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january/february 2007

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Vietnam Veterans Assistance Fund Report


Randy Barnes helped shape much of what VVA stands for today. His commitment to his fellow veterans was unquestioned. As President of the Vietnam Veterans Assistance Fund, he was always asking if the decisions we were making would benefit veterans. A staunch supporter of the Service Representative program, Randy wanted to insure that we had the best-trained advocates working for VVA.

To keep the Service Representative program growing, the VVAF board had begun more aggressive fund-raising efforts. Broadway to Baghdad was funded by VVAF with the understanding that if the program were successful, we would look to expand the concept around the country. The good news is that it was a success, and the VVAF board scheduled a fund-raising brainstorming session in New York. Then Randy had his heart attack.

Although we debated canceling the New York meeting, the board agreed that Randy would want us to carry on, and we did. VVAF approved the funding of several new fund-raising events in 2007. The largest event will be the 25th Anniversary of The Wall in November. Randy wanted VVA to be in the forefront of this event. With the funding support of VVAF, we are working on the details right now.

We believe it would be a fitting tribute to honor Randy Barnes and all of our fallen brothers and sisters as we gather in Washington later this year by dedicating the VVA portion of the anniversary activities in his name.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Vietnam Veterans Assistance Fund:
Keith King, President
John Miterko, Treasurer
Fred Elliott, Secretary
Jim Grissom, Board Member
Barry Hagge, Board Member
Ira Cooperman, Board Membe

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