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march/april 2008

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Report on Resolutions

Two new Public Affairs Resolutions were adopted at the 2007 Convention and, as you will see, the Public Awareness Campaign for Veteran Benefits obligated the Committee to launch at least a $20,000 advertising campaign to spread the word. The Campaign also encourages all VVA chapters to publicize the availability of our VVA Service Officers. The Public Affairs Committee has submitted the budget request and, upon approval of the budget, we will do the creative work and launch the campaign.

The second new Resolution calls on the committee to support the creation and funding of the Gold Star Mothers Monument. There is no financial impact on VVA. By including it in this report, we have met the obligation of the Resolution to publicize it.

P-12-07 Public Awareness for Veterans Benefits Campaign
The members of VVA call for the Public Affairs Committee to do whatever is necessary to provide at least $20,000 in the 2008 budget to advertise to the membership and the public and to publicize the availability of veterans’ benefits and how to claim them. Further, the membership instructs the leadership to encourage chapters to publicize the availability of service officers to file claims. We further request that a letter be sent to the VA Department with a copy of this resolution.

Financial Impact Statement: In accordance with VVA procedures requiring an expenditure estimate to implement the Resolution, it is submitted that an expenditure of $20,000 is required to create various forms of public advertising.

P-13-07 Gold Star Mothers National Monument
Vietnam Veterans of America applauds our Gold Star Mothers and supports the development and construction of an American Gold Star Mothers National Monument in Washington, D.C. Further, each chapter and State Council is encouraged to reach out to Gold Star Mothers in their communities and to help with fundraising needed to construct the Monument.

Financial Impact Statement: The implementation of the foregoing Resolution shall have a negligible financial impact, since it requires only the publishing of the Resolution in The VVA Veteran.

Public Affairs Resolutions P-01, 02, 03, and 05 were written to encourage local chapter members to get involved within their communities. Although the PA Committee is always looking for outstanding examples of the work being done by our chapters, we do not have a specific update to present regarding these continuing Resolutions.

P-1-95 Community Services
Resolved, That: VVA encourages chapters to take the initiative to make a better community for everyone and serve as a focal point to promote the interrelationship between Vietnam veterans and the community. To accomplish this mission, VVA, at the national, state, and local levels, should publish useful materials, including national and state Resolutions, through the media to communicate our message.

P-2-95 Children’s Welfare
Resolved, That: VVA calls upon Vietnam-era veterans and their families, through financial and personal contributions, to act responsibly to ensure the protection and development of infants and children in the United States and throughout the world.

P-3-95 Chapter Involvement with Educational Institutions on Teaching the Vietnam War
Resolved, That: VVA encourages the balanced, comprehensive teaching of the Vietnam War at all educational levels, including the Department of Defense education system. Chapters are encouraged to establish ties with schools and colleges in their local areas for the purpose of making appropriate individuals available to assist in teaching the Vietnam War.

P-4-95 Regulation of Certain Activities at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Resolved, That: VVA strongly recommends that the National Park Service, with the fullest capabilities of its jurisdiction and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, prohibit the use of the national Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C., and adjacent areas for press conferences, politically motivated actions or statements, and all conduct not in keeping with its purpose as a place of healing, remembrance, and acknowledgment of the costs of the Vietnam War.

Furthermore, VVA urges the National Park Service to continue its vigilance concerning vendors and solicitors in the immediate vicinity of the Memorial and ensure an atmosphere of reverence and respect for those honored there.

P-5-95 Endorsement for Participation in Local Environmental Efforts
Resolved, That: VVA encourages chapters and State Councils to work with other groups and participate in programs and political efforts to minimize the adverse effects of toxic- and nuclear-waste dumping, and to encourage general recycling efforts and home energy efficiency.

P-6-03 Biennial Publication of the VVA Constitution and Convention Resolutions in The VVA Veteran
Resolved, That: VVA resolves to publish its Constitution and Convention Resolutions in The VVA Veteran every two years, after each National Convention.

P-7-03 Requirement To Report Progress on All Currently Approved Convention Resolutions at Least Annually
Resolved, That: VVA requires that all national committees and task forces report at least annually in The VVA Veteran on actions taken which further the implementation of currently active Convention Resolutions.

P-8-01 The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall
Resolved, That: VVA calls upon Vietnam veterans, along with their adjunct organization, Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America, to support and maintain their commitment to conserve the legacy, respect, and honor that The Wall has come to mean to Vietnam veterans and their families

P-10-01 Recognition of Veterans Against Drugs Task Force
Resolved, That: Vietnam Veterans of America, whose motto is “In Service To America,” recognizes and supports the Veterans Against Drugs Task Force commitment to be drug free in order to be an example of the values of Vietnam Veterans of America. Note: The VAD Program has been moved to the VVAF.

P-11-07 Support for Chapel Recognition Program
Resolved, That: VVA continues to support the annual award of three levels of Chapel awards to deserving members of AVVA and VVA; and that VVA shall support, in any feasible way, the Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America at all Chapel functions at no cost to the VVA national organization.
One Public Affairs Resolution was moved to the Government Affairs Committee for follow up and action: P-9-05 Vietnam War In Memory Memorial Plaque Project. The committee felt that the appropriate effort to address this issue was through legislative efforts and therefore reassigned this Resolution.

Committee members: Keith King, Chair; Pat Bessigano, Vice Chair; Jim Boyd, Grant Coates, Pat Daniels, Pat Gualtieri, Tom Hall, Paul Kobeluch, James Maddox, Dave McMichael, Tom Meinhardt, John Miner, Charlie Montgomery, Carol Schetrompf, Dick Southern, Dan Stenvold, Jerry Yamamoto; Special Advisers: Kathleen Aylward-Barnes, Mary Miller, Nancy Switzer, Judy Vargo; Staff Liaisons: Carol Engle, Wes Guidry, Mokie Porter, Michael Keating.



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