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september/october 2007

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Another National Convention has come and gone, and the delegates have spoken. The delegates have provided VVA with its marching orders for the next two years. Working with VVA’s committees and task forces, the delegates voted to retire those resolutions no longer necessary, amend those resolutions that needed updating, and approve new resolutions they felt were important to VVA’s mission.

That being said, VVA has a lot of work to do before we meet at Convention again in 2009.

Eight Resolutions were retired by the delegates: AO-3-03: State Agent Orange/Dioxin Programs; AO-14-99: Pine Bluff Arsenal; AO-15-03: Additional Benefits and Services to Children of Vietnam Veterans with Spina Bifida; G-3-95: VVA Support for the National Gulf War Resource Center; M-3-03: Membership Growth and Retention; M-5-05: Support Creation of Southwest Asia Veterans Organization; HTF-2-05: “Fair Share” of Funding for Homeless Veterans Programs and Services; HTF-3- 05: Realignment of Homeless Veterans Programs Currently Managed within the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs System.

These Resolutions were retired because the sponsoring committees or task forces and the Convention delegates agreed that the intent of the Resolutions had been fulfilled and there was no further action to be taken.

Following is a list of those Resolutions that were amended by committee and approved by the Convention delegates. In all cases, the amendments did not alter the original intent of the Resolution but expanded the issue section to be more comprehensive, or updated the background section, or added to the resolved portion to be able to take into consideration any changes that may have occurred in the field since the Resolution’s inception. E-1-07: Jobs in the Public Sector; E-18-07: A Comprehensive Employment Resource Development Program; P-11-07 Support for Chapel Recognition Program; HTF-1-07: Homeless Veterans as a Special Needs Population; HTF-4-07: Homeless Veteran Housing and Urban Development Transitional and Supportive Services Only Funding.

Seven new Resolutions were adopted by the Convention delegates:

E-19-07: A Meaningful Job at a Living Wage
Resolved that: Vietnam Veterans of America takes the following positions:

  1. VVA calls on all federal agencies to implement to the highest degree the “Welcome Home To Work,” “Hire a Vet First,” and “Jobs for Veterans Act.” Agencies, and their individual responsible managers, must be held accountable for the implementation of written policy and GAO oversight. The means of accountability and penalties must be published, widely distributed, and implemented throughout all federal agencies.
  2. Because returning veterans have problems finding work and getting necessary medical assistance for themselves and their families, VVA will make available the “VVA Guide to Veterans Employment,” “VVA Guide to Veterans Preference,” “VVA Guide to Vocational Rehabilitation,” “VVA Guide to Veterans Entrepreneurship,” “VVA Guide to PTSD,” and information on Women in Service Issues and Homeless Veterans programs.

E-20-07: 30th Anniversary of the Disabled Veterans Outreach Program (DVOP)
Resolved that: Vietnam Veterans of America takes the following positions:

  1. VVA calls on all State Councils and Chapters to show their appreciation for all DVOP personnel and assist in any ceremonies done in their honor.
  2. VVA will recognize the DVOP program in publicity in The VVA Veteran, on the VVA web page, and other means; and will provide financial assistance through a cost center set up for donations. Such financial assistance will not exceed the amount of donations received for these events.

HTF-5-07: Homeless Veterans HUD/VA Supportive Housing Funding
Resolved that: Vietnam Veterans of America urges HUD to comply with Section 710 of P.L. 109-461 by requesting the allocation of funds at the level necessary to provide for the total number of rental assistance vouchers for homeless veterans.

HTF-6-07: VA Homeless Grant and Per Diem Funding
Resolved that: Vietnam Veterans of America urges the Department of Veterans Affairs, Homeless Grant and Per Diem Program, to provide “payment for services” rather than the “reimbursement for services” it presently provides. Additionally, VVA supports and seeks legislation to establish Supportive Services Assistance Grants for VA Homeless Grant and Per Diem Service Center Grant Awardees.

P-12-07: Public Awareness for Veterans Benefits Campaign
Resolved that: The members of VVA call for the Public Affairs Committee to do whatever is necessary to budget at least $20,000 in the 2008 budget to advertise to the membership and to the public and to publicize the availability of veterans’ benefits and how to claim them. Further, the membership instructs the leadership to encourage the chapters to publicize the availability of service officers to file claims. We further request that a letter be sent to the Veterans Affairs Department with a copy of this resolution.

P-13-07: Gold Star Mothers National Monument
Resolved that: Vietnam Veterans of America applauds our Gold Star Mothers and supports the development and construction of an American Gold Star Mothers National Monument in Washington, D.C. Further, each chapter and state council is encouraged to reach out to the Gold Star Mothers in their communities and to assist in the fund-raising needed to construct the monument.

PTSD-10-07: PTSD Among America’s Military Women Veterans
Resolved that: VVA shall seek to insure that the VA has both the ability and the capacity to provide gender-specific in-patient and out-patient care and treatment for both combat and sexual trauma-related PTSD, and that psychosocial services are fully integrated into the primary care provided to women veterans.
To read the entire text of the new, amended, and continuing Resolutions as adopted by the delegates to VVA’s 13th National Convention, go to VVA’s web site at


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