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March / April 2009

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March / April 2009

Searching for Eddie Presgraves, Ray Moore, Dave Gardner, or anybody else who served with H&S Co. Supply Bn., 1st FSR/FLC, Da Nang. I was called “Mo.” Contact: Howard Mosher, P.O. Box 13, Lodi, NJ 07644.

Seeking help for a book project. Any veterans of the Battle of Loc Ninh V, Nov. 27-29, 1968. Units involved: 1st Cav Op Con, 11th ACR, 2/2 Mechanized (1st Inf. Div.) and the 5th ARVN Div. Contact: Tom Sommerhauser, 3921 Nottingham Est. Dr., St Louis, MO 63129; 314-892-9054.

Searching for Charlie Lawton, Richard Jaynes, and any others from HHC 173rd Airborne Signal, Bien Hoa, March 1966-Jan. 1967. Contact: Edward C. Holley, 3135 Settlement Rd., Sylacauga, AL 35150; 256-249-8436.

Searching for anyone from B. Co., 2/5 Cav., 1st Cav. Div., July 1967-68. Contact: Bernard M. Lowe, 6932 Oak Side Dr., Montgomery, AL 36117.
Searching for Jim Atkinson (Philadelphia), 34th Inf. Platoon (Scout Dog), 1st Air Cav., An Khe, Camp Evans, Quan Loi, Bien Hoa, 1968-69. Contact: Marvin Doll, P.O. Box 85, Fayetteville, PA 17222; 717-352-4167;

Looking for anyone who knew Crawford Traver, KIA March 29, 1971, Operation Lam Son 719, Khe Sahn. I escorted his body and would like to know more about his time in-country. Contact: Daniel Bower, 1232 Allen St., Burton, MI 48529; 810-743-3297;

Looking for members of HHC 2nd Bn., 28th Inf., 1st Inf. Div., Feb. 1968-69. Contact: Fred Johnson, 501-231-5785;

Former ARVN NCO seeks old American friends: Peter H. Quirin, former adviser to ARVN 1st Bn., 47th Regt., 22nd Inf. Div., Tuy Hoa, 1967-68; Robert A. Hagedorn and David Levy, 91st Evac. Hospital, Phu Hiep-Tuy-Hoa, 1966-68. Contact: Do Trong Uy, 78/14A Binh Gia St., Vung-Tau, Vietnam.

Seeking help with medical claim. Did anyone else experience hearing loss associated with 05H (Morse Code) training at Fort Devens in 1968-69? We were exposed to very loud noises. Need confirmation. Contact: Al Wood, 317-201-0796;

Looking for Robert Thompson of Red 22, 5-69 Co. B., 4th/23rd Inf. Mech., 25th Inf. Div. Contact: Jim Brown, 2390 Literberry Prentice Rd., Ashland, IL 62612; 217-883-2668.

Looking for Bobby Hooks. Contact: Wayne Adams, 135 S. Panama St., Apt 304, Montgomery, AL 36107.

Searching for Roscoe Hinton (Chicago), Melvin, and anyone else from Plattsburgh AFB, N.Y., 1962-66. Contact: Charles Powell, Jr., 625 Willis Ave., Youngstown, OH 44511; 330-743-0398.

Looking for help with PTSD and AO claims. Seeking John Breeze, John Devers, and any other fellow servicemen from 24th Corps, Khe Sahn, 1970-71. Contact: Franklin D. Walston, #1444725, 7W-1-7B, Ramsey Unit, 1100 FM 655, Rosharon, TX 77583-8817.

Looking for fellow servicemen from U.S.S. Rainier (AOE-7), 1995-98, and U.S.S. Lake Erie (CG-70), 1998-2002. Contact: Jerry Marshall, #854975, C413, MCC/TRU, P.O. Box 888, Monroe, WA 98272.

Need to verify WIA at LZ Phyllis, May 12, 1969. My unit was 1st Air Cav., 1st Bn., 7th Cav. HQ Co., Phonc Vinh. Contact: Patrick Winegar, P.O. Box 54, East Fairfield, VT 05448; 802-827-3897.

Looking for fellow servicemen from 4th Replacement Det., 7th Inf. Div., Ft. Lewis, Wash., 1964-65. Contact: John P. Coffey, 9308 Club Valley Way, Raleigh, NC 27617;

Looking for anyone from 4th Replacement Det., 4th Inf. Div., Pleiku, Sept. 1967-68. I was called “Moose.” Contact: Dale Snyder, 479 Hunt Rd., Cherry Creek, NY 14723; 716-296-5364.

Looking for Richard J. Reno, Linda Smith (Red Cross worker), Catherine Schott (Army nurse), Grimes (N.M.), and “Indian Ray” Sam (Chicago), Fort Polk, La., summer 1972. Contact: Ronnie Lee Wallace, c/o Carol, 2459 S. Seneca Ave, Alliance, OH 44601; 330-823-7510.

Looking for anyone who served at Tay Ninh with 3/22 HQ, 225th Inf. Div., 1967-68. I was drafted out of Farmington, N.M., became a medic, now disabled from AO exposure. Contact: Olin W. Chapin, P.O. Box 1491, Roswell, NM 88202; 575-626-0358.

Need help with VA claim. Seeking anybody who served with Co. B, 4th Engineers, 4th Inf. Div., Dec. 1967-Dec. 1968. Contact: William Horvath, 130 S. Kimberly, Austintown, OH 44515; 330-799-8478.

Looking for members of L Btry., 4th Bn., 12th Marines, Danang. I arrived in-country in April 1965. Who remembers Hill 327 or the 155mm Howitzers? Contact: Bill Tice, 19870 Katy Way, Corona, CA 92881; 951-279-5257.

Seeking help for claim from anyone who served with Domingo R. Yorba, USNS Sea Lift Command (USA TransOpsDir-W21V-2nd Log Command), Okinawa, Oct. 1970-Jan. 1972. Contact: A. Alan Hill, 3600 Memorial Blvd., Bldg. #1, Kerryville, TX 78028; 830-792-2478.

Looking for Randy Evans from 2nd Sq., 1st Plt., A Co., 1st Bn., 1st Marine Regt., 1st MARDIV, WIA Oct. 30, 1965. Contact: Richard F. Goulette, 3537 Smith Dr., Endwell, NY 13760.

Looking for anyone from Service Btry., 1st/27th Arty., 23 Group II Field Force, Chu Chi, May 1969-70. I drove a VTR “Tank Retriever.” Would like to hear from anyone with my unit or any other battery. Contact: Glenn E. Wagner, 408 Franklin Liberty St., Donnellson, IA 52625; 319-835-5193.

Seeking help for VA claim to verify stressors. Anyone from AIT Class 09 D-10-MPB, Group 03, 4th Bde., graduated Aug. 28, 1974, Ft. Gordon. The DI was Sgt. Baker. Also want to find female PFC we reported to. My name at the time was Nancy Sills. Contact: Nancy Close, P.O. Box 152, Iron Mountain, MI 49801; 906-779-0025.

Searching for Bluebaugh or anyone else from C Co., 701st MT or HQ&A Co., June 1968-May 1969. I was called “Butch.” Contact: Cecil Bickford, 8033 W. Fifth St., Unit 3, Rathdrum, ID 83585; 208-704-9680;

Need events confirmation for VA claim. Seeking anyone who served with 556th MP Co. or 197th Ord. Bn., Nuclear Bunker Site, Seiglesbach, Germany, 1971-72. Contact: William P. Major, #340462, 1100 FM655, Rosharon, TX 77583.

Looking for Jack D. Stewart III (Philadelphia) who served with Co. D, 1st Engr. Bn., 1st Inf. Div., Lei Khe, 1966, and with 72nd Engr. Co., 197th Inf. Bde., Kelley Hill, Ft. Benning, GA. Contact: Billy L. Martin, 8878 E. Carroll Rd., Winston, GA 30187; 628-294-6735.

Looking for help from anyone who was denied a service-connected disability via 38 CFR 3.12(h) (i). Contact: Robert Czyzewski, GN-9271, 1000 Follies Rd., Dallas, PA 18612.

Want to hear from Thomas Gordon (former Warrant Officer) whom I served with in Vietnam and at Ft. Campbell. I recall that he was married, had two children, and was from Tennessee. He helped me get a flight out of Vietnam. Contact: Federico J. Headley, #141857, Powhatan Correctional Ctr., State Farm, VA 23160.

Looking for anyone or families and relatives of those who served in Sgt. Russell B. Florence’s Plt. B-7-3, Ft. Knox, May 12-July 27, 1962. Contact:

Searching for a copy of E-1-1 basic training yearbook, Ft. Jackson, Feb. 1969. Contact: Dennis Kelly, 4461 Manhattan Dr., West Valley City, UT 84120; 801-969-4800.

Seeking George Fridge, Deverage (former captain), or anyone else from the 101st Airborne who remembers Operations Dewey Canyon II, Lam Son 719, rocket and mortar attacks, or spent time at Phu Bai, Camp Evans, Camp Eagle, on Highway 9 or the “Yellow Brick Road.” Contact: John W. Vollrath, 683 Cypress Point Dr., Egg Harbor City, NJ 08215; 609-965-9091.

Incident verification needed for VA back injury claim. Does anyone remember me falling off a Jeep while manning an M-60? I was stationed at FB Oasis with 20th Engrs., B Co. We were building a bridge. Contact: Gregg Walker, P.O. Box 15, Colrain, MA 01340; 413-624-5522;

Looking for the medics of HHQ Co., 3rd Bde., 1/506th Inf., Camp Evans, 1968-69. Charles Light, Ronald Yonts, Daniel Kabe, Mearl Hutch, John Greenhaw. Contact: Paul “Doc” Greaux, 1601 N. 71st Ave., Hollywood, FL 33024;;

Searching for anyone who served with the 134th Quartermaster Co., 200th Quartermaster Det., or 848th Quartermasters, Qui Nhon, 1965-67. Contact: Donald L. Harris, 111 Valley Ct., Elkins, WV 26241; 304-637-5813;

Looking for anyone who served in A Btry., 7/9 Arty., 1967-69. Contact: Al Parrett, 9392 US 40 West, Centerville, IN 47330; 765-855-3105;

Seeking Thomas W. Carter (Baltimore) and Dennis M. Kidwell. Carter and I were with Co. B, 8th PsyOps Bn., Pleiku, June 1968-May 1969. Kidwell and I were with HHC, 13th PsyOps HQ Co., Ft. Bragg. We shipped out Vietnam in Dec. 1967. He went to Long Binh; I went to Pleiku. Contact: Terry Rupp, 227 La Normandy Dr., Louisville, KY 40223; 502-253-0945.

Want to hear from anyone who served with the 2/14th (Golden Dragons), 25th Inf., Bravo Co., 2nd Plt., Apr. 1968-Dec. 1968, northwest and southwest of Cu Chi. I was RTO when we lost Sgt. Arntz to a booby trap in Dec. 1968. I was transferred to a security guard unit at Long Binh and stayed until Apr. 1969. Contact: Larry Stephens, 1634 S. Madison, Enid, OK 73701; 580-747-3657.

Need incident verifications for PTSD claim. I was with 33rd Ord. Co. at Camh Ranh Bay in “Yankee Area” at the ammo dump when compound took a direct rocket hit and I saw the injured men, Feb. or March 1969. Second incident: a soldier blew off part of a leg when a slap flare misfired. We helped him down from the guard tower and administered first aid. Names I remember: Lonnie Salza (Calif.), Dennis Umbaugh (nicknamed “Umbrella,” from Mich. or Ill.), Jerry Wise (“Jerry Lewis”). Contact: Dana Hersey, 248 W. Presque Isle Rd., Caribou, ME 04736;

Searching for anyone who knew Adamo Antonio Guarnieri, WWI veteran and Purple Heart recipient, born in Italy, lived in U.S. 1914-15, drafted and served in France. Lived in Astoria, Queens, N.Y. Died in Italy in 1959. Contact: Teddi Colucco, 772-337-1349,

Want to hear from fellow tower sentries, including Dennis Landis (Quincy, Ill.) and Larry Ervin (Charlotte, N.C.), who remember the fragging incident in our area with 37th Sig. Bn., Da Nang, 1971. Our CO at the time was Raymond Ebert (then a captain). I was the cook; everyone called me “Shep.” Contact: Gary Shepherd, 1800 Circle Ct., Grayling, MI 49738; 989-889-0216.

Seeking Mark L. Johnson and Zamara (“Zammy”) (both former captains), and Belcher (former Sgt.) and all other enlisted men from 18th Engr. Bde., 35th Group Aviation, Dong Ba Thin, 1969-70. Want to recover documentation, orders, and daily flight records. Also hope to organize a reunion. Contact: Wayne D. Waddell, P.O. Box 1513, Rosamond, CA 93560; 805-878-6731.

Looking for WWII veterans of the Battle of the Bulge, as well as anyone who served with Co. A, 97th Inf., 386th Regt., 1st Bn. Contact: Robert W. Drew, 6815 Monte Carlo, Pinellas Park, FL 33781; 727-289-4214.

Seeking anyone who served with 2nd Plt., D Co., 3rd Recon. Bn. We once set up camp in a fresh spray of Agent Orange. I have had dioxin-related illnesses for over 20 years. Contact: David H. Horne, P.O. Box 6268, San Antonio, TX 78209; 210-422-7089;

Working a VA claim. Need to speak with anyone who served in the Bien Hoa and Pleiku areas, 1965-68. Also, anyone who served with 15th MAS and flew C-141 aircraft at Horton AFB 1968-75. Contact: Robert D. Rowley, 4207 Foster Ln., Killeen, TX 76549; 254-681-1770;

Everyone called me “Gil.” Looking for anyone I served with in Qui Nhon and Long My, Oct. 1968-69. I did basic at Ft. Ord and AIT at Ft. Lee. Contact: Kenneth Gilder, 238 S. Oakglen Ave., Nipomo, CA 93444; 805-395-0332.

Searching for Ralph E. Goddard, Robert T. Renfro, Donald E. Pinegar, Robert Weist, and Michael J. Dennis. We served together in the 1707th Air Trans. Wing on C-124C Globemaster airplanes at Tinker AFB (Okla.). Contact: Bruce W. Spicer, P.O. Box 507, Billings, MT 59103.

Looking for Roy Kaufman or anybody else who served in Long Binh, Oct. 1969-June 1970. Contact: Freddie Brown, P.O. Box 2327, Chinle, AZ 86503; 928-349-1749.

Want to correspond with any former Marines who served with Co. A, MSG Bn., 1967-1969, especially those who served in Moscow, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Paris, and Bucharest. Contact: Al Davis, 700 S.W. 5th Ave., Amarillo, TX 79101.

Need help with PTSD/AO claim. Seeking anyone who served with 101st Airborne, 501st Sig. Bn., Bien Hoa, Phu Bai, Camp Eagle, Dec. 1967-Aug. 1968; with 581st M.I. Det. (CMAC), Saigon, June-Aug. 1988, or with 9th Sig. Bn., 9th Inf. Div., Dong Tam, Aug.-Dec. 1968. Contact: James Everett III, AS-0363, State Correctional Institution, 1000 Follies Rd., Dallas, PA 18612.

Want to hear from Harold King (Mich.), Larry Hanny (Minneapolis), Patterson, Pope, Wiley, Steve Kelly (N.Y.), Steve Dillion, Chuck Arefield (N.Y.), old comrades with the 62nd Security & Recon. Plt., Pleiku. (I have located Ron Gage.) Contact: Jose A. Arelar, Jr., 2314 Doral Ave., Albert Lea, MN 56007.

Seeking names of pilots and details of air crashes that occurred in the summer of 1969 at NAS Albany, Ga. I served there with those pilots. Contact: William Patterson, c/o Karen Shilling, 1951 Cover Dr., Poland, OH 44514; 330-743-2612.

Searching for Angel Reyes or anybody who knew him or knows him now. He shipped out to Vietnam in 1968, wounded 1969. He was from Puerto Rico, planned to settle in California after military service, and would now be between 62 and 69 years old. Contact: Caroline Dolores Micak, Harm-Janshen-Fehn Str. 6, 26810 Westoverledingen, Germany; 0049-4955-972085;

Seeking all in-country veterans of the 4th Bn., 42nd Arty., 4th Inf. Div. for possible reunion in St. Louis in October. Contact: Alan Bahl, 1201 N.W. 64th Terrace, Kansas City, MO 64118; 816-436-9663.

Want to discuss incidents and reconnect. Seeking anyone who served with me in 160th MP Bn. (EPW/CI), 1981-97. I did basic in B-5-1, and AIT with Co. A, 15th Bn., 4th CST Bde., Ft. Jackson. I worked in several areas (telecom, rations supply, food service, clerk typist, chaplain’s assistant) in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, 1990-91. Contact: Dorris Starks, P.O. Box 54 Tallahassee, FL 32302.

Seeking details on medical claims for Agent Orange exposure, Okinawa, 1971. Contact: Vic Diaz, 772-584-3204.

Looking for anyone who served with Co. A, 2nd Bn., 2nd Mech. Inf., Lai Khe, 1967-1968. Contact: Jim Marson,

Looking for Michael Martinez (Calif.), Michael Reynolds (Ill.), or any others from Delta Co., 2nd/502nd Inf., July-Nov. 1971, for assistance with VA claim. Contact: James Smiley, 4123 Lake Dreamland Rd., Louisville, KY 40216, 502-447-3365.

Looking for Bill Martin, Andy Gordon, P.S. Thompson, Ken Johnson, and anybody else from G-1 Div., Flight Deck, or Ordnance Crew aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise (CVN-65), 1966-1967. Contact: Jon Krokey, 907-262-4882;

Seeking help for VA claim. Looking for Bobby Carrol, Nixon, Starkey, Rodriguez, Frenchy, Moose, Garcia, Rollins, Smalls, and Spears from 109th Quartermasters, Cambodia, 1970. Also anybody from 2/12 Cav. at LZ Gold. Contact: Dennis Shouse, 424 South Rhodes St., Pulaski, TN 38478; 931-607-6393;

Seeking family members of Hugh W. Cross (North Hollywood, Calif.), KIA in a rocket attack, Binh Duong Province, July 29, 1967. Contact: Darlene Luke,

I was a surgeon with Delta Med, 3rd Med Bn., Dong Ha and Quang Tri, 1968-1969. Want to find Thomas Shainline, Roy Regan, Bob Morris, Maurice Howell, Jackie Blankenship, and Delbert Kelly who were near Fire Support Base Alpine when attacked by a tiger. Contact: John Munna,

Need assistance with VA claim. Looking for anybody who served with 36th Transit, Cam Ranh Bay, 1969-1970. Contact: Dennis Henderson, 2898 VZCR 4907, Ben Wheeler, TX 75754; 903-852-5203;

Searching for Joe Jansen who was with 1st Plt., B Co., 1st Bn.,1969. Contact: Jill Stych,

Looking for any Korean War Era Marines who served with Echo 2-5, 1st Marines or knew Richard Buttery. Contact: Roger Stevens,

Would like to find anybody who knew or remembers Robert Malecki, recruit training, Ft. Leonard Wood, July 1968; assigned to A Co., 2nd Bn., 501st Inf., 101st Airborne, KIA Firebase Airborne May 13, 1969. Contact: Jennifer Gaines,

Need help for VA claim regarding friendly fire on Co. A44, 269th Sig. Co., Bien Hoa, Feb. 17, 1970. Contact: Herschel Carmichael, 217 West Ave. A, San Angelo, TX 76903; 325-234-1754;

Looking for information on ammo dump on Cua Viet River near NSAD Camp, attacked Easter 1968, possible friendly fire. Contact: George Stahl,

Incident verification needed. National Records Center advises me that my documents were lost in a fire. Seeking anyone who served in the 611th Trans. Bn., Vinh Long, 1969-70. Having health issues due to an accident that occurred during a recovery mission. Contact: Stan Floyd,

Searching for information on Gary Wayne Olson who served with Co. E, 2nd Bn., 1st Marines, 1st MARDIV, Quang Nam, 1967-68. Photos appreciated. Contact: Kenneth Neal, P.O. Box 91822, Los Angeles, CA 90009;

My father served at Long Binh Post from 1968-1969. I am producing a documentary film based on pictures, letters, and audio correspondence found after his 2007 passing. I want to include footage from Long Binh and other locations in-country from Vietnam veterans. Would you be willing to lend your film to the project? Contact: Greg Stern,

Trying to locate a USMC lieutenant (or his friends and family) who called in fire on his position, July or August 1967. He was on the run, his radio operator had been killed, and I had to ask him to repeat the coordinates. There was gunfire in the background. I was a radio operator with HQ 3/11 Marines. Trying to resolve issues I have dealt with for over 40 years. Contact:

Looking for Nancy Vega, Isabel Mas Tilo, Betsy Johnson, Domingo Delgado from D-1-2 and B-1-2, Fort Leonard Wood, April-July 1981. Contact: Emilia Negron,

Seeking help for documentary film on McKinley Nolan who was with Co. A, 2nd Bn., 16th Regt., 1st Inf. Div., Ft. Hood (1966), Tay Ninh, court-martialed, in Long Binh jail, May-Sept. 1967, AWOL Nov. 1967. Contact: Richard Linnett, 917-676-2511;

Looking for John Hall (Rutland, Vermont). Contact: Tom Neary and Mike Murphy,

Looking for Bill O’Looney, Honda, Whitey, Prezez, and Spooky from 2/4 Co., 1968-69. Contact: Frank (“Kelly”) Bolen,

Looking for Thomas E. Daughtery (Ann Arbor, Mich.). Contact: Ken Rogge, 734-428-0284;

Looking for Purcell (Calif.) or others from San Diego MCRD, M Co., 3rd Plt./3046, Apr.-Jul. 1972. Need assistance with VA claim regarding incident with DI Moses. Contact: Randy Smotherman, 108 H St., Apt. 411, Crescent City, CA 95531; 707-464-1692.

Looking for any servicemen who knew Murray Leon Holley with 199th Inf. Bde., 1967. Contact: Bryan Owen Holley;

The formal dedication and ribbon-cutting ceremony for Phase One of the Onslow/Camp Lejeune Vietnam Veterans Memorial will be held at
11 a.m. on Saturday, June 13, at the corner of Hwy 24 (Business) and Montford Point Road (next to the Beirut Memorial), in Jacksonville, N.C. The event is free and open to the public. This is one of the few memorials to display all 58,229 names of those who died in the war. It is dedicated to all the men and women from all branches of the service who served during the Vietnam Era. Further information is available at: or email to Kat Horn, President, Onslow Vietnam Veterans Memorial Foundation,

May 2 marks the grand opening of the Vietnam War Veterans Museum in Elmira, N.Y. The ceremony begins at noon at the museum, which is located at 1200 Davis St. in Elmira. Everyone is cordially invited to attend. The museum, which is the product of VVA Chapter 803 in Elmira, is soliciting Vietnam War artifacts, photographs, souvenirs, and memorabilia. Those willing to donate or loan items should call Slater at 606-207-0728 or the museum at 607-737-2760.







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