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november/december 2008

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Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America
Ten Years Of Strong Growth

So many things are happening in AVVA that I hardly know where to begin. In my last column, I was excited to inform our members that AVVA was developing a Veterans Service Officer Program. I am very pleased to announce that the AVVA Veterans Benefits Committee has, in fact, completed the policies, the application, and all the other necessary paperwork and documentation required by the VA to be approved as a recognized veterans service organization. The application has been submitted to the VA, and we are looking forward to its approval in the very near future.

Also in my last column, I informed our membership that AVVA is now prepared to begin accepting petitions for chapter incorporation. I congratulate the members of AVVA who are affiliated with VVA Chapter 542 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, for completing the paperwork to become the first AVVA chapter. For additional information on how to form an AVVA chapter, contact AVVA Membership Chair Sharon Hobbs. She can be reached at

AVVA has begun to move into the electronic age and will now be using email as the tool to send all materials and information to State Representatives, State Presidents, Chapter Representatives, and Chapter Presidents. National Secretary Patsy Varnell will be requesting email addresses from all current State Representatives and Presidents. AVVA has reviewed the cost related to mailing packets that contain the minutes of Board Meetings, Committee Reports, Regional Reports, and other information. The AVVA national organization will save close to $2,000 annually by using email. The savings will be even greater if State Representatives and Presidents adopt the same procedure and forward this information electronically to chapter representatives. This is a cost-saving measure that also will allow members to receive information quickly and more often.

For several years, members of AVVA have requested that the AVVA Leadership Conference be expanded. In Louisville next July, AVVA will celebrate its ten-year anniversary and will offer a three-day Leadership Conference. We invite members of AVVA to join us in our celebration of ten years and to register to participate in three full days of seminars that will prepare our members for the next ten years.

I hope that our members will continue to send us their thoughts, ideas, comments, and suggestions. Hope to hear from you soon.



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