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july/august 2007

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Congratulations on The VVA Veteran’s new look. Thanks to all those involved. This has certainly been a busy time for all AVVA members, as we work to make sure that State Representatives and Presidents have been elected by their Chapter Representatives. A listing of the new State Representatives and Presidents will be on the current Updates through e-mail. It will then be placed on our website, I wish to remind everyone that we have a talklist and that any VVA or AVVA member can sign up to take part in discussions.

Get in touch with Sonja Holybee at The Better Chance Scholarship deadline has come and gone. The Scholarships will be awarded at the Springfield AVVA luncheon on July 18. Congratulations to all of the winners. Thanks to Kathy Andras and Linda Haberkorn, the co-chairs of the committee. At the AVVA luncheon the annual AVVA Fellowship Awards will be presented by Judy Bolio.

If you are able, make sure you attend the 25th Anniversary of The Wall. There will be a parade and many different functions going on over the Veterans Day weekend in November. Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America placed a wreath at the In Memory Plaque over Memorial Day.

Ruth and Barry Coder Fitzgerald, who fought for the In Memory Plaque, have retired. They are looking to others to protect and watch over the plaque. AVVA and VVA have taken on this honor. Together we are working on improving the site where the In Memory Plaque has been placed. The original bill passed by Congress states that it will be in a place of honor and have proper drainage. The night before Memorial Day, there was a terrible storm. The plaque was covered with muddy footprints. Linda Haberkorn and I, along with help from a Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund worker, Sarah, cleaned the mud and debris around the In Memory Plaque before placing the wreath.

Henry and Sheila Snyder have taken up the cause of the Agent Orange Quilt of Tears that was left to them by Jennie LeFevre. Everyone who knew Jennie loved her and misses her. Check out the website, As always, I want to thank my fellow Officers and Board of Directors for all they do. I have been fortunate in the past months to make new friends and renew old acquaintances at Region 3, Oklahoma, and Maryland. AVVA and VVA have been my family for many years. AVVA and VVA, as always, work together for veterans and their families.

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