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July 13, 2006

No. 06-26

Mokie Porter

Thank You, Dr. Perlin

(Tucson, Arizona ) – After two years at the helm of the Department of Veterans Affairs’ Health Care Administration, Dr. Jonathan Perlin has resigned. He will take a position in the private sector that will allow him to spend more time with his young family.


“Dr. Perlin is a brilliant, young physician who always has demonstrated concern and informed compassion for the veterans who use the VA for their health care needs,” said John Rowan, the National President of Vietnam Veterans of America. “He is a man of integrity and an honest broker in a department whose huge size and complicated bureaucracy sometimes causes intrigues that interfere with the mission. He has helped his colleagues focus on providing the highest quality care to the veterans its serves.


“Dr. Perlin provided firm leadership and a clear vision that brought out the best in the people with whom he served at the VA.”


“It was Dr. Perlin who acknowledged that the VA health care system was $800 million in the hole in the waning months of fiscal year 2005, despite earlier assurances by VA top officials that the department had the funds it needed,” said Rowan, who was attending VVA’s National Leadership Conference in Tucson.


“In many ways, Dr. Perlin mirrored his former boss, Anthony Principi, who confronted hard realities with candor and honesty, always holding the needs of the veterans he served above other considerations,” Rowan said.


“While VVA occasionally differed with him, we know that Dr. Perlin leaves his mark on the VA health care system,” Rowan said. “He leaves with much to be proud of, and he will be missed.”


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