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september/october 2007

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I hope everyone had a safe journey home from Springfield. It was a busy week at the AVVA Leadership Conference and the VVA Convention. AVVA had its luncheon, awards presentation, and a slate of informative seminars. If you had a chance to get away for some sightseeing, one of the places to go see was the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. The residents of Springfield were very friendly and accommodating.

I would like to thank all the many AVVA members who worked as volunteers at our Silent Auction, Product Sales, and Yahtzee game.

Our Silent Auction was fabulous this year. We had photographs, crafts done by our members, and many other things. My heart-felt appreciation goes out to all who donated items.

Another group, which I call “Jim Blount’s AVVA Army,” helped set up the VVA Convention floor on Tuesday before the Opening Ceremonies as they have done at many VVA conventions. A whole group shows up and runs around the floor counting seats and taping the initials of the states to make sure all the delegates have chairs. Some years, it runs long into the night. This year was not as long. Thank you all for being there.

AVVA has canceled the Chapel of the Four Chaplains’ Cape May, N.J., ceremony on September 9. It is with a heavy heart that this has been done. We have dealt with increasing and insurmountable difficulties with the Chapel for several months. The situation escalated, and the decision was made to cancel the ceremony. AVVA and VVA officers would like to develop criteria and parameters for a new award, which they would jointly be responsible for, that will recognize and honor people who have an exemplary history of helping humankind.

Tennessee has joined AVVA as an incorporated state. Welcome to the AVVA members of Tennessee. If there is anything we can do, please let us know.

AVVA continues working with our affiliated chapters on many different projects for veterans and families. Everyone is especially busy sending packages overseas to the military, and helping the wounded, military families, and our communities. We may not be the most vocal group, but we are very effective across the country. AVVA/VVA TOGETHER ALWAYS.


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