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july/august 2008

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Our 19th annual regional conference was held May 8-11 in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, hosted by the Tennessee State Council. Attendance was one of the largest in recent years with 187 registered members and guests.

During the two days of the conference, the following seminars were presented: Veterans Affairs (Don Samuels), Fund-raising (Tony Catapano), Parliamentary Procedures (Mike Swift), At-Large Membership (Len Ignatowski), and Administrative Management of Chapters and State Councils (Bruce Whitaker). Two seminars were presented by AVVA for AVVA attendees: Spousal Benefits (Don Ashenbramer) and Leadership at the Local Level (Elaine Simmons).

A method of updating membership on current VVA issues and concerns was accomplished though the process of an Open Forum. Front and center for the open forum were VVA President John Rowan, VVA Secretary Barry Hagge, Region 3 Director Bruce Whitaker, At-Large Director Tony Catapano, Region 4 Director Carol Schetrompf, and CSCP Chair Charlie Montgomery.

The forum allowed leadership to bring forth matters to the membership and, most importantly, allowed for membership to present their issues and concerns to the leadership.

During the Awards Luncheon, the annual Lingwood Lang Award was presented to Mitch Carte of West Virginia. AVVA’s Heart and Soul Award went to Blanche Duggins of Virgina.

Region 3 has five chapters in the top thirty of membership in VVA. They were acknowledged for their continuous recruitment and retention efforts: Chapter 172 (largest membership, 881), Chapter 451 (second largest membership, 726), Chapter 203 (third largest membership, 635), Chapter 227 (twenty-second largest, 214) and Chapter 628 (twenty-fifth largest membership, 203).

The following Chapters were acknowledged for VVA milestones: Five years, Chapter 925; Ten Years, Chapters 196, 308, 628, 812 and 813; Fifteen Years, Chapters 580, 599, 644, and 654; Twenty Years, Chapter 451; Twenty-Five Years, Chapters 78, 81, and 88.

Before adjourning, the following action was endorsed by the State Presidents and soundly endorsed by applause and a standing ovation from the membership: “Effective with Region 3’s 20th Annual Regional Conference in 2009, the Conferences are renamed The George C. Duggins Region 3 Conference.”

The George C. Duggins 20th Annual Region 3 Conference 2009 will be hosted by the West Virginia State Council in Charleston, April 16-18. Everyone is welcome.



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