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may/june 2008

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Minority Affairs Committee
Jerry Yamamoto, Chair
Leadership Conference Booth

The Minority Affairs Committee has decided not to conduct a workshop at the Greenville Leadership Conference. Instead, the committee will man a booth in Vendors Mall to answer questions of conferees on a one-to-one basis. The committee members will be available to answer questions whenever Vendors Mall is open. Committee members will rotate shifts to ensure continuous coverage of our booth.

Membership Affairs Committee
Bill Meeks, Chair
Successful Membership Recruitment & Retention

The majority of people involved with VVA define “membership development” as “strategies used to recruit and retain members.” Throughout our history, membership development has been a series of tasks with success or failure measured by the number of new or renewing members. While the raw numbers are relevant, the significance of the membership development process is much greater than the number of names in the database. The success of every publication, program, activity, and event in VVA depends, in some way, on a strong, informed, and active membership. Membership development is successful only if the organization’s mission, programs, and leadership contribute to overall member satisfaction. This seminar will teach you how membership development can put your State Council or chapter on the right path to successful membership recruitment and retention. We’ll have a Q&A with members from some of the largest VVA chapters on what works and what doesn’t. Wednesday, July 16, 11-12:30, Continental 2

Public Affairs Committee
Keith King, Chair
Everything About Public Relations
Keith King, Mokie Porter, and Jim Boyd, Presenters

How to write a press release that will get read; how to write a PSA and get it on the air. Learn about a million details and how to manage them. Public Relations is a difficult task but not an impossible one—and the potential rewards are enormous. In a give-and-take between presenters and audience, the impossible becomes possible, the daunting becomes easy, and the business of PR starts to make sense. It’s all about what you know, who you know, the opportunities available to you, and how you bring them together. You’ll receive a broad overview while learning some clever tricks of the trade. Wednesday, July 16, 11-12:30, Regency DEF

National Secretary
Barry Hagge
The Secretary’s Job:
More Than Making Coffee

Barry Hagge, Fred Elliott, & Bruce Whitaker, Presenters

You May Think You Know…But You Have No Idea. Is the VVA Chapter or State Council Secretary position on your horizon? 1) Your VVA responsibilities and legal sinkholes: Real and Imagined 2) Your value to the Chapter or State Council 3) Minutes: What you do and What you should do. Wednesday, July 16, 2-3:30, Regency BC0

Mike Swift
A Presiding Officer’s Duties

We will examine the ins and outs of meeting procedures by demonstration and by participation. Members will observe and discuss a scripted meeting from beginning to end. Following this demonstration, members will observe a presiding officer handle ten motions that commonly occur in meetings. After each motion is demonstrated and discussed, a volunteer will preside over the meeting and handle the motion. The group will then critique the handling of the motion. Templates for writing State Council and chapter bylaws will be included in the handout. Wednesday, July 16, 2-3:30, Regency 2 Wednesday, July 16, 3:45-5:15,
Continental 2

Agent Orange Committee
Buzz Sawyer, Chair
Health Care Issues:
Agent Orange

Betty Mekdeci, Presenter

Betty Mekdeci, CEO of the American Birth Defects Registry, has long experience in the areas of Vietnam veterans’ birth defects. A special staff adviser to the VVA Agent Orange Committee, she has been invited many times to testify on Capitol Hill. In the Nov/Dec issue of The VVA Veteran, Mekdeci wrote an article on birth defects. That article also was included in a recent issue of the San Francisco Medical Journal. Thursday, July 17, 9-10:30, Regency BC

PTSD & Substance Abuse Committee
Tom Berger, Chair
Post-War Integration:
From Battlemind to PTSD

Dr. Matthew J. Friedman, Presenter

Although most war veterans will have a successful homecoming, everyone should be prepared for a few bumps in the road, especially at first. A significant minority, however, experience problems such as PTSD that require professional attention. We will review what can be done to promote normal reintegration and what treatments are available for those with PTSD and other mental health problems. Dr. Matthew J. Friedman is executive director of the VA’s National Center for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and professor of psychiatry and of pharmacology and toxicology at Dartmouth Medical School. He has worked with PTSD patients as a clinician and researcher for 35 years and has published extensively on stress and PTSD, biological psychiatry, psychopharmacology, and clinical outcome studies on depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, and chemical dependency.

Dr. Friedman is a Distinguished Lifetime Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, past president of the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies, chair of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Anxiety Disorders Association of America, and has served on many VA, DoD, and NIMH research, education, and policy committees. Thursday, July 17, 10:45-12: 15, Regency BC

Government Affairs Committee
John A. Miterko, Chair
Grassroots Advocacy:
Every Person Makes a Difference

Patrick W. Welch and Thomas Insley, Presenters

Another presidential election year is upon us. Veterans make up about 8 percent of the nation s population. We know that our voices must be heard and that we can make a difference. How you prepare, approach, and present your message to elected officials is critical in getting them to listen and act on your agenda. The Grassroots Advocacy session will provide basic training for everyone interested in learning the do’s and don’ts of working through the public system. That includes, how to: a) make telephone contact; b) personal contact; c) write letters and emails; d) work with staff personnel; e) dress for success; and f) present your position. The only way to make a difference in veterans advocacy is to get engaged. This session will show you the basics and have you asking for more. Thursday, July 17, 9-10:30, Regency DEF Friday, July 18, 2-3:30, Continental 2

Region 3
Director Bruce Whitaker, National Secretary Barry Hagge
Administrative Management of VVA Chapters and State Councils

Communication between VVA Chapters, State Councils, and the national office—high-quality communication that leads to action—requires an exchange of information. There is no such thing as “over-communication.” There must be a constant flow of mail, memos, media, minutes of meetings, and face-to-face conversations. When communication is working properly, VVA leaders can become awash in paper quickly if they do not have a system for disseminating and storing information. Keeping track of communication is the foundation of administrative management of chapters and State Councils. This seminar focuses on management of communications and recommends a way to
maintain records. When you go back to your chapter or State Council, you’ll have a handout and inventory for your records to make sure you are doing the right things. Thursday, July 17, 10:45-12:15, Regency DEFFriday, July 18, 3:45-5:15, Regency BC

National Board of Directors
Tony Catapano
Money, Money, Money

Fundraising: What a bad word. Does it have to be? No, it can be a blast. With some planning, proper equipment, and people, you can have fun and still make funds. Come see how. We’ll offer Do’s and Don’ts as we cover the where, how, and what of local fundraising. Saturday, July 19, 8: 30-9:15 Regency DEF

POW/MIA Committee
Gary Jones, Chair
JPAC—How Do We Bring
Them Home?

Steve Thompson, Presenter

Steve Thompson, who works at JPAC Headquarters, will describe what it takes to solve a case in order to bring home our missing brothers. Saturday, July 19, 8:30-9:15, Continental 2

The VVA Talk List
Dick Southern, VVA Talk List Moderator
Email Is Easy

That’s What I’m Talking About You will learn the basics of email use, which we will demonstrate. We’ll also provide plenty of tips, tricks, and shortcuts to make e-mail easier for you. There will be Q&A time for you to ask any and all questions. Saturday, July 19, 8: 30-9:15, Regency BC

Veterans Incarcerated Committee
Terry Hubert, Chair
VIC 101, Introduction to
Veterans Incarcerated Chapters

Terry Hubert, Thomas Burke, & Allen Manuel, Presenters

VIC 101 will focus primarily on the programs and activities that veterans incarcerated organizations have developed. The seminar presenters represent three state prison systems with a variety of prisoner-generated program efforts. Terry Hubert will discuss the activities of the Nevada prison system chapters; Tom Burke, the Ohio State Corrections Department veteran chapters’ endeavors and successes; and Allen Manuel, the incarcerated veterans at the Angola prison in Louisiana. We also will highlight the difficulties associated with developing prison veteran programs. Of particular concern will be the roles of outside volunteers and cooperative relationships of inside staff sponsors. We’ll feature a slide presentation of successful VVA incarcerated programs. Saturday, July 19, 9:30-10:15, Regency BC



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