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july/august 2009

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I am very upset to find that as a veteran of Vietnam, 1966-67, 4th Div., Pleiku, I am not entitled to any benefits. I was told that I made too much money while I worked. When I went into the service, they did not ask me how much money I was going to make. The government has reneged on our deal. I want my benefits.

Steve Sanders  

By Email


Did I know the political reasons for which I fought in Vietnam? Do the soldiers of today know the government’s designs that create their battles? Have we seen a line of demarcation at the end of a war that can clarify all of our actions, and give us retribution and closure to the inhumane acts of courage?

We were young, impressionable, immortal, and our respect for authority was unconditional. “We did” and “They do,” whatever task is put before them. My hat is off to today’s soldier, because it’s obvious that the generation of the Vietnam War was much more naïve.

Learn from our mistakes. For those who have been there, unconditional support of our troops is a given. For those who offer opposition against the actions of our troops, save it for policy. For those who wish to be heralded, be constructive of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice or live with the memories of those who did. Valor ends on the battlefield, and courage should not be needed to return home.

Robert F. Altvatter

 Bakersfield, California


I am a Life Member of AVVA and have been for many years. I am also a past Pennsylvania State Council Liaison, a recipient of the Legion of Honor from the Chapel of Four Chaplains, a past Region 2 Event Planner, a past AVVA Pennsylvania State Council Representative for Chapter 430, and a past Ladies of Vietnam Veterans member. I’ve also attended most VVA Conventions.

What I want to know is: Where is my copy of The VVA Veteran? When I became a Life Member it was promised to me. How am I supposed to be kept informed of the issues and problems at hand?

After reading it cover to cover, I use The Veteran as a tool to help a veteran at my office. The decision that AVVA has made is a blunder that may balance its books, but at what cost?

I want my Veteran and I need my Veteran. I paid for my Veteran and was promised my Veteran many years ago.

Emilie T. Thomas

 Doylestown, Pennsylvania



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