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January / February 2008

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ASsociates of Vietnam Veterans of America

As We Start The New Year
As we start the New Year, we have many things to accomplish in AVVA. Sonja Holybee, Our national Treasurer, has resigned her position and her positions on all national committees. Bill Williams, former Treasurer, has graciously agreed to be our interim Treasurer till the elections are held in July.

Elections will take place at our Biennial Meeting in Greenville, South Carolina. I encourage you to step up to the plate if you qualify for any positions. All of the national Officers and Board of Directors positions will be decided upon. None of the positions receive a salary, but we are rewarded by knowing we are helping veterans and their families, and active-duty military.

The AVVA bylaws also will be presented to the State Representatives and State Presidents at our Biennial Meeting. Suggestions have been made on the AVVA Talklist. If you feel strongly about them, make sure you present them to the Bylaws Committee before March 19. Bylaws are changed only at Biennial Meetings by the State Representatives and State Presidents.

The AVVA chapter structure and procedures are still being worked on by the Board of Directors. Chapter start-up kits and election packets are in the process of being finalized. We are working on a numbering system to be used for AVVA chapters. Many have asked to use their affiliated VVA chapter number, with some kind of designation to show they are AVVA.

This year the AVVA/VVA Project Friendship will be the Wounded Warrior Project. This program helps veterans coming home injured from our present conflicts. Safe Harbor will be the local project in Greenville. They care for women and children who require help. Please review the information below.

AVVA is helping many communities, veterans, and their families across the nation. During the month of January, remember to visit veterans at the VA Medical Centers and state hospitals. They usually do not get as many visits during January as they do during the Christmas season. Don’t let them think we have forgotten them. I also encourage you to send cards and emails to servicemen and women away from home.

AVVA/VVA: Together Always.



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