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December 1999/January 2000


A VVA Staff Report

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Vietnam-era veteran, honorable discharge from Army (1971-74), seeking pen pals . I am presently incarcerated. Letters will be a blessing and I will answer. Contact: Frankie L. Williams, SID 5366997, 3405 Deer Park Dr., SE, Salem, OR 97310.

Looking for a lieutenant or anyone else from 3/60-9th , 1968-69, out of Tan Tru for some photos. All I remember was playing pinochle on our rests. On one occasion we were surrounded and three of us volunteered to fool Charlie by creating a larger-looking group. I was the only one to come back and I went deaf on that night. Also, my replacement that had big ears: I taught him how to use the M-79. Contact: Spyros Spyropoulos, 110 Fire Ln., N. Cape May, NJ 08204; 609-884-4871.

Looking for AF Maj. Morrison, Capts. Moore, Milburn, Klaus, Chrobak, Sills of 6750th Combat Support Grp., Xuan Loc TAF, 1966. Contact: Jim R. Riesenberg, Courthouse, 615 N 6th St., Sheboygan, WI 53081-4692; 920-459-3054 (phone); 920-459-3055 (fax).

Army Maj. D.L. Schuett, WO1 J.D. Tucker, Sgt. P.D. Stevens all survived a Huey D crash on April 9, 1966. Need information on crash site for PTSD claim. Contact: Jim. R. Riesenberg, Courthouse, 615 N 6th St., Sheboygan, WI 53081-4692; 920-459-3054 (phone); 920-459-3055 (fax).

I am seeking anyone with knowledge of mind control projects at Mare Island Naval Base or Oakland Naval Hospital. Also, anyone with knowledge of the Pegasus Project . I was a participant. Contact: Daniel Harr, 97891, Green Bay Correctional Institute, P.O. Box 19033, Green Bay, WI 54307-9033.

I am trying to locate anyone who was in 601st Medical Co. or Det. 1 Medical Co. , Ft. Clayton, Canal Zone, 1963-64. Contact: Jack J. Green, 8744 16th Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11214-4526; 718-259-5829.

I am a Vietnam combat vet incarcerated for a crime I did not do. I am looking for an attorney or anyone willing to help me on this case. Contact: Lawrence T. Gladson, 207156, P.O. Box 316, Fort Madison, IA 52627.

I would like to hear from anyone who served with 534th and 62nd Trans Cos., 48 Trans. Grp. , 1968-69, Long Binh, RVN. Also, 61st H&M Co., 266 S&S Bn. , 1968-69, Long Binh. Contact: John C. Meador; 101 Middlebury Ln., Willingboro, NJ 08046-2916; 609-871-9728.

I would like to locate David Warrick who from 1959-62 was stationed at Floyd Bennett NAS, Brooklyn, New York. After re-enlisting (USMC), he was sent to electronics school and then to Vietnam where he served as a helicopter gunner. Contact: Matt Kaminsky, 791 N. Colette Pl., Tucson, AZ 85748.

Trying to locate Ralph Blythe and Jim Costello . We went to Parris Island and language school together and then to Nam with different units. Also would like to hear from J.D. Thomas, Jerry Diebold, Willie Fann, M.R. Rhynes, Mac , or any other members of Lima-3-1-1 who served in Nam in 1967. Contact: Phil Metz, 19524 Portsmouth Dr., Hagerstown, MD 21742; 301-797-6868; <B>mackmetz@aol.com

Trying to locate former platoon members, Parris Island 4/66 . Plt. Sgts. were Sullivan and Carter. We were in the old barracks right next to the quonset huts where 782 gear was issued. One fellow platoon member was Kojara from N. Tonwanda. I am trying to get graduation book, need platoon number. Contact: Robert Legler, 78C0665, Collins Correctional Facility, P.O. Box 340, Collins, NY 14034-0340.

I am looking for anyone who served with the 4th or 9th Inf., 25th Inf. Div. , 1967-68. Ssg. Carnell Johnson, Ssg. Henderson, Sgt. Streamis, Spec4 Stalling (Manchus) . Contact: Wade Pittman, 1422 10th St., Berkeley,CA 94710; 510-528-9349.

585th Eng. Co. (DT), Vietnam, 1966-72. Cpt. Don Tomasik, Lt. Dave McCormack, Lt. Bill Twitty, CWO Carry Neff. All ranks, all years, forming 585th Eng. Co. Association . Will provide roster and information. Contact: H. Kenneth Seymour, 122 Sunny Point Cr., Lagrange, GA 30240-9715; 706-885-0042.

I am looking for anyone who was in Plt. 184, Parris Island , and in the 1st Mar. Div. , Vietnam, 1968-69. My nickname was Skinny Flint. Georgia Boy, Weeping Willie, Revoal, where are you? Contact: Garrison M. Warren, 6507 Woodgreen Cr., Baltimore, MD 21207.

588th Eng. Bn. HHC , Tay Ninh, July 1969 to February 1970, Commo Sect. Kelly, Bish, Bechtol, Taylor, anyone? Ft. Lewis, Washington, Basic B-1-2, July 1968, L.E. Grant, McAfee platoon picture? Ft. Lewis, Washington, AIT C-1-3 pictures? Contact: Jack R. Lippincott, 1116 Oriole Dr., Pittsburgh, PA 15220; 412-343-9443.

Vietnam veteran served with 459th Sig. Bn., Nha Trang, and 78th at Hontre Island, September 1968 to October 1969. Now serving 50-year prison sentence for defending home when undercover narcotics agents kicked down door. Been down since January 1982, scheduled release May 2008. Looking for pen pals . Contact: Lonnal Davenport, 16525, Maximum Control Facility, C5-103, P.O. Box 557, Westville, IN 46391-0557.

Looking for Richard Roper of Warren, Ohio, or anyone who served with me, 1969-71, 159th Grp., 20th Bde., 46th Eng. Bn., B Co . Need for PTSD claim when we got mortared in Xuan Loc. Also for Agent Orange claim, when they sprayed around Xuan Loc. Contact: David John LaValley, 12 Ridgewood Ave., Massena, NY 13662; 315-769-8658.

Trying to locate a Unit One Medical bag like the one I used in Vietnam in 1966. It was canvas, not vinyl covered. Also would like to locate a <I>Stars and Stripes newspaper. Served with 1st Bty., 9th Mar. Div., B Co., 2nd Plt., Corpsman. Contact: Paul Macuch, 215 Watts Branch Pkwy., Rockville, MD 20850; 301-424-0842.

I would like to locate Alexander Makewich . We got drafted in Puerto Rico, December 15, 1965. Last time I saw him was in Fort Jackson, South Carolina, January 1966. Contact: Samuel Figueroa, Bo. Cubuy, Buzon 8828 Canovanas, PR 00729; 787-876-0312.

Homeless veteran, honorable discharge, Ft. Dix, New Jersey, and Ft. Meade, Maryland. Incarcerated for nonviolent crime and expecting release late next year. B.S. degree in business management from Frostburg State University. Will relocate anywhere. DD-214 available for inspection. Single, dependable, looking for a new start ; trainable and reliable. Contact: Michael S. Sayko, 280392, 18701 Roxbury Rd., Hagerstown, MD 21746.

USMC, 1st Force Recon, 1969-73, SOG; Phoenix; POW: seeking fellow POWs I helped escape from Cambodia. Seeking F. Sinkovitz, D. Cerisi, D. Beaver , USMC, to verify stressors for PTSD claim and Medal of Honor. Contact: Dan Jones, P.F.C.H.A., 38 Short St., Harrisburg, PA 17109; 717-657-3991.

Looking for Ken Bryant , who went from 55th Gen. Supply Co. (Wurzburg, Germany) to RVN in 1969. Home of record is Mallard, Iowa. His dad and mom managed a hotel in Mallard and he had one or two brothers. Contact: Steve R. Walther, 1144 SW 25th, Oklahoma City, OK 73109-1629; 405-632-6325.

Looking for any members of Kilo 3/9 , July 1967-68, specifically the Splib" Squad. Cpl. Mike White, Jeff Perrin, Hannah, Crocket, the Motorcycle Man , Dong Ha, Con Thien, Rock Pile, Camp Carrol. Hey guys, itís been a long time, letís reunite. Contact: Bob Waldheim, 21 Strong Ave., Pittsfield, MA 01201; 413-447-8200; sellit4@aol.com

Seeking former unit member of 3/17 Air Cav. , February-December 1970. I was attached with 9th Inf. and 1st Cav. Prior to assignment with 3/17, I was assigned to 1st Inf. at Dau Tieng. Does anyone remember Catfish" from Louisiana? Please help, I canít remember his real name. Contact: Sammy Adams, 29 Private Dr. 5886, South Point, OH 45680; 740-894-7912.

I am trying to locate two guys I served with in E/2/503rd, 173rd Abn. Bde. who also served in Vietnam with the 101st Abn.: Jim Cox from California and Willie Exum from Kentucky or Oklahoma. Contact: Jim Chieco, 973-977-4050; jchieco@aol.com

Looking for anyone who served with 647th QM Co., 240th QM Bn. , especially those who worked on the pipeline from An Khe to Pleiku, for a possible reunion and renewing old friendships. Contact: Conrad Creitz, 103 South 7th St., Apt. 415, Atchison, KS 66002-2883; 913-367-9777.

Incarcerated Navy vet seeks donations of military history books , especially WWI, Korea, and Vietnam. Please write for mailing procedures. Also interested in hearing from brown water sailors , Delta region. Contact: Richard Guy, AP6877, 1100 Pike St., Huntingdon, PA 16654.

Vietnam-era veteran, honorable discharge from Army, 1971-74, seeking pen pals. Iím presently incarcerated in Oregon. Letters will be a blessing and I will answer. Contact: Frankie L. Williams SID 5366997, 3405 Deer Park Dr., SE, Salem, OR 97310.

1st Inf. Div., Rocket City, 1969. I would like to hear from J.W. Hendricks, Dan Dukeman, Gilbert Silva , or any Rat Patrol members. Contact: Mark Hillyer 190332, 970 Pickett St. No., Bayport, MN 55003.

Looking for any women Marines from Plt. 7-A, May 1968, Parris Island; Headquarters Marine Corps, 1968-70 and 1973-77; Camp Pendleton, 1970-71; Fuetma Air Station, Okinawa, January 1972 to July 1973; Sgt. Donald W. Marshall , who served in Headquarters Marine Corps and Japan, 1969-75. Contact: Carol (Parent) Surzinski, P.O. Box 113, Hinesville, GA 31310; guyualla@clds.net

I am looking for anyone who served with the Navy in I.U.W.G.-1 in Nha Trang, Vung Ro Bay, Cam Ranh, 1966-69, inshore underwater Warfare Group 1. Especially a First Class Cook, Rose." Also, the Navy lieutenant in charge at Vung Ro Bay, 1969. This is for a Purple Heart claim. Contact: Robert White, PSC 37, Box 2369, APO AE 09459; 011-44-1842-862330.

Forty-eight-year-old incarcerated vet served two tours in Vietnam with Air Cav., 1st Inf. Div., in Phu Loi, Di An area. Second tour with 16 Cav., 1st Avn. Bde. in Soc Trang. Would like to correspond with anyone who cares . Hopefully will be released in two months, have been down seven years. Feeling lonely. Contact: Henry Partyka 273-663, P.O. Box 1812, Marion, OH 43301.

I need to find anyone who served with my father, Lennie Satterfield, 4th Plt., Co. A, 3rd Bn., IX Bde. , 1967-69, including a tour in Vietnam in 1968 at Pleiku, Qui Nhon, and An Khe. He served with the 25th Inf. Contact: Shawn Satterfield, One Mountainside Wy., Mount Olive, WV 25185.

Very lonely middle-aged veteran, honorably discharged, Army. Just lost mother to cancer; no family. Would like the pleasure of writing to anyone who would like a pen pal . Handicap welcome. All replies answered, letís be friends. Contact: Shelby R. Green 212560, P.O. Box 4571-7A, Lima, OH 45802.

Vietnam, 1969, USMC, was a Tunnel Rat underdog." Iíve been in prison since 1983 and I am not guilty. Anyone who remembers me or just wants to help, please write. Contact: Burl Bilyeu D46650, P.O. Box 290066, Represa, CA 95671-0066; burb@inmate.com or www.inmate.com


Vietnam vet looking for his book, <I>We Were Soldiers Once and Young , sent to Gen. Westmoreland to be signed. It never was returned to me after he signed it. Westmoreland thinks it went to wrong person by mistake. Reward of $100 for return of book. Contact: Joseph Tramontano, 43 Oakcrest Rd., Oxford, CT 06478; 203-881-1029.

I was stationed in Tay Ninh, Vietnam, September 1966 to October 1968. I am seeking comrades who were assigned to Bravo Btry., 1st of the 27th Field Arty., 23rd Arty. Contact: Dulce D. Fornoles, 22047 Valerio St., Canoga Park, CA 91303; 818-704-9860.

Seeking company commander Capt. Parker , Co. B, 1/25, 198th Inf., 1969-70, Vietnam Central Highlands; and Capt. Larrd D. Jennings , commanding officer, Co. C, 2nd Bn., 7th Cav., Fort Hood, Texas. Contact: Joe A. Sandovol, 1105 Ortega Rd., NW, Albuquerque, NM 87114; 505-898-6880

Trying to locate those Marines who were part of 1/1 who served on Hill 689 , June to July 1968. Especially Lt. Rowe, Dailey, Big Bruiser," Sgt. Brown, Chief , or those who remember me, Greg from Ann Arbor. Contact: Larry Gregory, 10130 Yensch Rd., Maybee, MI 48159; 734-439-1191.

My husband Roy Sweig is a Vietnam vet. He now suffers from a rare brain disorder called Fahrís disease . He has calcification of the brain. The doctor feels it is due to toxins. Seeking other vets with this disorder . Contact: Susan Sweig, 728 Westwood Ln., Aldan, PA 19018; 610-259-6911; jzweigll@aol.com

Seeking anyone who knows what happened to Ross A. Licata , Chaplain, veteran incarcerated rep. Contact: Owen L. Rea 184881-4-60-T, Holmon 3700, Atmore, AL 36503.

I am looking for "Doc" Richard Breen (a Corpsman), who was attached to Delta Co., 1st Bn., 4th Mar., 1966-67. Contact: Wendell M. Wood, P.O. Box 476, Madison Heights, VA 24572.

I was with ACB-1 , Wonder Beach, Quang Tri area, and Camp Tienshaw, Danang, 1968-70. If you were there or have any information, contact me. Contact: Ted C. Soderberg, P.O. Box 3661, San Rafael, CA 94901; 415-957-5975.

Trying to make contact with Kenneth (Kenny) Rois from Tiverton, Rhode Island who served with me in the Cav in Fulda, Germany, 1969-70. Contact: Lee Rodriguez 617859, Ellis Unit, Huntsville, TX 77343.

I am trying to locate SK3s Tim Logan, Willie Tucker , and Bob Hellman who served aboard the USS Krishna (ARL-38) , An Thoi, 1967-68. Contact: Jack Campbell, 3111 Fallow Field Dr., Diamond Bar, CA 91765; jcamp25583@aol.com

Seeking Advisory Team 37 members of Ham Thuan District regarding wounding and claim. Particularly SFC Gruener, SSG Dudley, Capt. Otto, Maj. Swanson, Sp4 Terrell, Mr. Bryant, and other members of MAT-25, MAT-27 . Contact: Philip F. Cordova, PA-C, c/o WBAMC, Dept. of Medicine, Primary Care Div. (CTMC), 5001 N. Piedras St., El Paso, TX 79920; 915-568-5166; 915-568-4341.

Impoverished political prisoner in Ohio. Veteran, 38, served honorable stint in the USMC, 1979; PISC ending 1979. Currently serving my seventh year in captivity for mere technical parole violation. Needs advocates and friends. Contact: Michael Roberts, c/o Roberts Family, 716 Bertha Ave., Akron, OH 44306; 216-785-0219

I would like to locate wife or family of Sgt. David Campbell , Kalamazoo, Michigan. KIA in Cambodia, May or June 1970. We were in Co. B, 2nd of 22nd Inf., 25th Div. Contact: Gerald Ziggy"Ayotte, W. 5793 Old US 2, Hermansville, MI 49847

USS Ticonderoga , October 1978-69. Terry L. Upchurch witnessed the death of an individual who was hit by an airplane. He also was exposed to gunfire aboard the vessel as well as return shore fire. Anyone stationed on this vessel during this period please contact his attorney. Contact: James W. Stanley, Jr., Attorney at Law, 600 W. Fourth St., North Little Rock, AK 72114; 501-372-3131; jstan35652@aol.com

Need to hear from any Marine who remembers what happened March 1-15, 1967, at Chu Lai, Vietnam, with 1st Marine Air Wing, Headquarters and Maintenance Squad . I received injuries due to confrontation. Contact: David P. Benson, 69 Grove St., Worcester, MA 01605.

My father, Jack Cantrell , an extremely proud career Marine, died this spring. He served three tours of Vietnam and included the brother Marines he lost there in his obituary. Any Marines who knew him, please send memories of him to me. Contact: Penni C. Fitzgerald, 3342 Burke #100, Pasadena, TX 77504; pennif@ev1.net

I am seeking my cousin, Richard Weaver , from Mesa, California. He joined the Marines in 1966 and would be about 52 now. Contact: egm.tricaud@wanadoo.fr

I am looking for a Steve or Jeffrey Sharpe . One of them served in Vietnam. They are brothers and are cousins of mine. Last address that I have is San Diego. Contact: Penny Werthner, pwerth@monisys.ca

I am a photographer and writer. I am seeking other women who, like me, were married to (or partnered with) men who fought in Vietnam, who continued to suffer from their war experiences after coming home, and who finally took their own lives. Contact: Penny Coleman, 550 Broadway, New York, NY 10012; 212-431-9727; pcoleman@sescva.esc.edu

Seeking a Vietnam veteran friend of mine. We lost contact due to my moving and being in and out of the VA hospital. He name is Edward B. Fox and the last known address is Skokie, Illinois. Ed was the person who originally got me to sign up as a member of VVA. Contact: William Tackett, 336 Morse Plaza, Fort Myers, FL 33905; 941-694-7211; cabanabill@aol.com

Need information on the 169th Eng. Bn. (CS) rebuilding of QL-20 , including photographs of the original road and the roadís completion ceremony and personal experiences of overcoming the daily road construction challenges for a unit history. Contact: J. Leonard Ignatowski, 2408 Oak Vale Ct., NW, Vienna, VA 22181; ignatows@erols.com

Served with 1st Marine Air Wing, H&S Co. , Chu Lai, South Vietnam, and Iwahuni, Japan, 1969-70. Would like to write anyone who served with me. Contact: Jose G. Hernandez 545008, B-2-1-4, Huntsville, TX 77843.

I would like to find any of the guys who served with me in the 625th Supply Service Co. (DS) Class 1 Plt. , April 1966-67, An Khe, especially Big Bob or anyone who knows how to reach him. 1st Lt. Richard E. Leiter may be able to help also. Contact: Bob Davis, 2606 Sutton Rd., Adrian, MI 49221; 517-265-2631.

I am looking for Willie Lockett and Erwin Zellmer , Co. B., 1/5th (Mech) Inf. Div., 1970-71. Contact: Terry Lake (Luke), 7303 NW 23rd St., Apt. 204, Bethany, OK 73008; 405-789-5950.

I would like to hear from anyone who served with or family members of Capt. Briggs K. Sicilia , originally from Santa Rosa, California. I knew him as Joe" from Fort Belvoir, Virginia, E.O.D. Unit. His tour in Vietnam was February 25, 1968, until a casualty on January 1, 1969, in Gia Dinh, South Vietnam. Contact: Thomas A. Lathe, 26136 Fincher Dr., Rapidan, VA 22733; 540-672-3463.

1st Inf. Div., 1st Sqd., 4th Cav.: PFC Kolb, PFC Korolzyk, Sp4 Woodard all killed in Huey D crash on April 9, 1966. Anyone out there know anything about the crash? I need supporting documentation for a PTSD claim. Contact: Jim Riesenberg, Courthouse, 615 N. 6th St., Sheboygan, WI 53081-4692; 920-459-3054; riesejrr@co.sheboygan.wi.us

Looking for anyone who knew Willie Lockett at 95th Evacuation Hospital , Danang, March to May 1971. Contact: Terry Lake (Luke) 7303 NW 23rd St., Apt. 204, Bethany, OK 73008.

Looking for anyone with information on infestation of Agent Orange around the Rockpile and Quang Tri, 1970-71. Also 1/5th (Mech) Inf. Div. area of operations during Lam Son 719 into Laos. Contact: Terry Lake (Luke) 7303 NW 23rd St., Apt. 204, Bethany, OK 73008.

Former Marine doing time in Indiana. Would like to hear from anyone to help these last four years go by quickly. All replies answered quickly and honestly. Contact: Eric Coyle 890783, P.O. Box 9047, L.C.F., Michigan City, IN 46361.

Looking for graduates of Ft. Sill Arty. OCS classes of April 1965, June 1965, August 1965, and October 1965. Next year is our 35th anniversary, planning a reunion at Ft. Sill. Contact: Joe Fleming, P.O. Box 75, Chatham, IL 62629; 217-483-4475; J.Fleming1@worldnet.att.net

519th MI Bn. , 1968-69: Anyone who can help me locate 1st Sgt. Sugarbear" will begin my healing and peace. Contact: Jim St. Amand, 6 Lawrence Ln., Centerville, MA 02632; 508-862-2547.

Looking for anyone who served with Marine Fighter Attack Sqd. VMFA-513 in Danang, June to October 1965. Contact: Phil Hinkle, P.O. Box 298, Alpaugh, CA 93201; 559-949-8461.

Terry Conley, Lori, Clay , I would love to hear from you, Lori. We worked together when Clay was a baby and Terry was at Fort Devens. Contact: Mary Zoll, 333 Church St., Clinton, MA 01510-2209; 978-368-8521.

I am hoping to locate retired officer Darrell Elmore whom I met approximately twenty-nine years ago while at Fort Devens. Contact: Mary Zoll, 333 Church St., Clinton, MA 01510-2209; 978-368-8521.

585th Eng. Co. (DT) , 1965-72, 937th GP & 35th Eng. GP . All members, all years, all locations. Lt. Bob Straub, Cpt. Don Tomasik, Lt. Mike Smith, Lt. Bill Twitty (Tennessee), Lt. Dave McCormick (Mississippi), SFC Hammond, SFC Ray, SFC Meiris (Mess Daddy), Lt. Gary Thomas, CWO Gary Neff, Lt. Claiborne (Alabama), SP5 Price, SP4 Bolton (Michigan), SFC Burress, PFC Huff, SP4 Napier, Sgt. Ron Cook, SSG Fields, Smitty. Reunion time. Contact: H. Kenneth Seymour, 122 Sunny Point Cr., LaGrange, GA 30240; 706-885-0042.

Looking for anyone who served with 647th QM Co., 240th QM Bn. , especially those who worked on the pipeline from An Khe to Pleiku for a possible reunion and renewing old friendships. Contact: Conrad Creitz, 103 South 7th St., Apt. 415, Atchison, KS 66002-2883; 913-367-9777.

I am looking for shipmates who served with me on the USS Virgo (AE-30 , or the USS Mars (AFS-1) in Vietnam, September 1970 to June 1972. I was stationed on the Virgo from September 1970 to March 1971, and on the Mars from April 1971 to June 1972. I was a seaman in deck division. Contact: Paul Wilson, 811 S. Water St., Apt. 16, Silverton, OR 97381; 503-873-7647.

I am interested in finding John D. Swallow from Wyoming, a good friend of my father, Elberto Rodriguez . They served together in Vietnam but have not seen or spoken to each other since. My father has always been curious to know what became of him. They served with Co. A, 15th TC Bn., 1st Cav. Div. , 1966-67. Contact: Rigo Rodriguez; 650-622-1000, Ext. 1352; rigo@releasenow.com

Seeking William T. Guthrie of Worcester, Massachusetts. He was stationed in Presque Isle, Maine, AFB, 1959-1961. Contact: Barb Paul, barbie2@nbnet.nb.ca

USS Anchorage (LSD-36) , August 1969 to October 1971: William L. Holland needs to verify combat stressors to support a claim for PTSD including typhoon, loading troops on the coast of Vietnam, hostile fire, etc. Contact: James W. Stanley, Jr., Attorney at Law, 600 W. Fourth St., North Little Rock, AK 72114; 501-372-3131 (phone); 501-372-3825 (fax); jstan35652@aol.com

Would like to locate anyone who was assigned to Plt. 122, MCRD , San Diego, California, March to June 1963. Contact: Donald L. Wadley, medlwadley@cs.com

Seeking Jean-Pierre (Frenchy) Constagna , Special Forces, Green Berets. Served with my brother, Glen Baggett, in A/2/SF Bn/1st SFG , Vietnam, around 1968-70. Contact: Selina Baggett, 2940 Wilton Ave., Silver Spring, MD 20910; 301-588-0030.

Looking for anyone serving with VMO-2 , Vietnam, November 1967 to February 1969, Marble Mountain. I was admin. chief during that period. Contact: Donald L. Wadley, medlwadley@cs.com

Trying to locate family of Charles W. Jackson, Co. C, 4/23 Light Inf. Div., 25th Inf. Div. , who was killed by a sniper September 1966 in No Fire Zone not far from Cu Chi while walking point. He should not have been assigned to infantry unit. Also looking for Sgt. Joe Blade . My wife and I enjoy a loving relationship with John Lambieís family. I was accidently shot by new guy on March 28, 1967, in right thigh at base of Black Virgin Mountain. What ever happened to him? Contact: Carl Roy, 305-852-3872; CarlRoy@bellsouth.net

Tiger Bn., 18th Eng. Bgde. Hqters., 101 Abn. Div., 45th Eng. Grp., 27th Eng., 1st Plt. Motor Pool , 1968-69, September 1969, Bastongue. Sp4 Holmes R.P.G. hit ammo dump. Also Camp Eagle 88's hit mess hall, one dud in floor next to doorway, 1968. I have Agent Orange, PTSD, and cancer. Iíll still fight for my country, sick or not. Rather die fighting. Contact: Stephen Holmes 244-76-2926, P.O. Box 41, Woolwine, VA 24185; TTY 800-828-1140; 540-930-6051.

Paula Gordon : You placed a notice in the last Locator seeking information about your brother, Glenn Raymond Gordon . The e-mail address you provided is not functioning. Peter Walter has information for you. Contact him at Peter_L_Walter@RohmHaas.Com or contact Michael Keating at MKeating@vva.com


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