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February 1999/March 1999


A VVA Staff Report

VVA does not guarantee the accuracy of any information, nor does VVA endorse any group, individual, or cause cited herein.

I would like to hear from anyone who was in Vietnam, L Btry, 4th Bn., 12th Mar., 1966- 68. I was Santa Claus in 1966.  Also, any cooks in 10th Mar., 2nd Mar. Div., Mess Hall 521, 1970-73.  Contact: Alton E. Mickle, 2329 1st St. South, Birmingham, AL 35205-6701; 205- 322-3278.

Looking for anyone who was in 4th Admin. Co., 4th Inf. Div., December 1968-69.  How about it Paul Greathouse, Gary Starsiak, Gary Plemmons, Mark McGuire, Roger Ruble, John (Jim?) Holmes, Sam George or Linsky.  Got a bunch more names.  Contact: Larry Clawson, 947 Maple Ave., N.W., New Philadelphia, OH 44663-1522.

I would like to contact anyone who served in U.S. Army SETAF in Vicenza, Italy, October 1974, who remembers my serious auto accident in Yugoslavia and subsequent illegal internment by the communist secret police.  I need information to substantiate a claim.  Contact: David G. Sabo, 2256 State Highway 420, Massena, NY 13662-3352; 315-769-5108.

I would like to hear from the guys who were with the 5th Mech at HHC at LZ Sharon close to the DMZ, June 1969-70.  I was a cook. I remember Lenny from Trenton, New Jersey, who had a sister, Terri, to whom I wrote.  Contact: Terry E. Parker 33946-5B-129, C.R.C.C., 1115 E. Pence Rd., Cameron, MO 64429.

Lima 3/5: looking for fellow marines, especially Sauls, Moore, or any others.  Looking for S-3 Scout GSW to stomach, May 13, 1969, while sweeping for sniper. I want to hear how you did.  Also, Plt. 3019, 1968, MCRD, San Diego.  Contact: James Haney, 10868 Wolf Rd., Geneseo, IL 61254; 309-441-5782.

I am trying to locate Paul Berg from Leonard, North Dakota.  We served together with 1st Mar. Div., 1st Recon Bn., Delta Co., 1969-70.  I would welcome correspondence from anyone who served with this battalion at that time.  I've relocated from Michigan.  Contact: Chris R. Farmer, 210 Paradise Ln., Apt. 40, Louisville, KY 40258; 502-995-3981.

"Little John'' John Bruce Clenning, born July 17, 1940; last know address 9 years ago was Boulder, Colorado.  I miss you, my friend.  Those who love you care.  Come Home.  Contact: Julianne K. Willey, 815 17th St., S.E., Cedar Rapids, IA 52403; 319-362-7903.

188th A.H.C. historian seeking former members of the 269th C.A.B. (Black Barons) Pathfinders, better known as the Cavaliers.  Information needed for book on the "Black Widows,'' 1967-68 era.  Contact: Dick Detra, 202 Visitacion Ave., Apt. 3, Brisbane, CA 94005; 415-468-1528.

864 Eng. Bn. for a possible reunion.  Contact: Paul Lantz, 40 Rantoul St., Beverly, MA 01915; 978-922-8552.

Trying to locate members of the 362nd Engr. (LE), particularly those who served with the unit during 1967-68. Jerry Penrose, California and Ollie D., Missouri, where are you guys now?  Contact: Ken Sudduth, 303 Bens, Chatham, IL 62629; 217-483-6151.

Trying to locate anyone who served with me in A Co., 1st Med. Bn., 1st Mar. Div., November 1969 to October 1970; or in H&S Co., Sup. Bn., 1st FLC, 1st FSR, Camp Books, Red Beach, May 1968-69; or MCRD, San Diego, California, Plt. 3048, August-October 1967.  Contact: Don Werley, 3054 Crane Pl., Hammond, IN 46323; 219-392-4667.

I was in the 11th ACR HQ HQ Troop Air Cav. Avn. Plt., Avn. Plt.'s P.O.L Nian in Lai Khe, February 14, 1968.  1st Inf. Div.'s Officers Club was blown up and my friend, Sgt. V. Vela, Jr., was killed helping with the wounded.  Asking for help on what happened that day.  Contact: William Y. Bridges, 320 51st St., Apt. 3, Newport News, VA 23607; 757-244- 7623.

I am trying to locate all personnel who served with the 8th Aerial Port Squad at Tan Son Nhut AB and its in-country detachments, 1967-69, for possible reunion, web site, and photo archive.  Contact: Dennis Lander, 6035 Sandwood Ave., Lakewood, CA 90713; 562-421-7528.

I am trying to locate Michael Chester, who was company commander (Capt.) of B Co., 716th MP Bn., 18th MP Bde., Vietnam, 1967-68.  Also, Spec. 4 Jesse Woods same unit, 1967.  Contact: Harry "Sarge'' Martin, 1917 Indian Trail Dr., West Lafayette, IN 47906-2026; 765-463-5041.

I am trying to locate Orlando Molina and  Sgt. Tyler Peynesta, HHT, 2nd Squad, 3rd Armored Cav. Reg.  Last seen 20 kilometers south of Basra, Iraq.  Need to know how my buddies are, physically and mentally.  Contact: John H. Whobrey, 8063 Cedar Ct., Kirkland AFB,  Albuquerque, NM 87116; 505-266-8319.

I am trying to locate Martin Ruiz from Texas and others who served during 1969 with E Co., 3rd Plt., 2nd Bn., 3rd Mar. Contact: Antonio G. Gonzales, 1013 San Jacinto St., Lockhart, TX 78644; 512-398-6072.

I would like to know the whereabouts of my Vietnam brothers who were involved in a firefight on June 14, 1967, named Operation Billings. Especially Cross, Roberto Ramirez, and any family of Barnett, Brown or Glendon, all KIA.  Also, Phillip Garcia. If my brother, Fernando Giusti, reads this message, I would like for him to contact me. He lives somewhere in Florida.  Contact: Juan F. Lopez, 8001 N.W. 7th St., Apt. 2, Miami, FL 33126; 305-265-1808.

I am trying to locate anyone who served on the USS Orisbamy (CVA34), 1969-71, in the 3rd Div., who may know the whereabouts of John Castlevetio from Connecticut or Tom Sloneber from Concord, California.  Contact: Peter B. Catania, 1040 Gregory Tr., Toms River, NJ 08753; 732-244-4182.

I would like to hear from anyone who served in Lighthorse Btry. (4.2 mortars), 8th Bn., 6th Arty., 1st Inf. Div., and C Btry. (155), 8th Bn., 6th Arty., 1st Inf. Div., 1967-68.  Contact: Jerry R. Jackson, 2330 Gilliland Rd., Blountsville, AL 35031; or e-mail at jjackson@earthcorp.com

I need help locating the widow/daughter of James Cooper, BCO 2/47th, 9th Inf., KIA October 31, 1968, on Hwy. 4 near FSB Moore.  Cooper was from New York City.  I have tried for 30 years to fulfill a promise I made to him as he was dying, but I have been unable to locate his wife. Contact: Bob Varain, P.O. Box 214, LaGrange, CA 95329; 209-853-2110.

I am trying to locate anyone who was stationed at Base Camp Phu Loi, October 1966-67, especially anyone from the 184th AVN, who can verify rocket, mortar, and sniper attacks on Hwy. 13.  Contact: J.D. Reed, P.O. Box 11, Burbank, WA 99323; or e-mail at tworivers68@hotmail.com

Naval Support Activity, Danang, August 1967-68, Flight Control Sec., Danang AB and Camp Tein Shaw, personnel office.  If you arrived or departed Danang by commercial airlines and went through Tein Shaw, you may remember me. I took care of arrivals and transfers out.  Contact: Alfred "Al'' Chafin, P.O. Box 412, Pecks Mill, WV 25547; 304-752-3253.

I am looking for 187th Assault Helicoper-Crusader Pilot Warren E. Willis.  He was co- pilot the day my brother, Donald R. Kilpatrick, was KIA.  Just found your beautiful handwritten letter to my dad, Jim, who passed away August 30, 1998.  The rest of Don's family would love to make contact with you.  I am his baby sister (8 at the time of his death, now 38).  Contact: Joanne Kilpatrick-Carraghan, 1515 Oakland St., Bethlehem, PA 18017; 610-865-4872.

Any chapter or VVA member having copies of videotaped China Beach TV series episodes that ran between 1988-91, please contact me.  Contact: Marcia Makley, VVA Chapter 732, P.O. Box 4501, Lima, OH 45802.

The USS Weiss (APD 135) Association, Inc., is looking for shipmates of all years that this great ship was in commission, 1945-70.  Also looking for any information on our ship.  Contact: George Mason, 19C Wintergreen Ln., Whiting, NJ 08759; 732-849-0944.

I am trying to locate anyone who may have known my father, William Dale Stovall.  He was killed in Vietnam on October 31, 1968, before I was born.  He was from Sanford, Florida and went to Vietnam on September 3, 1968.  His unit was Co. B, 2nd Bn., 35th Inf., 4th Div. His firebase was near Ban Me Thout.  Contact: Kellie Ash, 32581 Perkins Rd., Apt. 9, Denham Springs, LA 70706.

B Trp., 3/17th Air. Cav., 1st AVN Bde (12th C.A.G.), Phu Loi, RVN, July 1971 to deactivation spring of 1972.  Were you there?  Cobra crew chief (Weapons Plt.) is trying to find you or anyone with information about our unit.  Did we exist or was I in the twilight zone?  Contact: Bobby J. Turner, 602 Lathrop St., Fairbanks, AL 99701; 907-458-7084; or e-mail at lillie@mosquito.net.com

Looking for Army friends I served with in Long Binh, Saigon, Cholon, 1967-68. 632nd Heavy Equip. Maintenance Co. Went from U.S. to Vietnam on USS Berrett, arriving February 1967.  Particularly seeking John Wayne George, Richard Musk, James Smith, and Bill Bucklew. Contact me through Farmington NM Vet Center. Contact: Ross (Jose) Arellano, 4251 E. Main St., Farmington, NM 87402; 505-327-9684.

Looking for anyone who served with HQ or A Co., 13th Signal Bn., May 1969 to April 1970, Phuoc Vinh.  Contact: Angel M. Camacho-Ramos, 1301 SW Tennessee Ave., Lawton, OK 73501-8033; 580-250-0871.

I am trying to locate Issac E. Goodwin or anyone who served with me in the 1st Cav., A Co., 2/7, October 1968 to February 27, 1969.  Contact: Bruce H. Belcher, P.O. Box 145, Davin, WV 25617; 304-583-2015.

Looking for anyone who served with my father, HMI Leslie (Les) "Butch'' Carter, KIA July 1, 1968, Third Field Hospital, Saigon, of wounds received in June 20, 1968, mortar attack, Rach Gia.  He also served at Great Lakes Naval Training Center, 1961; North Carolina; and AFIP in D.C.  Originally from Jamestown, North Dakota.  Contact: Heidi Keenan, 3905 W. 216th St., Matteson, IL 60443; or e-mail at hlkennan@aol.com

I am seeking anyone who witnessed the 13th Sig. Bn. April 1969-70 convoys taking fire, dead children, and other atrocities viewed by the convoy personnel.  Contact: Angel M. Camacho, 1301 SW Tennessee, Lawton, OK 73505; 580-250-0871.

Seeking contact and information related to Btry. 2/1 Cav., 4th Inf. Div., January 1968 to April 1969.  Contact: Gary L. Beanham, 480 Caney Hwy., Pikeville, KY 41501; 606-639-4069.

Former members of the 43rd Sig. Bn., Vietnam: we now have our own web site. Log on at www.signalbn43.com

I would like to correspond with any female who served with U.S. Military Services, especially Vietnam, who was incarcerated afterwards. Contact: Ralph Purifoy OTF-154578, Box 5000, Carson City, MI 48811-5000.

I am looking for Ricky (Doc) Adkins, 82nd Airborne, Vietnam, 1969.  He was from either Virginia or West Virginia.  Contact: Buddy Arabie by e-mail arabie@ppg.com

I would like to hear from an old war buddy of mine named Ridgeway who served with 2nd Bn., 28th Inf., C Co., 1st Inf. Div., 1967-68.  He was from Oklahoma, I believe, and served in 2nd Plt.  He probably doesn't remember me. I was from Madison, Georgia, and "short'' when he arrived in the company.  He might remember Hubbard or Chappa.  Contact: Bob Bumgarner by e-mail bjbumga@bellsouth.net

I would like to thank a >doctors or nurses who treated me in Vietnam.  I was wounded seven times and was treated at the 7th Surgical Cu Chi, September-October 1966; 3rd Field Saigon, October-November 1966; 90th Evac. Qui Nhon, September-October 1968; 6th Con. Center Cam Ranh, October-November 1968; and 1st Surgical Bo Duc/Katum, June 1970.  Contact: Robert Powell, 3053 Carrollton Tyres Rd., Carrollton, GA 30117.

I am trying to locate Charles Daniels from West Virginia. He was stationed at Loring Air Force Base in Limestone, Maine, in 1967 and was sent to Vietnam at the end of 1967-68.  His father was a minister. Contact: Nicole B. Bernier, 72 Patola Pvt., Ottawa, Ontario KIT 2X5 Canada; 613-738-8034.

I am trying to locate Vietnam vets who were in 3rd Bn., 11th Mar., Gulf Btry., in Danang, Hill 10, August 1968 to September 1969.  I have located only one person, Robert (Butch) Kennedy, who was in our motor pool.  Please help me to remember, I have waited a long time for this.  Contact: Bob Oldham; 812-438-2238 (home); 812-438-4376 (work).

Searching for Billy Karp from Eugene, Oregon, who was drafted out of the Peace Corps in Peru in 1966 and served in Vietnam.  Please contact your Peace Corps roommate.   Contact: Jesse Zimple, 608-537-2044; or Judith Kelly, 703-536-3564.

I would like to hear from guys who served with the 1/83rd Fld. Atry., 24th Group, 24 Corps, Charlie Btry., at Camp Sally, Camp Eagle, C-3, and Camp Evans between 1970-71.  Contact: Ralph Purifoy OTF-154578, Box 5000, Carson City, MI 48811-5000.

I am searching for a buddy, Sam Roselli, originally from Chicago, who was stationed in Vietnam with me from 1967-68.  We were in the Marine Corps at 1st FSR/FLC.  I would like to find out if he is still alive.  Contact by e-mail levitman@myhost.com

I would like to hear from anyone who served with B Co., 2/39th Inf. Div., November 1967 to February 1968.  Contact: Joseph Donati, 10 Atlas Way, E. Northport, NY 11731; 561- 368-2320.

Wanted: a good-hearted woman who served in Vietnam or Desert Storm by an incarcerated veteran who served in Vietnam with the Eighth Army, 377th Medical Co.  Contact: Morey Marcus 251967, P.O. Box 861, Trenton, NJ 08625-0861.

Looking for those who served with L/Cpl. Barry L. Kopp, KIA March 19, 1969: 4th Bn., 13 Mar., 1 Mar. Div.  Contact: David C. Schaening, 53660 Chesterfield, Chesterfield, MI 48051; 810-749-6238.

Members and attached members of 6th Bn., 29th Field Arty., who served in Tuy Hoa, Vietnam, 1966-67, please contact me to form an association.  Contact: Don Cox, 1614 N.W. Beechwood Dr., Lawton, OK 73505; 580-357-6783.

I'm trying to locate  Lloyd Kosanki, 3rd Bn., 187th Inf., 101st Airborne Div., 1971. I Corps,  Khe Sanh, "Falls Operation.'' I need to know if he is alive. Contact: Michael Gonzales, P.O. Box 430, Morro Bay, CA 93442.

Trying to locate crew of Tango 1-11-3, November 1967-68.  I have found Bruce, where are the rest of you guys?  I was the gunner on the medical boat.  Contact: Dan Danford, 1881 Granato Dr. W., Semmes, AL 36575; 334-649-1787.

I'm seeking anyone with a photo of the February 11, 1971, meritorious graduation of A.W. Neil at MCRD, San Diego, California, or any drill instructor who was a witness.  Contact: Arnold Neil, 6328 Barrie Rd., 1-M, Edina, MN 55435-2245.

I am trying to locate anyone who served with the 1st Air Cav. Div. (Clint) in Vietnam, July 1969- 70.   I was on LZ Grant, 1st, 12 Cav., B Co.  Contact: Eddie L. Windham, Jr., P.O. Box 306, Natalbany, LA 70451; 504-543-0329.

I'm looking for Rick Bozenberg, of New Paris, Ohio, who was stationed while in the U.S. Army at Swabis Gemund, Crailsheim, Germany.  I went to Vietnam. Where are you, pal?  Contact: Allan "Skip'' Hartman, 2808 Vermillion Dr., Billings, MT 59102; 406-652-8784.

Mississippi Vietnam-era veteran is spearheading efforts to start a Mississippi chapter of VVA.  Contact: Earl Lawless, P.O. Box 2138, Verona, MS 38879; 601-566-8476.

Seabee Team 0511 is trying to locate former members, BUL3 Darrell G. Dahl, LTJG George T. Kurisu, BU1 Donald Nichols, and CN Frank T. Patrick.  Contact: Larry D. Holman, 6746 Souder St., Philadelphia, PA 19149-2208; 215-725-4938; or e-mail at lholman@prodigy.net

Looking for my platoon leader 1st Sgt. Jim Ford, 2/12 Inf., 25th Inf. Div., January-June 1968, Dao Trang, RVN. Contact: Andrew Wahrenbrock, 1414 Valhalla, Bakersfield, CA 93309; 805-833-4440.

Trying to locate anyone who was with the 1/40th Arty., 1st Field Forces, 1966-67 at Dong Ha.  I was in C Btry.  Contact Jerry Zientara, 6237 E. Covina St., Mesa, AZ 85205; 602- 985-4664.

Looking for men in G Co., 2/26, 3rd Mar. Div, 1968-69 from Khe Sanh, Rock Pile to Camp Carroll to C-2. Bob Galloway, Frank Costric, Artis Monroe, Wolfe, Wormy, Lt. Post, Mark Saffles, Riley: remember LZ Margo, Operation Lyn River?  Remember when Camp Carroll chow hall burned up on July 4?  Frank, remember when you and Sgt. James were hit at the same time?  Contact: Bud Bidwell, 2205 Willow Breeze Rd., Chino Valley, AZ 86323; 520-636-4519.

Would like to hear from anyone who served in the U.S. Army with me: basic and RIT at Ft. Polk, June 1968; Chu Lai, 23rd Adm., November 1968-69; Worms, Germany, 5th Repl. and HQ, TASCOM, 1969-71.  Contact: Walt Frier, 1358 Athens Rd., Mendenhall, MS 39114; 601-849-6053 (work); 601-849-3591 (home); or e-mail at wfrier@meta.net

Army veteran, honorable discharge, 8 months basic and AIT at Ft. Dix, New Jersey, October 17, 1967 to March 1, 1968; Communications Specialist assigned to Field Arty. Unit; orders for Vietnam, but  unit sent to Korea, 4th of 76th Arty., March 1968 to April 1969.  Assigned to Ft. Meade, Maryland, April 1969 to October 1970.  Incarcerated, need pen pals and sweethearts.  Contact: Michael S. Sayko 971979, 404 Kenilworth Dr., Towson, MD 21204.

I am trying to locate Mike (Snake) Colison from Philadelphia, Charlie Brown from Iowa, and Hillbilly from Bristol, West Virginia.  We all served in Co. A, 125th Sig. Bn., 25th Inf. Div., at Cu Chi, 1970.  Contact: Jay (Harv) Harville, 2123 7th Ave. S.W., Fayette, AL 35555; 205-932-5724.

If you served with me in USMC, Vietnam, 1966-69, please write.  I am particularly interested in hearing from anyone at Chu Lai during Tet 68 when they blew the dump.  Contact: D.L. "Tex'' Swafford, 1229 Kalmia Ave., Boulder, CO 80304.

We stand alone. Co. B., 3/506 Inf., 101st Abn. Div., 1970.  Anybody, especially SSG Rogers (Rico), SSG Romo, Dan Maxey, Perisi, Carlisle, Double O Soul, Wiggens, Malcolm, Skorheim, Bull, Tex, Beatty, Bass, Doc, Lt. Green, especially 1st Platoon.  An Khe, Cambodia, Phan Thiet. I miss all of you.  Contact: Ron Leslie Zablocki, VAMC, Dom. 123, 5000 W. National Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53295; 414-384-2000, ext. 8794.

Searching for 3/3 Marines, India Co., 1967-70.  Contact: Wayne Smith, P.O. Box 178, Rehrersburg, PA 19550.

Vietnam-era Seabees, 1959-1975 , P.O. Box 36781, Richmond, Virginia 23235-8016.  Come on guys, we are looking for you and all who were with a CB Bn.  Contact: John "Roundman'' Carney, 391 Union Ave., West Haven, CT 06516; 203-932-6173.

Trying to locate anyone who was with 601st Medical Co., or Det. 1st Medical Svc., Ft. Clayton, Canal Zone, 1963-1964.  Contact: Jack J. Green, 307 Parkville Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11230, 718-434-2531.

I want to hear from anybody with 94th Eng. Det. (Quarry) at Gia Rai, Vietnam, or 544th Engrs. (Quarry), Vung Tau, Vietnam, 1967-68. Nace, Ryerson, Smallwood, Jenkins, Mahar, Mangini, Johnson, DiCecco, Smitty, Compton, Donhauser, Cochran, Huml, Morken, McGee, Palevicious, Forman, and any others.  Contact: George A. "Murf'' Davis, 3700 Stewart Ave., Sp. 179, Las Vegas, NV 89110; 702-531-5787.

I am trying to locate Richard Eck whom I served with in Qui Nhon, 1967-68.  We went on R&R together, last known address was Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Also, looking for Bobby "Tex'' Robinson.  We served TDY in Atlanta Army Depot then he was attached to an infantry division south of Qui Nhon, also in 1967-68.  Contact: Ed Tomlinson, 30 Abbey Ct., Brooklyn, NY 11229; or e-mail at ed@tomlinson.net

I am trying to locate the family of Capt. Robert F. Rex, U.S. Air Force, KIA/MIA, Laos, March 9, 1969.  Contact: Carol Walters, 1155 Sterling Ave., Palatine, IL 60067; 847-202-0028.

I am looking for Al, Ski, Keith, and Jim Moore who served with Cockeyes, H&MS 16/MAG-16, Marble Mountain, Vietnam, 1970-71.  Contact: Craig S. Couturier, 121 N. West St., Bainbridge, GA 31717; 917-248-2599.

Looking for USAF Vietnam vets who served with any Caribou units (officers/enlisted), 1966-72.  Most were stationed at Cam Ranh, Phu Cat, and Vung Tau.  Please send name/rank, address, phone, unit, and e-mail address.  Contact: Nick Eavanish, 210 48th St., Gulfport, MS 39507-4317; 601-863-8688.

I am trying to locate a Marine buddy, Gunnery Sgt. Bobby G. Lewis, who served in and around I Corps area, RVN, 1967-68.  Contact: Robert E. Gambol, 700 Moore Rd., King of Prussia, PA 19406-1360; 610-265-7083.

This is Alpha, Bravo, Eight, Alpha, Alpha, Foxtrot: AB8AAF.  I am interested in hearing from anyone who can answer to this call sign as a Vietnam MARS operator, 1968.  Contact: Victor Frank W52140, B.T.C.-D2, 30 Administration Rd., Bridgewater, MA 02324.

2nd Bn., 7th Marines, Scouts, April 1968 to May 1969.  I've located Turk, Charlie, DePolis. Where are the rest of you: Doc, Pate, Woods, Troj, Sgt. Penoyer, and Spivey? Contact: Danny W. Heath, 244 N. Oxford Dr., San Angelo, TX 76901; 915-465-4911.

For U.S. Navy veterans, I have 16x20 color prints of ships: USN Hosp. Repose, USS Atlanta, USS Force 445, 434, PA199, OG9, OG11, GS50, TF85, TF98, 13, 21, 31, 334, 387, 761, 784, 818, 881, 886, and 941.  All original prints, I believe off of Hawaii, 1966.  Contact: Robert L. Garrison, Jr., 2745 W. Mission Ct., Visalia, CA 93277; 209-625-1980.

I'd like to hear from anyone who served with me in A Co., 8th RRFS, Phu Bai, June 1971-72, especially Garry Walton, Bill Yale, Anthony Ralph, and Steve Smith.  Contact: Alan Roberts, 517 North Rd., Cloquet, MN 55720-1271; 218-879-3079.

Incarcerated vet seeking pen pals.  I served with 277th MP Co., APO New York in Coleman Brrks. at the Military Confinement facility as a cook from February 1987 to April 1989.  Will answer all replies, especially Spec.4 Penny Ward.  Contact: Charles Chears B28293, Box 900, Taylorville, IL 62568.

Looking for men from 2/9 Golf, 9th Mar., 3rd Mar. Div. who may have served with me at the Rock Pile on or about April 19, 1968.  I am an incarcerated vet trying to find certain men I need to thank.  Contact: James P. Harrison 913713, X-Row, P.O. Box 41 ISP, Michigan City, IN 46361-0041.

Hope to identify name and location of every firebase, LZ, and military installation of our war for an encyclopedia to be published in 1999.  Need any of following data: name, location (grids if possible), origin of name, units occupying, and unusual features.  Maps welcome.  Contributors acknowledged in book and reimbursed for expenses where necessary.  Contact: Michael Kelley, 2140 36th St., Sacramento, CA 95817; or e-mail at kelleyc@ix.netcom.com.

101st Abn. Div., 2/501st Inf. I need assistance with correction of military records.  Knowledge of relatively minor scrapnel wounds on cheek and nose when unit airlifted from Phu Bai to Hue area early February 1968 on Chinook C-47 during Tet 68.  I (RTO) was on one of first lifts. The C-47 was hit by ground fire and set down in rice paddy one mile from Phu Bai.  Pilot was able to unload troops and fly bird back to station.  We humped on ground and later received stiches from Latin Bn. Surgeon at Phu Bai.  Contact: Columbus Lum Newburn III, 421 S. Bonner St., Jacksonville, TX 75766; 903-586-9871.

2/501st Inf., 101st Abn. I need assistance to confirm concussion and minor shrapnel wounds. Occurred at Camp Eagle, May 21, 1968, during massive rocket/mortar attack and perimeter penetration.  I was treated in (I believe) semi-underground bunker.  Due to post- concussion syndrome, I have limited memory of event or following two weeks prior to transfer.  Would love to hear from anyone I served with.  Contact: Columbus Lum Newburn III, 421 S. Bonner St., Jacksonville, TX 75766; 903-586-9871.

Seeking former members USMC, 367th 3rd Bn. recruit unit, Parris Island, August 1974.  Contact: Samuel R. "Mule'' Curry II, 916 19th St. West, Huntington, WV 25704; 304-429-5525.

Looking for Dennis Gibson from Chicago.  He was a Marine who served in Vietnam, 1967-68, 1st Air Wing, Mass II, motor transport.  We were good friends during Vietnam and it would be nice to hear from him again to see how his life is now.  I have been to Washington, D.C., and looked on The Wall and his name was not there, so I take it that he is still living.  I have tried for a long time to find him, please help.  Contact: William Ritenour, 35 Truman Rd., Charleroi, PA 15022.

I am looking for anyone who served with 1st Mar. Div., 7th Eng. Bn., C Co., April 1969- 70.  Bn. HQ was in Chu Lai, but first three months spent at Tam Ky, 30 miles north.  I was a Bulldozer Operator working Hwy. 1 and was on two landclearing operations south of Chu Lai.  Contact: Michael Epperly, 253 Hemlock Wy., Oceanside, CA 92057.

Looking for members of 25th Admin., February 1967 to August 1968 and HQ's 25th Div. Arty., September 1968 to February 1969.  Contact: Larry D. Fiedler, Sr., 105 Dial St., Edmonton, KY 42129; 502-432-0949.

I would like to hear from anyone who was on LCU-1477 during the Vietnam War.  I would like to know more about Boat 1477.  I was wounded April 30, 1968.  Contact: Ronnie Lee Boal, 5076 Bayard St., San Diego, CA 92109; 619-483-8812.

Searching for anyone who knew my dad, Glenn Eugene Luhnow, who served with Co. D (Manchu), 4th Bn., 9th Inf., 25th Inf. Div., in Cu Chi and Hobo Woods, September-October 1967.  Contact: Glennda Gene Luhnow, 1105 So. Mollison Ave., El Cajon, CA 92020.

I am trying to locate anyone who was with 1st Marines, 7th Reg., H&S Co., Hill  10, 1968-69.  Additionally, looking for those who were transferred to MAG-16 Provost Marshal's Office in 1969.  Does anyone remember Hill 43 being overrun?  Contact: Michael Brewer, 2717 N. Plumer, Tucson, AZ 85719; 520-795-2223.

I served in Vietnam, 1967-68; WIA June 14, 1967, during Operation Billings.  I would like to hear from anyone who was there and received a morning report of that firefight.  My base camp was in Lai Khe.  I served with Co. B, 1st Bn., 16th Inf. (Rangers), 1st Inf. Div.  If Cross or Robert Ramirez read this message, please contact me.  Contact: Juan F. Lopez, 8001 N.W. 7 St., Apt. 2, Miami, FL 33126; 305-265-1808.

When America called, I answered.  Incarcerated, foreign-born, honorably discharged U.S. Army Vietnam veteran now facing deportation is seeking a criminal law professor or attorney, preferably a Vietnam veteran, licensed to practice in Maryland.  Contact: Fitzroy A. Young 186- 197, M.H.C., P.O. Box 534, Jessup, MD 20794.

Incarcerated Vietnam veteran would like to hear from those who served at 1st Trk. Co., FLC, RVN, in support of Danang, 1970-71.  Especially Sonny, Jeff, Clyde, and Mia (or Smiley). Hey, Bro Jeff, did you and Smiley get hitched?  Contact: Gary A. Miller, 160-155, WCI, P.O. Box 5500, 13800 McMullen Hwy., Cresaptown, MD 21505-5500.

Long-haired, incarcerated, honorably discharged, 41-year-old Marine, served 1976-82. I'm being released soon and am looking to correspond with female hardbelly dancer, 25-40 years old.  Locked up for nonviolent, nonsexual case.  Will send picture to all who write with same.  No polaroids please.  Crazy, honest, no-games only.  Contact: David Freel 179452, E.C. Brooks Correctional Facility, Muskegon Temporary Corr. Fac., 2500 E.Sheridan Dr., Muskegon Heights, MI 49444.

I am trying to locate Lt. Wagner, SFC Henderson, Sgt. Resweber, Sp4 Whittly, or SP4 Ruiz.  All served with me in Vietnam and Cambodia in 1970.  Our unit was HHC (4.2 Mortar Plt.) 2/47th, 9th Inf. Div.  Contact: Pride Diehl, 1022 N. Water St., Uhrichsville, OH 44683.

I am trying to locate anyone who was stationed on the submarine Searaven and Harder, 1940-45, U.S. Navy.  Contact: Werner Klement, 3335 Downey Ave., Reno, NV 89503; 702-747-6878.

I served with the 459th Sig. Bn. at Nha Trang as the Bn. Personnel Sgt., 1966-67, and would like to hear from those whom I served with in Vietnam and when the unit was at Ft. Huachuca.  I am a Gideon church speaker and want to hear from anyone who has a testimony as to what the Gideon testament did for him or her.  I will be using your testimony in a church speech I am preparing that will feature only testimonies from combat veterans.  Contact: Lowell D. Bower, 7 S. Walla Walla Dr., Cherokee Village, AR 75259-2005; 870-257-4116.

I would like to locate DP3 Richard Castro, last seen on a Navy ship homeported, Norfolk, Virginia.  We worked and carpooled together for two years at Cinclantflt, Norfolk.  I miss you, buddy.  Contact: Christal (Berglund) Bassett, 303 ½ Lake St., Manistique, MI 49854; 906-341-3307.

I am trying to locate Seaman Nancy Moore originally from New Bern, North Carolina.  We worked together in Cinclantflt, Norfolk, Virginia, 1974-76.  I would very much like to see you again.  Contact: Christal (Berglund) Bassett, 303 ½ Lake St., Manistique, MI 49854; 906- 341-3307.

Seeking anyone who knew A.J. Mosley, stationed at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma, HHB, 75th FA, 1976-78, or Germany, 1978, in B Btry, 1st Bn., 2 FA.  Wife needs assistance and information to file VA claim.  Contact: Ruth Ann Mosley, 1630 SW Roosevelt, Lawton, OK 73501.

Seeking information and contact by former members of 1st Bn., 81st FA (1 of the 81st), March 8 to August 16, 1969.  Contact: Randy Steele, RR 2, Box 715A, Milton, WV 25541; 304-743- 3747.

Seeking information and contact with former members of HQ Command, OL 1506, CRB- APO 96326, September 1967 to July 1968.  Contact: Dana "Big Frank'' Franklin, 830 Hibner Ave., Hungtington, WV 25705; 304-522-3949.

Seeking information and contact with former members of 5th Bn, 4th FA, Svc. Btry., March 1970 to April 1971.  Contact: Alan H. Unrue, 434 Township Rd., 137 West, South Point, OH 45680; 740-894-5468.

Anyone assigned to 377 Support Group, 377 Supply Sq., August 1971-72.  Also, looking for Sgt. Brian Lemmonds, Clothing Issue, Tan Son Nhut, Saigon.  Contact: Kenneth Conley, HC74, Box 3041-C, Chapmanville, WV 25508; 304-855-7443.

Seeking members of the 79th Trans Co. (DS) Qui Nhon, August 1965 to June 1966.  Contact: Ronald "Cookie'' Cook, P.O. Box 484, East Lynn, WV 25512; 304-849-2907.

I am trying to find anyone who served with me in the 78th Trans. Bn., 44th Trans. Co.  We were outside Qui Nhon, 1969-70.  I was a gunner on a gun truck (the Saint).  Contact: Jean St. Cyr, RFD #1, Box 5710, Enosburg, VT 05450; 802-933-2254; or e-mail jstcyr@together.net

Looking for George M. Boyd, attached to Task Force Oregon, 1966-67.  Buddy statement desired for VA claim.  Contact: Lewis County Veterans Service Agency, Courthouse, Lowville, NY 13367; 315-376-3569.

I am seeking anyone who knew me while assigned to the 34th Sig., Germany, summer of 1963.  During field exercise fell off the back of a tank I was riding and fell on my back.  I did not go on sick call, therefore I need buddy letters to support my claim. Berry Kraus and others, please.  Contact: Edward C. Black, Jr., Rt.1, Box 8, Faxon, OK 73540; 580-597-3320.

Looking for anyone in the First Log, 611 Ord. Co., HQ Support Group, who may have run convoys out of Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam, 1969-70.  Contact: Alvin Wheeler, 13096CR 89N, Vernon, TX 76384; 940-887-3359.

1972-72. Capt. Allen, OICMI, STRAT-COM, HHC, Sig. Gp. 22, Germany, APO 09086.  I need to speak with you.  Can meet anywhere on earth. Think synergism.  COM-SEC forever.  Truth never surrenders.  Contact: Mark J. Clark, 6830 Concert Wy., Sacramento, CA 95842; 916-334-4285.

I am searching for people who served with CWO Roland L. Florio in Vietnam. Florio served with U.S. Army, Trp. D, 3rd Sqd., 5th Cav., 9th Inf., September 1967 to August 15, 1968, on which day he gave his life while returning from a rescue mission.  I grew up with Roland and still miss him dearly.  I would like to talk with people who knew and worked with him.  Contact: Bill McGarr at e-mail WMcgarr@aol.com

I am trying to find shipmates of the USS Southerland (DD-743), WESTPAC Cruise, 1968.  I am working on this for a reunion in 2000.  At the last one, I got tired of listening to WWII and Korean vets. We need more Viet vets there.  Contact: Terry L. Thomsen by e-mail at tt.woods@worldnet.att.net

I am trying to locate an old Navy shipmate, Robert R. Johnson, who went in the Army about 1960.  Last I heard from him, he was a Green Beret Sgt. and said he was headed for Nam.  Because of the common name I have never been able to locate him.  Would appreciate any help.  Contact: Roger Latham, 6529 Hwy. 35 and 81, Lancaster, WI 53813; or e-mail at lathamr@mhtc.net

Please help me locate Arthur Sapp.  Last known address was San Francisco.  We were in I Corp, 3rd Bn., 81st Arty., Korea, 1964-65.  Contact: Forrest D. Pepper at e-mail tcamp@hiwaay.net

Looking for members of the 14th Combat Avn. Bn., 1st Avn., Bde HQ, 14th Security Pl.t, 534th Medical Detachment, or 176th Avn. Co.  Was known as many things: Chris, Dusty, and others.  1968, Chu Lai, SP4 Medics.  Contact: lotaca@aolywa.net

I am trying to locate Vietnam veterans attached to 9th Eng. Bn., Const. Plt., Danang, Vietnam, 1970. Gary Tucker, Daniel G. Lee, and Gary Massucci. Contact: Jerry Quaranto, 412 Spring Green Rd., Warwick, RI 02888; 401-463-6917.

I am trying to contact anyone who knew Cpl. John Telford, USMC, 1st Anglico, 1st Mar Div.  John was killed by hostile mortar fire on August 17, 1967, in the vicinity of Quang Tri, Vietnam.  Contact: Bob Telford, Fruita Police Department, Fruita, CO 81521; 970-858-7778.

I was an Australian warrant officer who worked with American soldiers in Vietnam in 1972. I would like to hear from anyone who may have known me.  I like to keep up with information. Contact: Graeme Haupt at e-mail mahaupt@ultra.net.au

I would like to find an old friend,  Edward Gaumer from Ohio, who was in boot camp with me, USMC Recruit Depot, San Diego, California.  We graduated September 1967. He was in Vietnam, 1967-68 or later.  I didn't have to cross "the big pond.'' A lot of my friends did, four of them got their names on The Wall.  Contact: Eric C. Olson at e-mail eolsonsonora@yahoo.com

I am trying to locate John D. Jarrett, a U.S. Airman friend who served in Phan Rang, South Vietnam, 1967-68.  Contact: Australia (61) 7 3200 6325 (fax) or e-mail to idm@quicknet.com.au

The Berlin Veterans Association is looking for individuals stationed in Berlin, Germany, 1945-94.  Contact: Lis Rosenbaum; 520-456-1910 or e-mail at joeb@theriver.com

I am trying to locate anyone who served with me in Bn. Landing Team, 2/7 Mar., in Quang Nam Province, 1968.  Located in Dodge City in September to October 1968.  Participated in Operations Allen Brook, Mameluke Thrust, Talladega Canyon, and Maui Peak. Looking for Sager from Indiana and De Arivia from Oakland, California.  I need substantiation of service for VA claim.  Contact: Patrick M. Riley, c/o Rock County Veterans Service Office, 51 South Main St., Janesville, WI 53545; 608-757-5552.

Attention all Golden Dragons of the 1st Bn., 14th Inf., 25th Inf. Div., and the 4th Inf. Div.  I am trying to form a reunion for our unit.  Looking for all Medics.  Contact: Paul (Doc) Angrisano, Chief Service Rep, VARO, 111 West Huron St., Buffalo, NY 14202; 716-551-4153; or e-mail at Buster192@juno.com

Alfredo Maldonado, Bill Waddell, Bob Ross, Joe Ward, or any of the original members of Co. C, 589th Eng. Bn., Binh Dinh Province, 1967-68.  Where the hell are your guys?  Contact: Al Jenkins, P.O. Box 1653, Eau Claire, WI 54702-1653; or e-mail at  jaj@werewolf.net

I am trying to locate anyone who served in the 507th Trans. Gp., TMA MACV, 1st Traffic Reg., I Corps, 1966-68.  Contact: Joel Packman, 514 Gwynwest Rd., Reiserstown, MD 21136; 410-833-0329; or e-mail at jpackman@bigfoot.com

We are looking for anyone who served in the 1st Squad., 1st Cav., in Vietnam.  The unit consists of A, B, C, D, E, HQ troops and was attached to the Americal Div., 101st Airborne and 1st Armored Div.  We have started an association.  Contact: Terry Babler, 1-1 Cav. Assn., W5889 Durst Rd., New Glarus, WI 53574; 608-527-2444.

USMC, 1969-72 Vietnam combat veteran, disabled, health failing, 48 years old.  I have been prison for eighteen long years and still no parole date for a crime I am not guilty of.  I have lost all my family while in prison. I need legal help to win my freedom--eighteen years has paid the price for a crime I did not do.  I do not have a cent to my name, yet I am rich as I have God in my heart and he is all that has kept me going.  I pray for the help of a lawyer, a Vietnam vet lawyer--my conviction could be overturned with legal help.  Please help as I am running out of life.  Contact: Orrin D. Edenfield, Dade N.A., 087019H2114C, P.O. Box 349350, Florida City, FL 33034-0530.

I wish to locate fellow servicemen assigned to 137th Eng. Co. (LZ Max), Americal Div., 1969-70.  Contact: Fred Sanchez by e-mail at docandcompany@webtv.net

I would like to get in touch with Nam vets who were in Nam with me, February 1970-71. I was in 4th Inf., 4th Div., Base Camp Pleiku.  We accompanied convoys.  Some names I remember include Steve Hale (Los Angeles), Richard Valdez (Phoenix), Rick Chamberlain, Smitty, Logsten, and Gonzales.  Send e-mail to donjuan@pdrpip.com

E-mail us at feedback@vva.org

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