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October 1999/November 1999

Region 3 Report

Sharing The Wealth

By Charlie Montgomery

I would like to thank all of you for your confidence in electing me as your new Region 3 director. I look forward to working with you over the next two years to build a strong and prosperous region. On behalf of Region 3, I would also like to thank Richard LaBarre for the dedication and support he has shown to our region for the past two years.

I have many thoughts and ideas about making us a stronger region within Vietnam Veterans of America. I have always been, and will continue to be, membership-oriented. Without our members, we would not be where we are today. As national membership chair, I am here to represent you. I am here to listen to your concerns and to help any way that I can. I would like to have better communication within our region, our states, and our chapters. I do not want to micro manage any state or chapter. I want only assist you by working together. We need to communicate among ourselves in order to become more productive and prosperous.

I hope to see strong participation among our state presidents within our region. I plan on organizing a retreat for Region 3 state presidents that also will be open to any others who would like to attend. At these meetings, I hope we can share the wealth of knowledge from our states and chapters as well as address any issues that concern our Region 3 family. Together we can make a difference and make this region a strong voice at the national level.

I hope to hear from all of the state council and chapter presidents regarding the next calendar year, especially upcoming events and meetings. Please remember, I am only one person and only can be in one place at a time. I will do everything in my power to be there. I will do my best to travel around the entire region in the next two years. Thank you for having faith in me, and I'll see you soon.

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