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January/February 2010

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Learning Curve


This is my first report to VVA since I was elected the new Region 1 Director. I have found the learning curve to be steep, but I have some very good help from many of the other experienced Regional Directors.

As I have traveled about our region, I have found many dedicated members who have shown excellent support for their fellow veterans. That includes Rhode Island Chapter 818 and Mickey Emery, who has spearheaded a two-part project: first hosting forty disabled veterans from the Brockton VA Medical Center for a barbeque, fishing, and boating day, and then arranging a range shoot overseen by the Bellingham Police Department. Eighteen men and women from the Brockton VA shot at various distances and targets using pistols and rifles. There were some amazing results. Assistance was provided by Honor American Veterans Afield, Ruger, Henry Rifle, and Paralyzed Veterans of America.

In Hillsborough, N.H., Daniel K. Poling Chapter 992 President Melvin Murrel and crew have been exploring with Vietnam veterans and veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan the healing process via aquaculture. Go to to learn more. This chapter, unlike most, has traveling meetings. This is due to their large membership area. It works for them and it also may work for others in rural areas.

Maine, Connecticut, and Vermont keep chugging along, working for veterans in their states. My hat goes off to John Wallace, Billee Culin, and John Miner and their fantastic supporting casts. If there is a veteran in need, it is because he or she hasn’t been found yet.

Because of the onset of hunting season and the lack of safe winter travel, Region 1 is will hold its Regional Meeting in April or May in Bennington, Vermont.



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