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july/august 2009

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Orders will be coming down from the VVA CP bunker to “Saddle Up and Move Out” sometime this fall. That means that membership materials will not be reordered until after the hump to our new hootch. Some of our membership material inventory may run out, so please use the forms on the VVA web site until we can re-supply.

Our supplier will be ready to deliver the new membership material ASAP once we get them on the horn. AVVA membership material also will be affected, and everyone will have to use the AVVA web site until new membership material is ordered.

We’ll pop smoke in advance of the move to make sure everyone knows the new grid location so your mail won’t get lost. We hope there will be no change in the phone numbers. But if there is, you’ll be provided the new ones. To accommodate for the extraction from the old area of operations, the membership application brochure will receive a complete makeover to include the following: 1) address change; 2) update on content information; 3) new graphics and photographs; and 4) a new color scheme to avoid confusing the new membership brochure with the old, outdated one.

All membership materials on the VVA web site will receive an address change and phone number correction, if necessary. The VVA Leadership Handbooks will be revised to include any Constitutional amendments after the VVA Convention and any contact information areas, if necessary. If, after your annual elections, you have new Shake’n’Bake officers at your chapter, contact the VVA Membership Department for the leadership handbooks and they will be shipped, or contact me at and I’ll send them by email to you.

Your comments or suggestions to improve your membership experience are always welcome.



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