., January 1968-69. Base Camp Lai Khe. Welcome home. Contact: John (Mack) McNamara, 37 McIntyre St., Yonkers, NY 10708; 914-337-2850.

I am trying to locate anyone who served with the 62nd Trans Co., Danang, October1970-71. Need to complete a VA claim. Contact: Robert Kelly Mattox, Jr., 1640 Hacker Rd., Somerset, KY 42503.

I am looking for anyone who served in the 1st Bde., 101st Abn., Co. D or 326 Eng., Dak To, 1966, who remembers the road mine that blew up the 1st Sgt., 2nd Lt., and jeep driver. These people were new in country. Doc Meyer, SP4 Albano, Sgt. Browning, Sgt. Price. Contact: Russ File, 212 Redwood St., Harrisburg, PA 17109; 717-657-4848.

Request information of whereabouts of 1LT Barry Lunvill, MACV CIDG; 1LT Pierce in Baylock I Corps; SSG Dan (Don) Denbo, and SSG Dowdy, 19th Eng. Bn., B Co., 1st Plt. Need information to update a claim. Contact: "Chief'' Lee Bowen, P.O. Box 4161, Gadsden, AL 35904; 256-492-1796.

John Kerrigan, where are you? You were my best friend in the war. Seeking anyone who was stationed at Naval Support Activity, Deep Water Piers, Camp Tien Sha of Danang, 1968-69. Contact: Dan Garvis; 341 51st Ave., East Moline, IL 61244; 309-792-8469; dgarvis@juno.com

I am trying to locate anyone who served with Capt. David Wernert in Ban Me Thuot during the Tet Offensive, January 1968. He was TDY from Cam Ranh Bay supporting Operation McArthur by providing food, fuel, ammunition, and grave registration for elements of 173rd Bde. Contact: Dawn V. Brilla, P.O. Box 684, Ashland, OH 44805.

I would like to locate an E5 with the last name of Enrequez (Mexican from Corpus Christi, Texas; also known as Henry) stationed at Lai Khe with the 1st of the 26th Inf., Big Red One, 1968-69. Last duty station was Fort Bliss, Texas. Contact: Elias L.G. Taijeron (Ox), 149 Daisy Ln., Latte Heights, Guam 96923; 671-637-7825 (home), 671-734-5280 (work).

I am trying to locate two officers. One lives in Hawaii; the other went to school at Norte Dame. We hit a land mine and we all got hurt. I left Vietnam that day. Did the officer report it? I was with the 1st Cav. Div., Bong Son, and the 84th Eng. Bn. Contact: William Godines, 4200 Rosemead Blvd., Apt. 125, Pico Rivera, CA 90660; 562-699-4485.

101st Abn. Div., 1/501st, Co. D, 2nd Plt., November 1970-71. Need to contact anyone who served with Don McKee (Delta, Delta) Point man RTO to verify hearing loss claim. Some men were Kentucky Witt, Harold R. Watkins, Richard C. Henson, Lt. Arthur R. LaBella, Charles Ware, Dennis Jones, William Jenkins, John Trayer. Contact: Don McKee 094930 IND-286, P.O. Box 210, Nicktown, PA 15762; 814-948-4722.

I am looking for USMC men who were in Co. G, 2nd Bn., 26th Mar., 1968-69. Frank Costric, Wolfe, Jakaway, Pete Yovine, Mark Saffles, Bob Galloway. Stationed at Khe Sanh, Camp Carroll, LZ Margo, Rock Pile. We were on the USS Princeton chopper carrier. We lost a lot of men at LZ Margo in the mortar attack. Remember Lt. Post and Capt. Seal, Mead River, Lyn River, and Artis Monroe. Contact: John (Bud) Bidwell, 2205 Willow Breeze Rd., Chino Valley, AZ 86323; 520-636-4519.

Looking for members of Co. B, 504 MP Bn. who served on the Hai Van Pass crew, 1970. Looking for Rob, Donnie, Steve, Jim, and others. Contact: Henry "Andy'' Anderson, 4115 Wakefield Ln., Bowie, MD 20715.

Would like to hear from anyone who served with the 151st Med. Det., then 57th Dust Off Unit,at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, 1972-74. Contact: James M. Lambert, 23 Somerville Ave., P.O. Box 831, Cumberland, MD 21501-0831; 301-722-8115.

Would like to locate Benjamin McLaughlin, Julius Stivender, or Gregory Thomas, who were assigned to Plt. 222, MCRD, Parris Island, South Carolina, February to July 1969. Contact: Howard M. Smith, 37 Cornwall Ave., Millville, NJ 08332; 856-825-6350; hmsmith3155@netscape.net

I am looking for old friends or anyone who served with MAC THAI Support Grp., Samae San, Thailand, U.S. Army. I was with HHC Military Police. Want to exchange names, photos, patches, etc. Lost track of everyone. Contact: Randy Leavitt, P.O. Box 651, Asotin, WA 99402; 509-243-4330; talofa@mail.tds.net

I served in Vietnam with Kilo Co., 3rd Bn., 5th Mar. at An Hoa, South Vietnam, February to July 1969. I was known as "Sunny,'' from Cincinnati, Ohio, although there was another "Sonny'' in the company. I was point man, wounded on May 28, 1969, and medevaced to Danang. I would like to hear from men who were in Kilo Co., also Lima Co. 3/5 and Mike Co.

3/5. I am currently incarcerated at Lebanon Correctional Institution but will be released soon. Contact: Dwight O. Johnson, Sr., 1615 Neilson Pl., Cincinnati, OH 45206-1411; 513-281-0614.

Looking for former POW/MIA Maj. Norlan Daughtrey. Young friend wore his POW/MIA bracelet late 1960s, notified of safe return to U.S. early 1970s. Date 8-2-65 engraved. She would like to contact him to present the bracelet to him. Contact: Tom Sharland, 409 N. Pioneer Ave., Negaunee, MI 49866; 906-475-6865; tsharland@portup.com

Anyone in the 18th Eng. Bde., 91st Eng., CBT Eng. Bn. who saw me rescue ROK Army soldiers on Hwy.1, South Vietnam, 1965-66. I was injured in explosion. Contact: Steven L. Miller, 2922 Mosher St., Baltimore, MD 21216; 410-566-1502.

Searching for anyone who served in Danang, Red Beach, 1968-69, 39th Co., who remembers the mortar attacks at 2 a.m. every morning. Contact: Orbin D. Huckabee, 3405 Clarke Blvd., Shreveport, LA 71108; 318-621-0529.

I was with Golf Co., 2/7, 7th Mar., 1st. Bn., 1st Mar. Div. in Vietnam, 1969-70. I am looking for Marines on Hill 953 when 2nd Lt. John Price Pickett was killed by sniper fire, October 13, 1969. I was five feet from him when he was hit. I need to find platoon sergeant who took over platoon after Lt. Pickett was killed or other Marines who were on the Hill that evening. Our M-79 Marine had his index finger shot off. It took our platoon two days, but we knocked out the bunker. Contact: H.R. Wilson, Lot 5 Sunshine Valley, Shinnston, WV 26431; 304-534-5162.

I served with 2/39, 9th Inf. Div, and was severely wounded on April 13, 1969. I would like to hear from Doc Corral who feverishly worked to save my life. Would also like to hear from Howard Ridley, Eugene, Oregon. Contact: William Ogden, 698 Cattail Rd., Livingston Manor, NY 12758; 914-482-4526.

1st Recon Echo Co., Vietnam, 1969-70. Garth Wilson, where are you? Contact: Mark DeSanto, 316 Birney St., Essexville, MI 48732; 517-892-7074; desanto68@aol.com

Anyone who went to Vietnam with HQ Btry., 2/40 FA, 199th Inf. Bde.<B$>, November 1966. I need documentation about incidences that occured on first arrival and events. We sailed on the USS General Pope. Contact: Bridges R. Steele, 5332 N.W. Columbia Ave., Lawton, OK 73505; 580-536-6006.

Echo Recon, 1-46, 196 LIB, Americal, LZ Maryann, 1970-71. Trying to locate SSgts. Sam Jackson and Mike O'Brien, Sgts. Al Motley, Gary Benedisuk and "Homey'' Beltz; SP4s Kouba and Clifford, and any others. Contact: Tom Schmitz, 538 Broadway, Oneida, NY 13421; 315-363-2072.

Trying to contact USMC veterans who knew or served with my brother, Sgt. Kenneth P. Ehnis, who was KIA in Danang area during Tet 1968. Contact: Mike Ehnis, 4941 Dickinson Dr., San Jose, CA 95111; 408-261-0922, 408-226-9938.

I would like to hear from anyone who was in Saigon with 7th Fin. Disb. Sec., 1965-67. Our unit was at Tan Son Nhut, then moved into Saigon, then later to Cholon PX Compound. Especially would like to hear from Don Ceballos, Charlie Larson, Ray Brewer, Jim Grenert, and Fred Finke. Contact: Brian Clary, 207 Dorchester Ct., Santa Rosa, CA 95403; 707-528-3626.

I am looking for anyone who was stationed on the Great Lakes Illinois Naval Base, 1968-69. I am trying to prove my exposure to chemicals while working in Public Works. I sprayed fence roles to kill vegetation and warehouses to kill birds. I now have cancer (Hodgkin's disease) from the exposure. I need help to prove my claim. Contact: Gillis Ray Smith, P.O. Box 181, Flat Lick, KY 40935; 606-542-4627; evergreenGoats@excite.com

Looking for anyone who knew or served with Dr. Wayne K. Foster in South Vietnam, August 1966 to March 1973. Contact: Scott Goss, 410-398-3311.

I am trying to locate Paul Kenneta from the Bronx, New York. He was in the Vietnam War in 1964. He was my father's best friend. Contact: Daniela Manner, Burgenlandstrasse 6, 8280 Furstenfeld, Austria; mannerD@tridonic.co.at

My brother, Joe Klipfel, was killed in Vietnam December 6, 1968. I am desperately trying to find a good friend of his, SP4 Roland Lazzarago, who was with him when he died. Contact: John Klipfel, 1880 County Hwy. 425, Portageville, MO 63873; eklipfel@portageville.k12.mo.us

The 15th Combat Eng. Bn. Assoc, is looking for those who served in the 9th Inf. Div., Vietnam. Log on to our webpage at www.15thcombatengineers.org. Contact: Don Anderson, deaskier@aol.com

I am an Australian veteran seeking information on any members of 45th Med. Co. (Air Ambulance). I served with them at Long Binh, August to September 1970, then flew with them from Nui Dat, Phouc Tuy Province. From then to February 1971, I was employed as an Aidman (Air Ambulance) when they were detached in support of Australian Forces in Phouc Tuy. Contact: pyrogen@ripnet.com.au

Looking for Marines who served with Lance Corp. Michael B. Grimes, KIA March 22, 1967, near Gio Linh. Co. B, 1st Bn., 4th Reg. Contact: Pat Laughlin, 1709 Wendy Wy., Manhattan Beach, CA 90266; 310-379-7286; pl57usa@aol.com

I am a former Texas state senator who introduced a resolution honoring Vietnam POWs in 1973. I would like to contact the following Texans: Col. Elmo Baker of San Antonio, Lt. Col. James Hivner of Austin, Maj. Terry Uyeyama of Austin, Sgt. Ken Wallingford of Austin, Col. Sam Johnson of Plano, Lt. William Mayhall of Fort Worth, Maj. Alton Meyers of College Station, and Capt. Johnnie Ray of Port Arthur. Contact: Walter Mengden, P.O. Box 7882, Horseshoe Bay, TX 78657; 830-598-1963 (phone); 830-598-8981 (fax); whmjr@tstar.net

Seeking anyone who followed the donkey from Fort Irwin to Vung Tau with the 36th Eng. Bn. (Const.), August 1967-68. Contact: Jim Burke, 520-299-4714; getjdb@aol.com

Freelance reporter preparing to go to Vietnam looking for veterans who are going back, preferably for the first time. My photographer and I are experienced professionals who specialize in Vietnam. We want a chance to experience your return. Its a great way for Vietnam vets to get positive media exposure while providing troubled veterans at home with examples of healing. Contact: Margie Mason, margiemason@aol.com

I am trying to locate my friend, Robert Duane Ernest, who was born in California and served in Vietnam in the U.S. Marines. He trained in Camp Pendleton. Contact: Andrew Bernal, 14029 E. Trumball St., Whittier, CA 90604; 562-944-7226; AndrewBernal@hotmail.com

Co. C, 26th Eng., Americal Div., monsoon season of 1971, LZ Montezuma, Chu Lai, Duc Pho, Danang. Anyone remember a guy named "Kunky" or "Kumpy" being decapitated or a recon helicopter crash that killed two enlisted? Info needed for PTSD claim. Contact: Jim Riesenberg, Veterans Service Officer, 920-459-3054; RIESEJRR@co.sheboygan.wi.us

Looking for any Nam vet who served with the 1st Bn., 1st BGP, 228th Sig. Co., July 1968 to September 1970, on or near Hon Tre Island, in particular those who knew Sgt. Paul Streeter. His recent death has left some haunting questions. Contact: Pam Marr, 24070 McLane Ave., Apt. 6, Corning, CA 96021.

Id like to hear from former comrades from Ban Me Thuot, Adv. Team 33/41st Sig. Bn. or SF. I served October 1965 to Setember 1966. Especially like to hear from Sp/5 J.C. Phillips, whom I also served with in Heidelberg, Germany, 1961-64. Also, "Big Ed" Allen Shaller, Holler, Carey. Ill bet were all fat and bald by now. Anyone interested in a reunion? Contact: Roger Widdows, 90 W. Lexington St., Corona, AZ 85641.

Looking for Cliff Gross, 355th Security Police Sq., 1969-70, and George Brewster, 862nd Security Police Sq., Minot AFB, 1966-69. Contact: Mike Kapper, 1034 W. 37th St., Erie, PA 16508; cmkapper@velocity.net

Seeking members of 2nd Bn., 7th Reg., 1st Cav. Div., January 1966, for upcoming story on Operation Masher. Contact: Michael Keating or Mokie Porter, The VVA Veteran, 1224 M St., NW, Washington, DC 20005; 202-628-2700; mkeating@vva.org or mporter@vva.org

E-mail us at TheVeteran@vva.org


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