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may/june 2008

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Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America

By Mary Miller, AVVA President
I hope everyone will be able to come to Greenville, S.C., for VVA’s National Leadership Conference and AVVA’s fifth Biennial Meeting. Since the beginning, we have made great strides in helping veterans and their families. We have had our meetings in Buffalo, N.Y.; Tucson; Nashville; Tucson again; and now we will gather in Greenville.

Our Biennial Meeting will begin with a round-robin discussion, followed by reports. On Thursday morning, the meeting will reconvene, with reports and the election of officers and Regional Directors.  Our AVVA luncheon will be held after the elections.
Thursday afternoon will be open to discussions about several programs that are being looked into for AVVA. Friday morning the new board will have its first meeting. On Saturday, we will have our closing ceremonies, and that night will be VVA’s Awards Banquet and 30th Anniversary celebrations.

One of our two Project Friendships is the Wounded Warrior Project. One thing they do is provide backpacks with necessary items when wounded military are flown to German hospitals. The backpacks contain clothing such as sweats, t-shirts, socks, and hygienic items. Each backpack costs approximately $95.

Safe Harbor is our local Project Friendship. It helps women and children in need. Our luncheon keynote speaker will be Ret. Navy Capt. Tom Hovland, former interim executive director of Safe Harbor.

The National Foundation for Veterans and Families held its first election on April 11. Here are the results: Mary Yeomans, Chair; Patsy Varnell, Vice Chair; Kathy Andras, Treasurer; Nancy Switzer, Secretary. Additional board members are: Felicia Catapano, Penny Meinhardt, and Gregory Hamilton, Special Adviser.
There soon should be a link on the AVVA website for the Foundation.

See you in Greenville. VVA/AVVA Together Always

Kathy Andras, AVVA Elections Chair
If you feel that you can make a difference in AVVA, submit you candidate’s form before June 16. That is also the date for delegates to submit their state forms. Don’t let your state lose its vote.  Don’t sit on the sidelines. Step up; get involved. Remember: We do not accept candidates’ or delegates’ registration forms at the Biennial Meeting. Submit them now.

Fellowship Award Committee
Judy Bolio, Fellowship Award Committee Chair
The Fellowship Award Committee has had only one nomination this year. The deadline for nominations is June 15. The Fellowship Award is presented each year to people who volunteer, work with the homeless, work with veterans and their families, and with their chapters, state organizations, and communities. The nominees are the people who either work behind the scenes or are right there in the open but take no credit. Give credit where credit is due and nominate, nominate, nominate.

Nancy Nix, Region 3 Director
Fundraising in Greenville during the Leadership Conference will be the best ever. We’ll start on Tuesday with the Chapter 523 Golf Game from about 11 a.m. until 5 p.m., with prizes for a hole in one and special prizes for two in a row. AVVA will have tables at the Vendors Mall with jewelry and other things for sale. We’ll also use the tables for a Silent Auction. Anyone who would like to donate to the Silent Auction will find the tables staffed at all times.

We’ll be selling raffle tickets for a Deluxe Olhausen Billiards set, including four McDermott handcrafted cues, an eight-ball wood rack, BCA Rule Book, a complete set of Aramith Billiard Balls, and a hand-crafted case. The set is worth $1,500. Tickets are $5.

Kathy Andras, AVVA Scholarship Chair

Do you know someone who needs money for college? Go to and read the qualifications for the AVVA Better Chance Scholarship. If you know someone or if you qualify, submit your paperwork before it is too late.



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