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March/April 2007

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The plans for our Springfield Leadership Convention are moving along. While our adjunct organization, VVA, is holding its National Convention, we will be offering seminars for our members that will educate them on many issues. The tentative AVVA schedule for Springfield is:

July 17: AVVA registration. The AVVA registration cost is $40. The VVA Convention book is available for $10.
July 18: VVA Opening Ceremonies, followed by the AVVA Luncheon (cost, $25). Afterward, there will be a meeting of the AVVA Board.
July 19: AVVA Seminars, on topics to include the Responsibilities of Holding Office in AVVA; PTSD; Health Issues; and the Effects of Agent Orange.

Many AVVA members would like to sit in on as much of the VVA Convention as possible. Therefore, on Friday, July 20, we have not scheduled any AVVA activities.

AVVA will have a silent auction and a product sales table. Come see what we have to offer, and start your Christmas shopping early. Talking about shopping, check out the Club Shop Mall on our website. Take advantage of the discounts. Every time you shop on-line with Club Shop Mall, AVVA receives a small commission.
AVVA and VVA are having Life Membership drives from March 1 to May 15.

Everyone who signs up for a Life Membership will be eligible. In Springfield, one person from each organization will be refunded his or her life membership dues. Read The VVA Veteran for more about this offer.

The AVVA Board of Directors and committees have been working on several projects for the betterment of AVVA. One committee is in the process of doing Policy and Procedures for Chapter Incorporations. There is still a lot of work to be done, but you need to be aware that we are working on it. Another group is working on a 501(c)3 foundation through which AVVA can raise funds to increase revenues so we can expand and achieve our long-term goals.

The “Updates” committee is making sure news is sent to all those who express a desire to receive it. If you have anything to contribute, or if you want to receive “Updates,” please contact Elaine Simmons at

I want to thank all the VVA officers for the help they give AVVA. The VVA and AVVA officers met in Silver Spring during the January Board of Directors meeting. The results have been great as both sets of officers work toward a deeper understanding of the ties that bind our two organizations.

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