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November/December Issue

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Two school buses picked up the VVA Board of Directors, VVA State Council Presidents, and the AVVA Board early on Saturday morning, October 6, to take us to wash The Wall. VVA’s Montgomery County, Maryland, Chapter 641 washes The Wall on the first Saturday of every month from April to November. The chapter invited those attending the Board meeting to join them.

At least sixty brave souls met in the hotel lobby at 6:00 a.m. to board the buses. It was raining, windy, and downright cold, but all of us dressed as warmly as we could. When we left the lobby, the rain came down even harder. When we arrived at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Guy Hayslett and other chapter members had already hooked up the hoses and had started washing. We pitched in and washed The Wall, the base of the flag pole, the Three Fightingmen statue, the Women’s Memorial, and the In Memory plaque.

While we were doing our task of love, the rain stopped. Judy Bolio, Region 5 Director for AVVA, laid flowers at the In Memory plaque.
At our AVVA board meeting, we set up a task force to create policies and procedures for chapters. Sonja Holybee asked the AVVA talk list for ideas and suggestions. If you have input, please contact Elaine Simmons at Please keep in mind that this will not happen overnight. There’s a lot to do.

I wrote a letter to the Superintendent of National Parks stating our concerns about the In Memory plaque. While we were washing it, we saw that all the engraving had worn off and it was barely readable. The Superintendent moved quickly. In the first week of November, the plaque was re-engraved and grouted to be ready for Veterans Day.

I presented in AVVA and VVA’s names a $2,000 check from our National Project Friendship to Len Selfon of the United Spinal Association. Next year’s Project Friendship will be The Chapel of Four Chaplains and the local project at Springfield will be the Mini O’Beirne Burn Center. We will post items needed for the burn center; monetary donations are always welcome. Cash contributions will also be accepted for The Chapel of Four Chaplains.

If you have not purchased an AVVA flag, it is now available for $40 from VVA’s Veterans Collectibles as well as from Elaine Simmons.

Indiana AVVA has received its charter. It was presented by Judy Bolio, Region 5 Director. Congratulations. Together Always

AVVA Election

In Tucson at our National Convention, AVVA held its elections for Executive Board and Regional Directors. I would like to thank everyone for their help and cooperation. Special thanks go to the League of Women Voters for conducting the elections.

In January, Regional Directors, State Representatives, State Presidents, and VVA State Presidents will receive by mail the elections section of our Policies and Procedures and election forms. Elections will be held from January to June for State Representatives, State Presidents (if incorporated), and Chapter Representatives. Now is the time to inform your chapter members about the upcoming elections.Ω

2007 Annual Fellowship Award

BY JUDY BOLIO, Awards Chair

It is again time to consider nominations for the Fellowship Award to be presented at the AVVA Leadership Conference held in conjunction with the VVA Convention in Springfield, Illinois. Past recipients were recognized for their work for veterans and their country, state, city, state councils, and chapters. We in AVVA want the Fellowship Award to remain a prestigious honor. The 2006 honorees were Kathy Upchurch of Arizona and Jim Messmer of Ohio.

Candidates for the award should be individuals who go a step beyond, leaders, and people who give their all.

The nomination requirements are:

  1. Applicant must be a current member in good standing of AVVA with no pending disciplinary actions.
  2. Applications must be postmarked no later than May 18.
  3. Include a report, no less than one page but no more than two pages, describing the individual’s attributes and accomplishments.
  4. Include documents or articles to reinforce the submission.
  5. The Awards Committee is responsible for the selection. The award will be presented during the AVVA Luncheon in Springfield. All submissions will remain the sole property of the Awards Committee until the AVVA Convention is closed, at which time they will be stored at the national office in Silver Spring.
  6. Submissions should be sent to: Judy Bolio, Awards Committee Chair, 326-16th Avenue, Silvis, IL 61282-1809

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